Ancient Civilization Coverups with Matt LaCroix


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I found this while wandering YouTube last night and found it fascinating. It's more than 2 hours long, but put it on during your commute or something it's very interesting. The gust, Matt LaCroix, goes through a lot of ancient stories and legends and lays them out and connects them all.

He gets into the pyramids, the symbology of the serpent and the eagle and how they were reversed, ancient megalithic sites, Gilgamesh, Noah, Enlil, Enki and more.

This isn't necessarily about "ancient aliens". The thumbnail makes it seem that way, but this leans much more into the historical tablets, archaeology and other evidence, and focuses on a bigger picture.

Lots to digest, I have to listen to it a few more times, but wanted to share :)

0:00 - Ancient Eridu & Underground Shuruppak
6:20 - The Overlap with Legend of Noah
12:23 - Ziusudra & Zernaki Tepe
16:30 - Ben Van Kerkwyk’s findings
23:53 - Connecting the Ancient Civilizations dots to Lost City of Atlantis
28:19 - Lake Van & Cavus Tepe
32:49 - How Atlantis is related to Cavus Tepe; King Hayk
37:41 - Atra Hasis
45:09 - Constatine Story
52:52 - Organized Religion; The Ancient Mayans
57:17 - What America is really named after; The Aztec Downfall; The Incan’s Gold
1:07:49 - The Eagle & The Serpent Symbolism; Universal laws
1:11:08 - The last immortal humans; Ancient Stone Megaliths
1:17:24 - The 2 Ancient Civilizations that created Atlantis
1:24:33 - Bloodlines and the relationship between Chem & Thoth
1:28:58 - Ziasudra’s 3 songs; Ancient Atlantis Technology & their destruction
1:34:51 - Who was Zeus?1:38:50 - Syria and Ain Dara Coverup
1:42:21 - Ebla1:46:06 - Elongated Skulls; Evidence of Ancient Atlantis
1:52:32 - Matt explains why the new evidence could change history
1:58:04 - The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids; Schoch & Bauval
2:05:39 - Serapeum; Who built Ancient Pyramids of Giza & when
2:09:10 - Ancient Pyramids and UFO / Aliens connection
2:11:45 - The Great Pyramid of Giza & its ratio to earth
2:17:24 - Obelisks and their strange symbolism; Secret Societies & Humanity
2:21:35 - Subliminal messaging; The Dogon again
2:27:41 - Mysterious Symbol in “The Truman Show”; Ancient Civilizations all connected; Sphinx & Pyramids
2:33:41 - Julian’s education of Ancient Civilizations