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Big Brother Watching?



In the National Ignition Facility, 192 laser beamlines direct 1.8 MJ of laser energy onto ICF targets. (Credit: LLNL


At the above address you will find an image of the national ignition facility. They hope no less to create a star within a centimeter of space(controlled fusion). It doesn't take too much of a leap as to what happens to space,time,matter around a star.(time machine?)

It is no coincidence that the model is almost identical to ezekiel's temple but makes no mention of other restraints that ezekiel's temple contains such as shaking posts, trumpets(sound) etc. I have been studying(and building) this device for years and if I am correct, the attempt at inertial confinement could produce the smoking, pestilential pit called in the Bible--Abbadon, Appolyon, etc. These names represent DESTROYER. This facility has its beginnings with NOVA and is now called OMEGA.
this will probably be my last post for a while. Too many systems have crashed that I have been involved in and I don't need the Men in Black at my door. Check this stuff out. It's real!!!
sure it's real,sure it is. Dude,the government is not the root of evil or any of that bullshit,they are here to help and keep this contry running,so chill out on the x-files and think in reality.
Hey there... who are you? What is youe true identity? You are the same person as Super R, Uncle Al (or whatever his name is), hmm... who am I missing? Oh and you posted the infamous douchbags thread - didn't you?! If only IP address listing was enabled {sigh}

* By the way, nice triple digit post you got there: 3:33 - back to the old numeric coincidences topic *

Sorry, I'm just plain old Zerub. I don't even know what the infamous douchbags thread is. I really did get paranoid when the posts went down. I really would like to believe in a benevolent Big Brother, but I have a history as an insider who saw- first hand -people speaking out of both sides of their mouth. As an old hippie I am a great believer in synchonicity and experienced time travel in a very personal way. In spite of the seemingly mad babbling of some of the things I read on this site, I see a thread of truth woven throughout that touches on reality. I don't believe everything I read. It seems like some who post here do. With a background in reality therapy, I met many kids who have experienced much of what could be considered bizarre and insane. I didn't consider it such. I took each experience as real because I had experienced pretty bizarre things myself. I accept much of what is spoken here, but I try to read between the lines and reach the greater reality. Even some of the abusive bantering back and forth gives me insight. Not everyone is looking for insight. It looks to me like just a lot on entertainment. That's cool--I like entertainment. My greatest problem is that I'm boringly, excruciatingly, painfully
honest. I've seen kids that would throw themselves down stairs, bleed at will, steal railroad trains, bulldoze houses--all to get attention--I EXIST. There is a lot of attention getting going on--but that's cool too. I'm over my paranoia for now.

This is the second time I've noticed your post. I have checked out the web site you supplied above twice now from the university at california burkeley and it seems that they are looking for alternative means of manipulating energy.

But your posts confusses me? THIS IS A BAD THING! I sense a time remaining fear in your post. How does Ezekiels Temple and creating a star has anything to do with this specific facility?

Surprisingly, I do have some sort of an insite as to what you are trying to convey but I need you to explain what this star is in greater detail.


I have been studying Ezekiel's temple for about 20 years and in a very specific way. First, I wasn't looking for "spiritual" answers. An idea popped into my head about the physical characteristics and so I deliberately omitted all spiritual references and studied only the physical. I'm a freak on science and I saw things that intrigued me.

I'll try to summarize: Chap 1--A whirlwind(vortex) out of the north(God's secret place), a fire infolding itself(black hole),
color of amber(a polished spectrum metal that diffuses light),
4 wheels the color of beryl(berylium's atomic symbol is the common symbol we see representing atomics), turned not(like radiation),sapphire stone throne, etc. If you study each word of this chapter using a concordance and a good dictionary, the entire process of life(enzymes, proteins, etc.) is depicted showing the "likeness of man"(model of Adam). Further study shows the chromatic scale, octaves of sound, projections onto space, and on and on. Even the entire family of crystals is represented in the 40th chapter onward(the breastplate) and there was a pure river going from the entrance to the ark which is covered with gold. The omega facility has 192 lasers, and the temple contains a similar amount surrounding the ark(latticed narrow windows--light against light).

