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  • Introducing the Chronovisor
    I've tested several solutions and have decided on a way forward for the search engine bit. Stay tuned!
    • Cosmo
  • Introducing the Chronovisor
    Alright I got something good going! You can also click on an entry to get a text preview of what's there: This is a TEMPORARY setup while I...
    • Cosmo
  • Introducing the Chronovisor
    The name rings a bell, but I don't really even remember this site. Weird. I'm not even sure who owned it... I will remember at the next...
    • Cosmo
  • Introducing the Chronovisor
    Wow, this is straight out of the distant past, man. Nice find. Do you remember Terminus Reality? It doesn't ring a bell for me. I'll have to...
    • Num7
  • Introducing the Chronovisor
    @Num7 look what I dug up taking this for a spin: https://web.archive.org/web/20060316223217_id/http://timetravelportal.com/viewtopic.php?t=2297
    • Cosmo