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IBM 5100 on sale at Ebay

Discussion in 'Time Travel Discussion' started by sosuemetoo, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. sosuemetoo

    sosuemetoo New Member

  2. Hercules

    Hercules New Member

    Here I can suggest a possible METOD of DEBUNKING John Titor for the Anti-Titors.

    The research I did shows that the 'LEGACY CODE' was hidden in the ROM of that IBM 5100, which Titor came for. He HINTED to have fixed Y2K with that 'Legacy Code' in 1998(before coming to 2000) so that the UNIX bug in our WORLDLINE was prevented.

    Here is my point. The LEGACY CODE is hidden in the IBM 5100's ROM. To access it, an ENGINEER has to TWEAK it in 1975. Now with today's Technology, if someone can find a WAY to check its ROM, whether the LEGACY CODE is left HIDDEN on IT, then IF it is there, TITOR could not be proved as a REAL TT, but if there is no such code, DAMN SURE HE IS A HOAX and you can have the HOAX party now itself.

    I am very curious to know if it can be done.
  3. RenUnconscious

    RenUnconscious Well-Known Member

    This is pretty easy to accomplish. There are multiple machines where you drop the ROM chip into them and they'll download the entire hard coded contents. This would probably come out in some type of basic or assembly language, but regardless my understanding was that this was a cross compiler. meaning it can take code from one language, and on the fly convert it to another language. All thats needed is the actual hard coded internal compiler/conversion so that you can emulate this with software.

    This is why you would only need 1 IBM 5100, you rip it, emulate it, and voila there's your code.

    My prob with the whole thing is, the bug in Unix is related to 32 bit programming/CPU's. We are already in the area of having 64 bit desktop computers and having older programs recompiled. There must have been one specific program/type of program that Titor wanted to recompile from 32bit into 64 bit or higher. This could be anything on the Internet though, hell the root servers probably run Unix, if they died, bye bye Internet.
  4. newbie_0

    newbie_0 Well-Known Member

    Wow I was laughing at $300, but the price is over a grand now. The unit doesn't even boot??

    Herc, if you need to fix a program, you fix in on the host platform. You don't go back in time to get an old slow computer. That simple.
  5. RenUnconscious

    RenUnconscious Well-Known Member


    its not about the old slow computer, its specifically about that rom chip, as mentioned by herc. there are internal compilers and conversion utilities to convert between basic computer languages. That is what was so important, as I said they can emulate the hardware but you can't do that without extracting it from those rom chips.
  6. newbie_0

    newbie_0 Well-Known Member

    I disagree, I would say it's SPECIFICALLY about fixing the 2038 bug.

    An old rom chip will not help you fix a software problem. You fix software on it's host platform.
  7. Hercules

    Hercules New Member


    Whenever I talk about this issue, you give the same response.

    It's a slow computer, hell yeah it is ONE OLD SLOW HISTORIC MONUMENT. I am not saying it is gifted with some MAGIC that makes it VERY fast and SOLVE a BUG.

    Here is my explanation. Ren, please pay attention to this, I want your response.

    1. The LEGACY CODE is the one used by IBM in its early programming days which used to run the DATES in Computers. The date format is MM/DD/YY. Are you CEAR with this part?

    2. The next thing is IBM without knowing added the LEGACY CODE into the semiconductor materials when they were mass manufactured in the early 70s. After the production, they REALISE that if their COMPETITORS access it, then it would not be good for their business in the FUTURE. But then, the ROMs were already produced in the early 70s so they wouldn't invest in producing them AGAIN without the LEGACY CODE in it. That is where Titor said.

    3. The next thing is IBM sold them after disabling the access to LEGACY CODE, but it is STILL in the ROM. That is where the 'TWEAKING' comes in. To access the LEGACY CODE, Titor's grandfather has to TWEAK it.

    4. Now comes Y2K. What is Y2K? the YY in MM/DD/YY. How to change it was the question in 1998. WHY not it is EASY just to make an emulator. It is because the CODE that WAS used to program was very old and no one knew how to change it if not by COMLEX programming in 1998. This is what happened in Titor's worldline and they were hit by Y2K where they spent a LOT of money to the PROGRAMMERS and the Y2K38 timeout bug still existed in 2038 even in 64-bit systems.

    5. Titor made a side trip to prepare his family. He wrote:

    Here is where you should pay ATTENTION. How is he going to JUSTIFY his side trip and then further justify it with that software? The answer,Y2K. From 1975 he made a trip to 1998 where, without revealing he is a TT, he gave the Tweaked IBM 5100 to the correct person so that the code can be ripped and he can take it back safely on a CD and also find out whether that code can fix Y2K. Note that this computer is TWEAKED so that the code can be accessed.

    Now read No.1 and No.4 again you'll understand the rest.

    He comes back to 2000 and collects the emulators and also returns with the original code and the IBM 5100.

    NOTE that there are things he NEVER openly said. I dug it up from his posts.

    Now Ren, is this right? Can you find out whether such a CODE is hidden in the ROM?
  8. newbie_0

    newbie_0 Well-Known Member

    The reference manuals for APL and BASIC on the 5100 are available on the internet. I took a few hours to look them over and there isn't a single date function whatsoever on that machine. The hardware didn't have a clock either.

    And the 2038 bug doesn't deal with MM/DD/YY it deals with number of seconds since January 1, 1970. A 32 digit binary number can't represent times beyond Jan 19 03:14:07, 2038.

