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Actual Time Machine



Based upon a theory that I've formulated based upon magnetic force and its possible link to the old concept of the Ether, I've constructed a small test rig that has surpassed my expectations. Forcing magnets together in like-pole to like-pole arangements and spinning them at various speeds, I've managed to stop or accelerate various time pieces. Whether or not this constitutes real time travel has yet to completely proven, but I am so impressed by these preliminary results that I am now building a larger version - something big enough for a man.

The theory runs like this - if one reinserts the discarded notion of the Ether back into physics, one now has a theoretical substrate upon which everything - even time propagates. Rather than try to directly affect time, I've focused on the means to affect its substrate - the Ether. "Ethereal" as the Ether is, I have conjectured that it is possibly the source of magnetism (this could explain why magnets exert force - but never lose mass - magnets could simply be "force-channels"). This is a leap of faith, but worth testing for. I suspect that my machine has affected the passage of time by manipulation of the force that carries it.

As I work toward completing what I call my Phase III machine, I'm composing a paper of sorts on it design and the theory of its operation. This will include photos, test results, etc. In the meantime, would anyone like a shot of the Phase II?

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I am sure everyone would be interested in seeing this... Interesting, if this is for real! Very keen to find out more...

How kind of power usage is it involve? Does this slowing/stopping of timepieces involve digital, analogue, and clockwork timepieces (ie the effect on speed is working on mechanical as well as electrical levels)? What rates of time slowing/speeding are occuring? Is the environment in the field safe for a living thing to be within? I have heard of reports of research groups creating small time fields but are apparently not yet designed to be large enough or safe enough for a human.

Sounds quite interesting Brian, keep us tuned!

Did you use the south, or north portions of the magnetic field to produce your experiment.

If you did experiment with both the south and north poles of your device. I am betting that you came up with the following results:

When you used the north portion of the magnetic field, the result was an acceleration(speeding up)of time in your various components.

When you used the south portion of the magnetic, there was a deceleration(slowing) of time in various components.

Please let me know if this sounds correct.


Edwin G. Schasteen
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How do you account for the Michelson-Morley experiment which disproved the existance of an ether?
You've done your homework. The Michelson-Morley experiment looked for a variation in the speed of light in several directions - looking for the earth's speed through the ether to affect the results. They claimed that there was a "null" result - in effect, no difference in light speed no matter in which direction one looked. This experiment has come under increasing critism over the years. In any such grandiose experiment there have to be experimental variations. "Perfect" results often smack of data manipulation by the experimenter. I do not mean to make any accusations, but some degree of "fudging" does take place in the lab. The "null" results of the experiment could also be due to the equipment that they used (they ran the tests in 1887). Later work in the early 20th Century by Dayton Miller led to the publication of a paper in 1933 indicating that more sensitive equipment did find a speed of light variation. Hey, I am willing to accept that I'm on the wrong track. Resurrecting the ether and making the great/fanciful leap that there is a connection to magnetism was the best possible path to breaching the time barrier with hardware store technology.

Would you like to see a photo of my Phase I and Phase II machines? E-Mail me at [email protected].

Maybe later we can discuss the gyroscopic effects and superluminal speeds possible with rotating magnetic fields.
Without going into everything here, I can e-mail you photos and explanations on the working of my Phase I and Phase II machines. These are the functional tabletop models that I've produced. Just e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll send you everything you could wish for.
Stand-by, I'll be e-mailing you test rig photos and a breakdown on the theoretical underpinnings of these gadgets. My full "paper" is almost complete. This work will include information on the full-sized beast now under construction.
Magnitism is of course the key,but there are many other factors to consider.That being you must first and foremost neutilize the laws of physics within the time field and create stabilty before you go anywhere.If you don't you will become part of the time space continuum like the ripple created by the U.S.S.Eldridge.If this is congruet with your views I can send more.
You are correct in stating that magnetism is only part of the answer. My Phase II test rig incorporates gyroscopic as well as a potential superluninal effect.

If you drop two enclosed gyroscopes - one running and the other not - the running gyroscope will fall slower. Why? Some believe that it is possibly generating an anti-gravity effect or it may be experiencing time more slowly. It could be both.

As far as superluminal effects go, a rotating magnetic field may exceed "c" at its outer perimeter. There is some reseach to back this up. What could that mean for a device which achieves this? Hell, I'm not sure either.

Would you like a photo of my Phase I and Phase II machines? You can e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected].
my name i chris i am 15 years old and I think that time travel is possable but only back to the time that you made the time machine,example:if you made the time machine in 2001 then six years later in 2007 then you chould only travel back to 2001,but I guess if you had something with enoph power you chould warp time if you think about it what happens to a dieing star they turn into a black hole i whould guess a black hole whould have enoph power to warp time wich whould cause time travel.so all you need is something with alot of power but i dont know if magnets whould work.you might also be able to use the black hole its self to time travel with also the exception of a wite hole which they say is the other side to a black hole.if a black hole can bend and absorbe light and light travels at the speed of 186.000 miles per sec then i whould say there whould be enoph power there to time travel.
Here is my current working idea for time device check my site for flow drawings
Computer Time Server or CTS.

Concept: Set up a dedicated computer time server ( linix box would be nice more reliable
check walmart.com for $299 box) with battery back up and all redundant back up possible
this would sink to atomic clock through phone or gps.

