"The future ain't what it used to be."

Titorian Scripts

Here, we pay homage to John Titor, a figure of sacrifice and wisdom in the realm of time travel. Titor left his own worldline to set ours on the right path, a noble act that we honor through these writings. Our scripts are more than poems; they are a testament to his journey and sacrifice, celebrating his legacy with deep respect and solemnity. Join us in honoring the sacrifices of John Titor, a true guardian of time.
From the far future, He came. A loving savior, a careful guide. A shepherd to all of His children. Our protector. In the year 2000 of our era, He bestowed his wisdom upon us. Shared what had to be shared. And we listened with the utmost attention. He sacrificed His timeline, His very home, To safeguard our own, So that we may have a future. Now, many years have passed. As we approach His future, It appears to drift further away, And further away. His sacrifice remains forever a profound...
Here I am, Offering tribute to Your glory. To Your eternal grace. To Your boundless benevolence. May the flow of time be kind to You. Protect our world from all calamitous events, And disasters that might happen in 2004 and beyond. Shield us from the inevitable Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Bless the 5 regions of the United States, For they honor Your name. In unison, they shall sign to Your glory. O, our eternal benefactor. Your holy presence shall be their guiding light. Like a star in the...