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Aliens DO exist


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I am in the process of seting up an Alien awareness movement. I have been researching extensively on the alien phenomena, and I have come to the following inescapable conclusions, that I assure you are the results of objective analysis:

1. Aliens exist and have been visiting us since the dawn of man.
2. Aliens have been in contact with the government for possibly 70 years.
3. Terrestrial technology has been accelerated artificially by aliens, indirectly and directly.
4. There is a multinational shadow government comprising of major geo-political powers, with US as the hegemon.
5. There are dozens of multi-billion black projects in advanced technology raking in trillions, paid by tax payers.
6. The 9/11 attacks were staged to provide a false impetus for the war on terrorism.
7. Usable free energy and anti-gravity technologies exists, and have been covered-up.
8. A New World Order is emerging in a drive towards a totalitarian regime.
9. Civil wars will eventually break out all over.
10. Genocides are being implemented against populations; billions could die.
11. HIV and SARS have been manufactured to kill populations.
12. Fertility rates are falling due to stealth biological warfare.
13. Non-lethal weapons and advanced mind control exist for population control.

You may ask me any sensible questions. I will endaveour to answer them to the best of my abilities.

Note: Some of these statements are similar to John Titor's predictions, however I assure you, none of the above statements have been influenced by JT in any way, shape or form.
Hi Raj

I just want you to know that I am in no way attacking your stance, I am pretty much a fence sitter on the UFO debate, I don't know what to think, although I am hedging towards disbelieving.

Anyway, what I don't understand is the belief that UFO's have been visiting earth since the beginning of mankind. The way I understand things (not to say I'm right, this is more of a question to you) is that we have an idea of the age of the universe. When the big bang occurred, the first generation stars were formed, after they began to die the second generation stars began, then the third (our sun)were formed. It took the first two generations to form the elements necessary to create the planets (the first generation stars had no planets). The result of this is that intelligent life on earth formed along the earliest possible timeline from the big bang possible. It could not have formed any earlier due to the evolution of the universe.

That being said, if aliens were advanced enough to visit earth from very distant stars (millions of light years) when mankind was in its infancey, then they would have to a very old race. It seems that this would not be possible following the timeline of the universe. I think from these facts alone that it is extremely unlikely that the UFO phenomenon is real.

However, I may be misunderstading what I have read, so I was hoping somebody else could elaborate on this maybe.
Thank you for the question. I never mind healthy skepticism.

You say we have an idea of the age of the universe? It is an inaccruate guesstimation; around 10-20 billion years, with a huge margin for error. Secondly, the big bang only accounts for the observable universe and not the unobservable universe. It is now believed that the universe is infinite.

In those 3rd generation of stars, if another planet was just 10 million years older than our own, and capable of supporting life, then this life could be 10 million years more advanced than us.
If a planet can support life, then microscopic life can emerge rapidly in little over 500 million years, and from thereon can evolve intelligence even faster. We currently believe the dinosaurs were not intelligent, I refute that, on the basis of lack of evidence of their neural structure and ill-formed methods to quantify their intelligence. It follows from exbiology, that it is highly inefficient for long periods of evolutionary statis as we beleive to be the case with the dinosaurs. If, however, this is indeed true, it does not necessarily imply that it is the same everywhere in the universe. Hence, if we assume a similar planet to Earth, only 10 million years older, then it could theoretically harbor a civilization billions of years older.

If we consider the range of 1-20+ billion years of planets, and the sheer vastness of the observable universe, as well the fact that Earth is relatively a new born planet, the probability that more advanced civilizations exist, is very likely. I would go as far as to say; mathematically certain.

It would be very unscientific to say life is rare in the universe by only considering one sample. We know that life is a probable event, and if it can happen once, it can happen again.

I hope this was helpful.

1. See Rhudey's comments.

2. How do you know. Did you read a book or a TV program, that took accounts of 4th hand information.

3. How so.

4. Which powers would this be.

5. I doubt that. If there were multi-billion dollar projects out there, I find it very hard to cover up. Can you supply a couple samples please.

6. No. Osama bin Laden even admitted to it.

7. How do you know.

8. Can you give some examples please.

9. Why would civil wars break out everywhere. In America (or any democratic nation), what would we rebel against. Don't see that happening anytime soon.