Step one: Construct message program that will send text or Morse code pulses or test
pulses at a precise dedicated time, this would be possible for current and future time. In
other words enter simple message and then enter time of transmission (insertion) then time
of reception (released time). The first step would be to get this box to work with in itself.
In other words to type test message then send in 5 minutes the program would do itself,
than receive in 3 days. You have just sent a message to the future. So far this is similar to
a time announce or digital assistant program. A wake up call if you will (but with your
message). Also a complete log would be kept of transmitted and received pulses.

Step two: Send message back in time.
Enter message time of transmission than time of reception, the message would then leave
on a digital or analog I/O card (basically a card that interfaces your computer to external
hardware similar to remote control devises or PLC’s Programmable logic controllers)
this message would be inserted into the external Hardware i.e. (transmitter /receiver)

External hardware: This is the tricky part, obviously the computer is always on ready to
transmit and receive from this external device. It must be left on and message event must
proceed at a designated time. At first it would be easier to send a series of cascading
counting pulses that vary each transmission so you can decipher when in the future that
pulse would occur. Example you no that on Tuesday 1000 hours it will send 10 pulses so
if on pre-Monday you receive 10 pulses you have received a message from the future
(assuming theses pulse have come from your external hardware not internal from the
computer remember the computer can send pulses forward through time not back) This
future event would be controlled by the computer not you! no time paradox here, like I
forgot to type the pulse so how could the past receive it.
External time box this is where I am brain storming. The box would transmit/receive
Light, RF, Radiation, Particles or what ever method or modulation proves time
susceptible, it good be an accelerator or decelerator (absolute zero). maybe the reflections
of the past would be show in the future (remember we are talking simple pulses here) This
external hardware would also need to be vary reliable, always on so to speak.

To me this is the elemental basis of  a workable time server or traveler, the pulses travel
they are better equipped to do it..

Pro’s: No time paradox, no living matter, simple pulse transmission- reception
Con’s: no proven time transmitter (at least for sending to past)

Please send me your ideas for time transmitter or field generator to transmit into,
sendto: [email protected]        “Vision through electronics.”   I am planing to build in
my garage, not joking, if it doesn’t work out, hey I still get some good electronics out of
the experiment. :)
Project title:  Time Server Project
related equipment,  Time server, Time reference, Time transmitter.

Imagine sending the lotto numbers to the past! HAHA that would cover the costs!

This is a new idea as far as I know, I thought details of it yesterday , although ever since I
started in broadcasting I entertained the idea of transmitting through time and how to do
it. My recent contract computer work and knowledge tied the transmitter to the server in
my mind, mainly for logging, tracking and analyze, recording and timed transmission and
so on.

Let me say this project is in the conceptual stage (its only been one day of official work on
the time server).
I did a time search on MSN for time travel and it lead me here.
Let me say I know transmitters I have worked and tested, trouble shooted full power TV
and FM transmitters analog and digital, I was a chief engineer for a TV station for over
ten years. I have a AAS degree in broadcast electronics. I also am a certified commercial
electrician and not to bad with computers I built (put together) the one I am using now. I
say this not to brag (it was a lot of work and study) but to establish some creditability as I
have read a lot of wild posts in this area. (which is good let freedom ring).

Look for a web site (geo cities) soon (for real) under search word vistronics to present
this and many other ideas. I lost or someone ripped off my Hand spring Visor platinum
PDA, so some ideas are lost (yes I back up but I got hit with the lovebug virus and had to
reformatt both my computers than I took a trip with out backing up anyway....)

On to your comments,
The core idea is to send numbers (code) through time.
If you will, think, of a time “SETI” a “search for extra temporal transmissions”, instead of
extraterrestrial. The movie contact showed a form of this when they replayed the “Hitler
TV broadcast”, not like what I propose, but you get the idea.

I think this idea will work because its electrons, or particles or a Light wave or a RF
envelope that is doing the time travel (what ever method by trail and error experiment
proves itself.)

I mean lets start at the beginning, you know take baby steps, before getting online and
saying I got a time machine you can jump in.
Like Marconi in the early radio days with a spark gap transmitter, did he build a TV
transmitter? No but it lead to it. Exact parallel to the Time Server.

Much of what I described uses existing technology, but to transmit through time you need
a hole or a field (maybe you do not need this), a zone of non-temporality, a door so to
speak (or a peep hole), you know what is great about this idea is only needs to be a pin
hole to focus your RF (High F microwave) Beam or it could be laser, or modulated Ions
like in a klystron transmitter Particle Beam. Again trail and error experiments, scientific
observation of data, hard work and experamentation is needed.
Do you think some one just sat down and dreamed up TV?

I have several Ideas for the Time transmitter, one borrows from the alternate energy
people, of High speed spinning magnets, creating magnetic fields in a cylinder (of varying
polarity), and what is happening at the center of this field, the middle of this cylinder?
could this be the place to focus the message beam? And what if we density modulated this
area with a klystron beam?. Which is contained by magnetic force? Would the remnant
show through time? what of the harmonics? What about a microwave beam? Instead of
magnets what if we used super high voltage to generate a field 250KV plus? What then?
Do you know?  To create fields of this power and intensity require a lot of power 480
Volt AC 3 phase at a hundred amps. (Imagine that wired to my garage LOLL)

This Idea may not work, but with out experiment I can not say. But I have 2 more of my
own ideas for the transmitter not to much related to above. (notice we have not talked yet
about the receiver)

I am a big fan of OPEN SOURCE so share your ideas.
I am a applied technology guy I want generate data drawings ect.
I like to wax Philosophic sometimes but I am here for nuts and bolts and planning.
Would like to see your time machine plans and pictures of it.
See my posts on this website on time machine theories.
Leonard Belfroy.