Answer to another paradox!


Temporal Novice
Hello Hyperspace here with a new answer to a paradox because we need to research further for time machine now!

The question is that if in quantum world your future is not decided then how could you travel to the future which is not decided yet?


The universe works on probabilities on a quantum scale let's take an example we have a book of 6 pages and we periced a needle into it the needle came on page 4 now can you tell at which page the needle is now without opening the book?

Now the book is like the universe and the pages are like all the quantum possiblites when we create a wormhole or try to travel in future our second part connects to a random probability or the most closest probability which directly turns into our future but if we will go on a smaller scale like 2-3 hours it will take us to the definite future because it is the existed future we have created or say our future is created of 2 or 3 hours!

See your idea is good and makes sense but different universes have different frequency and time so its hard to tell wheather that object travelled into future or not because it randomly opens and we don’t have idea tk which time we will travel
So for example

A book has the same pages ( in size , length and thickness) But different universes have different (time , mass , size )

So consider the needle passing through each page as your different avatars in universes.So it might land yourself in some other places. So in some universes your avatar might have died and some universes might be having different size mass and time . So considerably the model is not accurate unless there is some difference or even a slight difference ( like 5cm ) we will be able to prove time travel more clearly