10. Genocides of who, where. The only one I can think of is in Africa. But I really doubt billions would die.

11. Who manufatured them. HIV came from Africa. SARS isn't really as bad as the media plays it to be. Yes people have died from it, I do feel sorry for them and their families, but not many as percentages goes. And mainly only elderly people died from it. So lets see SARS, less than 1% die from, HIV takes years sometimes decades to kill a person. I don't call that a killer. More of a killer would be the likes of the bubonic plague.

12. No. Actually I believe it has more to do with people waiting longer to have kids. Back in the 50's if you were 22 with no kids people were like what's wrong with you. Now it's like wait 'till your 30 and have a career. A woman that's 22 can get pregnant a lot easier than a 30 year old. That's why there is a lot of teen pregnancy in this country. It's a pretty easy concept. the younger you are the more fertile you are. (And I'm not talking about 10 year olds either.)

13. Uhh...sorry, but nobody controls my mind. I buy what I want and do as I please.
Hi hello,

Thanks for your questions. Most of your questions are very vague and non specific and there are just too many of them. Instead, ask me the single most thing that is bothering you about the above claims, and I will gladly answer it for you /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
raj, have had alook at you thread with interest, i have no knowlege to speak of on the subject, but would think satistically that 'aliens' do exist. do you have a web page with your findings or research on as i would like to learn more.
keep it sweet , the pin men
Hello Raj,

Interesting thoughts. I love reading other people's perspectives. My questions are in order to your statements. So my first question goes with your first statement, my second question goes with your second statement, etc.

Hello, you have a tall order there. I will answer your questions gradually then, so that I can give you detailed answers:

2. It is far more than that. As I pointed out in the opening of the thread, I have done months of objective analysis of the data. The Alien/UFO phenomena is very broad. Of-hand, I can tell you my research has involved - analysing cases; analysing testimonials; analysing evidence and facts, as well as circumstantial evidence.

3. Possibly as early as 1930 we had crashed UFO's and aliens in our possession. We have extensively back-engineered these UFO's since then, and as a result of which, were able to accelerate our own growth tremendously. We've had 6 computer revolutions(vacuum tube, transistors, integrated chips, microprocessors, nanocompuers, quantum computers) from the inception of the first eletrical computer, and leaps in technology in: fibre optics, night vision, super-tenacity fibres, high powered lasers and genetic engineering.
There is also reason to believe we have had direct technology exchange with certain alien factons.

There are other areas of technology we have made phenomenal leaps in that have not surfaced into the "white world" as of yet, although have been confirmed to exist: those include: Advanced weather control; advanced mind control; particle beam lasers; advanced genetics, telepathy and biofield science, zero point energy and anti-gravity, tractor beams and more.

We are possibly thousands of years in advance of our natural growth in technology. If you compare with our natural technological evolution from 1000 to 1940. Even in 1900-1940, single components like vacuum tubes took at least 30 years to perfect. FM radio took 34 years since the discovery of radio by Hertz. After 1940, our rate of change in technology accelerated by factors of 10's: Just years apart, we churned out multiple generations of computers, that rapidly down-size from computers 40 feet by 30 feet with thousands of transistors, to modern 4nm by 3nm nanochips with hundreds of millions of transistors.

This is also corroborated by two highly credible witnesses:

Colonel J Philips: intelligence officer on General Douglas MacArthur's staff during the Korean War; member of the President Eisenhower's National Security Council; head of Foreign Technology in Army Research and Development at the Pentagon in the early 1960s. He later retired in 1963, acquiring 19 medals and ribbons, and then served as National Security specialist staff to U.S. Senators James Eastland and Strom Thurmond.

Corso in 1997, and in a book entitled "The Day After Roswell" divulges, in July, 1947 at the Roswell UFO crash site, an Army Intelligence
retrieval team found five extraterrestrials greys; 2 of them were still alive, of which one was shot dead by a soldier, and the other was dying. That same night, the artifacts, debris, and one extraterrestrial were shipped to Fort Riley, Kansas, where Corso examined them. This material was later sent to Wright-Patterson Air force base, Ohio.

Corso was in the charge of the reverse engineering project, the progress on ET technologies were seeded into multinational commercial firms like IBM, Dow Cornings, Bells labs. These technologies were the transistor, the microchip, fibre optics, lasers, night-vision, super-tenacity fibres and psychotronic devices, stealth, particle beams, nanotech, anti gravity, based on reverse engineered components and systems onboard ET UFO's.

