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Truth: Illuminati and Freemasonry

Discussion in 'Montauk and the Philadelphia Experiment' started by erniemink, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. erniemink

    erniemink New Member

    I see a lot of talk concerning secret societies and I can handle it because I used to be in the Black Dragon Society under Sonanju, the most ancient monk of martial arts. This is not openly taught in any dojos or in the movies or on television so do not expect to find any videos about it, the white, yellow or red dragon or Sonanju exposing secrets and moves and teachings. You simply will not find them. And those people trying would be severely punished probably killed. Illuminati and masons have been around since the beginning of time with Lucifer referred to as Satan. People say that there is no way that the wiccans, aka glorified witches, illuminati or masons could not worship satan/lucifer as God or their mentor because they are anti-Christian. Well guess what? Satan is AGAINST us to and FOR witchcraft/evil, so yes they do especially the higher up witches in the Illuminati and Freemasons. I knew six 33 degree masons and two more who were what is referred to as "illuminized masons" because they were higher than 33 degrees which is not openly talked about by the groups or in the history books either. The degrees go all the way to 100 where full illumination is reached. The Illuminati has been around since the first deception of mankind and the fall of the demonic angels which people thinking they see aliens with big black eyes, aka no real soul, is really seeing. There is so much mind control being used in ways one cannot even fathom unless they look hard enough that you can cut it with a knife so to speak. From Monarch, a super horrific current worldwide situation going on to the wars which are not what most think, you just have to believe that someone who had that much love to die on a cross burdened with our trangressions and sins really did love us. God did not die because on the third day HE ROSE and transcended into the heavens, something we cannot imagine with our own human minds and brains. The light of God is so powerful that you would die if you looked right at it, and yet someday, us who believe and know Him, even though we are human and make mistakes will see Him in His full glory and live forever. That is not a religion, an opinion, or a lie or someone's idea of a good way to deal with stress. The truth cannot be changed no matter how many groups like the Illuminati go and attempt to mess it up or deceive other people. They to need that love and I hope they find it before it is too late for them. Because money, power, and Lucifer himself will not save them from eternal judgement.
  2. Demsys

    Demsys Active Member

    Sorry couldn't be bothered to read all your stupid anti-wiccan claptrap.
    Being a witch myself I understand that you beleive we worship satan etc, well, I have to say you are a dimwit alright. Sure we worship gods like the horned god etc, but the horned god is the embodiment of the male god. Also we couldn't give two hoots what religion you are. If we were anti-christian you'd know about it. Actually here's some history for you about the christian relgion, they tended to have a load of probs with those who kept on with the ancient religions, and as they couldn't stop these people from worshiping in their own way they decided to force them. Usually under pain of death. Now what religion would do that? Why the christian relgion u noob.
    Also why does your god not like anyone looking at him/her? Does he have a huge zit or something? Those who practise the old religionstend to be able to look upon their gods whenever they wish, doen't sem to be a punishment for doing that really. Although I've just had a thought, what if 'god' is really a hand puppet? :)
    And I have never knowingly met a freemason either. Why would I want to? They're majorly into christian type religion anyways,so I'd steer clear.
  3. OllyB

    OllyB Well-Known Member

    I'd have to agree with Dem here.

    I find it hard to believe you - because you have so much of this all wrong. And you are claiming to know people that are illuminated to the truth. Well - if they are, you are being lied too.

    remember how christians often say be careful, the devil will disguise himself as good to win over the masses. Well heres one potential 'Christianity', how many people have died under the name of christianity over the centuries?

    Regardless, the Devil does not exist how you view it anyway.

    Dems is correct, in the fact that Wiccans were demonised as at the time christianity was bing pushed into the publics everyday lives was not favoured amoung everyone - i'm talking about the UK here...

    At this time they made them out to be evil and started witch hunts etc, to scare people into joining the church, which is a limited system (religion) that is trapped on a fear/survival based evolutionary scale.

    Its what the Masons do with christianity - you want to be worried about.

    Not all mason branches go up to 100 - thats mainly the asian organisations.

    I dont think enough is really know about feemasonary for non freemasons to talk with 100% certainty about their activities. Not all are bad, not all are good. Thats about the only fact we do know.
  4. Good_Scientist

    Good_Scientist New Member

    Sonanju, I googled it and found this from wkipedia aunder near matches

    I was rolling onb the floor laughing.

    I didnt read the rest after this 'little' Cock up.


    p.s that was a lame attempt mate.
  5. erniemink

    erniemink New Member

    Accept my point being that Sonanju is NOT ficitonal and NOT a comic book character. He was the very first monk of martial arts that created the arts we all know from the four dragons. BUT the secret styles that come from the REAL teachings of the dragon is what sets all martial arts apart. These things are not allowed on tv, movies and in dojos above the surface so to speak.
  6. Good_Scientist

    Good_Scientist New Member

    Accept my point that you are a pointless loser, bullshitting about knowing Illuminati and other secret societies. You probably dont even know how to punch and are still to hit puberty, but hey looks like no one cares anyway.

  7. spencer

    spencer New Member

    I have masonic handbooks and procedural/ritual guides sitting right by my bed and I can honestly say G.S. is right. B.S. seems to be the order of the day.
  8. Good_Scientist

    Good_Scientist New Member

    It's funny how when you challenege these people for just a moment they fold like wheat before the Scientific sickle, weilded humbly, by myself.


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