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The real time traveler..

Discussion in 'Time Travel Claims' started by bomberman, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. bomberman

    bomberman Active Member

    Alright, since i've never seen anyone who is actually a time traveler here, im
    going to reveal it. I am a time traveler ! It feels so good to finally say it.
    And of course, i definitely have some rock-solid evidence. It is a picture of
    me standing next to my time machine, while it is turned on.

    If anybody wants, i will post it here, so you can see that i have definitely time-
  2. Transient001

    Transient001 Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity...by all means post the picture!!!!
  3. bomberman

    bomberman Active Member

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  4. Transient001

    Transient001 Well-Known Member

    Verily, Absolutely and without a Doubt it is the truest proof I have ever seen. It is a picture Darby wont be able to debunk. o_O
  5. bomberman

    bomberman Active Member

    It looks like you have accepted the truth, and that by itsself is pretty impressive.
    Because most people would think this is computer-generated, but you are indeed
    very sharp to see that it is real.

    Feel free to ask questions !
  6. Jimmy Mayo

    Jimmy Mayo Active Member

    Holy jeebus! Proof at long last! Well played sir.
  7. daver

    daver Well-Known Member

    Yup! AT LAST!!!! This is certainly the real deal guys!

  8. bomberman

    bomberman Active Member

    You are all too kind, but i expected you to question the machine itsself,
    because, as you can see, it sure does look real, but the question remains
    does it work ?
  9. daver

    daver Well-Known Member

    Welll... I can't fault it personally! I wonder, does it have a propulsion system based in an Partically accellerated Vortexial interferometer coupling via some sort of Interspacial eddy current phase unit- that I guess is in turn coupled to some simple super conducting photon splitter via a quadruple trism unit?
    Sure looks like it?
    Or am I wrong?

    It sure looks like you have improved on the original idea anyway.
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  10. Transient001

    Transient001 Well-Known Member

    Daver I believe you utterly overlooked the quantum phase relay hyper matrix manifold which creates a temporal wave field with which the machine enters into a transteleportation entanglement thingy. I am sure that is it. Thumbs up time traveling mister bomber. May the rest of the proofs in this forum be as compelling as yourd.

    By the way, how far into the past or future it can take you? For the looks of it I am sure the answer will be outstanding. I am still dumbfounded at the reality of your revelation. Just to verify it to the rest my computer imaging scanning device reports the image is not CGI and is real. Amazing!!!!
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  11. daver

    daver Well-Known Member

    You may be right there Transient!
    I totally overlooked that part of the design. What a concept!!!

    Boy, that machine sure looks damn complex!

    Only the mind of a Universal Cerebral God could have come up with something like that- I'm blown away personally!
  12. Gpa

    Gpa Member

    Some people will fall for anything. I am surprised none of you caught the obvious fakery of the posted picture. The picture is in black and white, yet the electrical timemachine-ish field is BLUE. An obvious fake. But nice try bomberman.
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  13. RainmanTime

    RainmanTime Well-Known Member

    The time machine looks like a beer mug, with two handles.

    That, in and of itself, could explain its ability to bend spacetime. ;)
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  14. Transient001

    Transient001 Well-Known Member

    Rainman....you brought laughter from my face.....in the good old fashioned way...LOL
  15. RainmanTime

    RainmanTime Well-Known Member

    What can I say? It was no accident I put a beer in the hand of my South Park avatar. I tend to see life through amber colored glasses. And the sheer genius of adding a SECOND curved handle to a beer mug and thus turning it into a time machine informs us about the dynamics of beer. Apparently, the beer is not intoxicating (space-time bending) all on its own accord. Forget the old science of alcohol content. It is not until it is put into a glass with the semi-toroidal handle on it that the space-time bending effect of the alcohol is activated. A regular beer mug with only one semi toroidal handle is only powerful enough to bend your gourd (even to the point of hangover), but not strong enough to overcome local spacetime stiffness. However, the new breathru shown here by bomberman is an amazing solution! By adding a second, offset semi toroidal space-time bending loop to the container, this at least doubles the power of the alcohol itself that you put into the container.

    And you know what that means... at least squared, or perhaps even cubed the amount of space-time bending power.

    It all seems to be making sense now...I'd better have another beer to check...
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