Phill Shneider: Phil Schneider, was a goverment geological and structural engineer, who worked for the military and aerospace industries. On May 1995 Schneider gave a lecture in which he revealed the governments cover up of ET, UFO's and reverse engineered technologies, as well as their sinister agenda. 7 months later he was found strangled death in his own apartment.

There are several other witnesses who claim this.

I hope that helps,


Thank your for your interests. I am currently working on a web page, and in the process of writing up my research for the level of publication. However, it may take some time, as there is simply too much to write due to the multitude of cases and arguments for this topic.

I do, however, consider it a matter of urgency, that awareness is spread of this issue. As it has direct repracussions to the future of mankind, and those actions that our detrimental to our well being, are already growing in severity with this fallacious war on terrorism, the erosion of the consitution and the emerging NWO.

There exists a real risk of civil wars, genocides and potential nuclear wars. I assure you, the fate of humanity is at stake here. Proactive action needs to be taken, and it needs to be taken now. This is why I am working very hard to spread awareness of the underlying issues. Aliens is definitely the common denominator here, however the actual existence of aliens is nothing more than a philisophical musing at this stage, what is more important is the emerging NWO and how to counter it.

I hope that helps,

thanks for the reply, am looking forward to taking a look at the website when it's ready, and reading your research, untill then i will continue to read these threads with interest. keep up the good work man,
keep it sweet , the pin men /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Thank your for your interests. I am currently working on a web page, and in the process of writing up my research for the level of publication. However, it may take some time, as there is simply too much to write due to the multitude of cases and arguments for this topic.

I am also looking forward to reading all of what you have found out and have to say.

Guy D.
i too have researched the " alien phenomina " quite extensively. and what you have said intreged me so i think i'll add my two sence.

roj i believe you need to read between the lines and have a mindset of reason.

1. aliens may have well been "visiting" us since the dawn of man. but i think it ends at that, visiting.
2. number 1 explains what needs to be said here.
3. you under-estimate man kind and our ability to achieve anything we want my friend. to put this best an example is the great pyramids of geza, given the time period and the technology believed to be readely available to the egyptians most scientist today still believe it was impossible to achieve such a monumental task with the materials , tools and location but there it is destroying the test of time and all rational modern day way of thinking.
4. doubt it very very much. there are powerful people in the world..but not that powerful.
5. if so im glad to tell you the truth. id rather see my hard earned money being pumped into making scientifical advancements then filling a politicians liquor cabnet.
6. thats just not true at all. sorry, bin laden not only admitted to this but had motive , means and timing in his favor to complete what he had planned.
7. youre right about the free and re-usable energy being coverd up. these things were coverd up by powerful people and the companys who have paid billions and billions of dollars into oil and oil related industries all across the world making huge profits. they dont want to see they're cash cow die after putting so much into it so they'll use any means to destroy the competition, its as simple as that.
8. wont happen. people wouldnt have it.
9. maybe..but this isnt a bad thing if for the right reason. sign me up
10. yes these happen...very sadly. i hope someday tolerance and education destroy this before it starts all over the world
11. someone already gave a great explaination in this thread
12. doubt it very very very very much. who wins?
13. the media hah

i thought id start there.
Hi Raj. Thanx for all your current info, I too can't wait for your site to be up & running. In my life, I've seen some pretty strange things, UFO's included, but have a question about aliens' visiting our planet. What is the reason for them abducting certain members of our population? What is the criteria for becoming an abductee, or is it just random selection?

Thanx. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
They have been here a very long "Time"

oh come on..

"As the pattern gets more intricate and subtle, being swept along is no longer enough." - Random guy

Please Explain yourself...
Need more input here!
[...] leaps in technology in: fibre optics, night vision, super-tenacity fibres, high powered lasers and genetic engineering.

My dad is a laser research scientist, and he went to University with the people who developed fibre optics, and he has also worked closely with the people who have refined them over the years (as well as doing some research in a very similar area himself (boosting the signal where the loss is too high)). I can assure you that aliens and alien technology have nothing to do with fibre optics and their development over time.

[Edited to add]You'd have to be more specific about what kind of laser you're talking about when you say "high-powered lasers", but there's a fair chance that he's been directly involved in that, too. Give me more details, and I'll ask him.