    You can't add anything to hardware without realizing it. Even a spec of dust will ruin your chip. What IBM did, due to time constraints, was use a genuine S/360 cpu to get a fully compatible version of APL.

    It wasn't a "secret" but it wasn't something they would brag about. They spent a couple years selling S/360 mainframes for $100,000 and then they make a tiny portable machine was out for a tenth of the price with the same hardware. Not a way to win customers.

    The very definition of ROM means it's untweakable. It's read only, you can't tweak it.

    We've just come so far since the 70's man. Even if the 5100 is hooked up to a piece of critical hardware, someone could make an interface rather than travel through time.

    If/When I read news stories about every computer programmer and electronics engineer being taken away to a secret camp I'd believe this might be needed. There's just so many people who have the skills to troubleshoot and write software I don't understand why you think it's possible.

    I challenge all time travelers, if you need legacy code, pick me up, I'll write your code, DONT CORRUPT MY DAMN WORLD LINE.
  9. Hercules

    Hercules New Member

    I'll be a fool if I meant that. I meant the IBM added it without considering the fact that their competitors might use it. When they realized it, it is too late so they did something to prevent anyone from accessing it. I am not sure whether it can be done in 1975, but that fits it.

    Yeah its Read Only. That's why I said when something is written into it once, it cannot be DELETED, that is why IBM DISABLED it.

    The very definition of 'tweaking' in computer field is, to access something and do something which the manufacturer has restricted from doing but it can be done. Yeah I have WinXP tweak that allows me to customize my settings without which I cannot do it in WinXP. Its illegal isn't it?

    Why then, Y2K was viewed so seriously in 1998? As something which could not be solved cuz the code they are dealing with is very OLD?
  10. newbie_0

    newbie_0 Well-Known Member

    Any competitor would see exactly what IBM did but with the right marketing, peoples eyes will just glass over when you try to tell them something they don't believe in.

    I don't think TweakXP is illegal, it just sets variables to tell windows to do something differently.

    Because it sold newspapers. $$$$$
  11. Hercules

    Hercules New Member

    Thanks for the info.

    link where you can read in detail about the issue is in a PDF format.


    What I infer from this is, the Y2K WAS viewed seriously.

    An emulator.



    What do you think of this emulator?

  12. RenUnconscious

    RenUnconscious Well-Known Member

    Yes this bug will exist in all 32 bit software running on 64 bit hardware systems. Hence the need for the "tweak" and the emulation software, etc.

    Anyone could, a ROM chip is nothing more than a bunch of 1's and 0's hard coded, you can think of this as your computers cmos/bios you would be lost without this predefined hard coded information making the computer accessible in different terms.

    Most all mainstream desktop computers today are running x86 RISC/CISC type instruction sets. I will not get into the details, but essentially software is written, compiled, and then works with the particular instruction set. If a company were not sure x86 would always be the favored instruction set they could include a software emulation hard coded into the chip.

    A PERFECT example of this is Intel's Itanium processor, the IA-64, which used emulation hard coded into the chip to convert on the fly, instructions, into x86. That is PRECISELY what we are talking about. If you can rip the data from the chip, you can build an emulator to duplicate how the instructions are read, processed, converted into the IBM Legacy instruction set, and thats all it is people. However you can't just do this from scratch, having to reverse engineer a compiler conversion utility without the original documentation from IBM would be virtually impossible, making the hardware absolutely necessary to acquire in order to accomplish your task. ok I prolly blew most peoples minds I'll shaddup for a while.
  13. newbie_0

    newbie_0 Well-Known Member

    Herc, the government takes money seriously. They didn't rush to fix y2k to keep people safe. They did it to keep the money safe. They made people think they were making sure airplanes weren't going to fall from the sky meanhwhile, the banking sector got a big overhaul on our tax dollars.

    The above applies to my goverment, yours and the USA. They care more about money than anything.



    The left the ship on a beach in Turkey next to a populated area. Turkey didn't want it, they sent it to India. Cheaper than legal recycling and if anyone complains, nobody will believe their leader would do such a thing!!
  14. Hercules

    Hercules New Member

    newbie, what exactly is your point? Why do you want to go OFF-TOPIC?
    Any way if you tell this to the opposition party, it'll help them for the next elections!!!!

    Pursuing the Titor story is MORE interesting than reading it.


    Now this guy is Roger Bowler.

    He was the FIRST one to make an s/360 emulator(Hercules) in OUR WORLDLINE.

    From the Rochester Magazine, August 2004:

    I did a research on the s/360 emulator. It is NOT POSSIBLE to make an s/360 emulator to run on any PC BEFORE Roger Bowler did it.


    Don't try to screw me up on this one newbie, let me ask you a QUESTION. If it is possible to make an s/360 emulator, why didn't Roger Bowler DO IT BEFORE 1998?(April 1998 if you want me to be MORE PRECISE)

    The s/360 emulator was hidden in IBM 5100's ROM. Without it YOU CANNOT SIMPLY make an EMULATOR. Roger Bowler was somehow able to access it (with Titor's involvement in 1998) and that's how he MADE it. Another news is that Hercules was finally well perfected in MAY 2000. That is VERY WELL before Titor arrived here and left. So Titor was leaving with the Emulator also.

  15. creedo299

    creedo299 Well-Known Member

    What if they used the 5100 to emulate the timeline and passed this emulation off as the Titor timeline?

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