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Discussion Forum

Join our researchers in discussions of the most critical topics in time travel research. Share your knowledge! Maybe you have that one piece of information... The final puzzle piece necessary to solve all the problems, answer all the questions!

John Titor

A person posting under the name John Titor visited Time Travel Institute and other bulletin boards during 2000 and 2001. The author of these posts claimed to be an American military time traveler from 2036 and made numerous predictions.

Theories & Concepts

Chief of Research at the Time Travel Institute (and fictional character) Dr. Gunthar VonSchnelling presents some fundamental theories and concepts in time travel. Don't go any further until you've read what Dr. VonSchnelling has to say.

Time Travel in Popular Culture

Time travel has always been a popular topic for science fiction. Countless movies, books, and television programs have been made on the subject. Check out a selection of entries from our community database project.

Time Travel Around the Web

Visit our Links section on Curious Cosmos and explore other time travel sites around the web. Check out their research and see if they can help you help us break the time barrier! Many of these sites provide you with great resources for your own research.

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