Science has come up with it's configuration through theorical and experimental physics. The Bible ties it in with creation itself. The concordance calls it a device that uses sound to penetrate interstices and thereby crossing the gulf between things without having to travel the distance.

This is only a very brief description that does not really do justice. The study of the measuring rod, and line of flax that is in the hand of the seventh angel further illustrates that this entire process is reduced to the atomic level(Do not despise the day of small things). Even some scientists thought that exploding the first atomic bomb could ignite the atmosphere and destroy the world. After I saw what they were trying to accomplish, alarms started going off. I'm not against what the're doing. I just hope the're doing it right. Hope this makes some sense to you!

I can see why you are paranoid! And hopefully nobody else here knows what the heck you are talking about!

Zerub, you have stuck GOLD with me! I bet his code has been driving you literaly insane all these years? I should know because I was born with this code programmed into my brain like a paradigm! I am in search of "WHY?"

I cannot elaborate about the details of your post above but everything that you mentioned seems to fit accordingly into place. And yes the answers are all there in the Bible Code!

Don't worry about that facility at Berkely, they don't have enought TNT in their brains to blow their noses!

They may be able to manipulate the atoms but basically without the "code" they are up the creek without a paddle! They will never be able to even slide the curtain open let alone open the window!


What in Pete's sake is evrybody talking about here. Personally I don't get the connection from that ignition faculty to the bible - to time travel! To CAT: what is that code you're talking about? WHAT IS THE CONNECTION???? BTW, I get insane sometimes so don't blame me if I don't know what you're talking about and you don't know what I am talking about

What we have here is a dilemma wrapped up in a mystery and surrounded by riddles. When I try to talk about this stuff with my "christian" friends, they are somewhat intrigued but don't want to have to "unlearn" stuff, which is what they need to do.
When I talk about it to my "reasoning" friends, they don't see what the Bible has to do with it. Many, if not most, of the greatest scientists had a deep respect for spiritual things. How could they not when they were discovering what seemed like miracles? Everywhere they looked when looking for the end of finites, all they discovered were infinities both macroscopically and microscopically.

I have no fear that "technology" will be able to discover the codes that are in the Bible. What some are saying on this site is that morality is involved in the concept of time travel. It is a prerequisite. As you said, they couldn't even open the curtain(the one between the Holy and the Most Holy Place of the temple)

As far as keeping it to oneself is involved, I'd like to quote a couple of things from a book written back in 1897. What I like most about it is that it admitted what it didn't know but could glean the facts.

The commentary was on a parenthetical prophecy of Revelation 10 and a part of 11 which was a time between the sounding of the sixth and the seventh angel:

Verse 6 "And the angel...sware...that there should be time no longer.
Verse 7 "But in the days of the seventh angel...the mystery of God should be finished.

He says: "It is no uncalled for solicitude which prompts us to inquire what bearing such events have upon our eternal hopes. Such an act marks an important and solemn era."

Chapter 11:1 "And there was given me a reed like unto a rod...rise and measure the temple of God."
His comments on this are: "Hence we conclude that the measuring rod, taken as a whole, is the special message now given...which embraces the great truths peculiar to this time.

What is this mystery that will bring the space/time/mass/energy to a point of NO TIME? It is none other than the mystery of the "KINGDOM". This is the unlocking of the true ways the universe works--not the mountain of man(Copernicus, Kepler, Newton,Einstein,etc.)--but the Mountain of God which will break all other kingdoms and will be the rule of LAW. Zerubbabel will make this mountain a plain. As an incidental he will bring the hearts of the fathers back to the children and the hearts of the children back to the fathers.

The book of Matthew says that there will be wars and rumors of wars, pestilence, earthquakes, etc--but the end is not yet. Not until the gospel of the KINGDOM is preached to the whole world.
It may not be me who does it or you, but it must be done--and it will be. The whole creation groaneth as a woman in travail. Everybody wants to get out of here(out of time, another time, another planet--whatever). This is the tribulation, man, and we have to endure it and get it done. Do you believe it? Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit sayeth the Lord to Zerubbabel. Come, let us reason together.


I am somebody you can talk to, but we really shouldn't be talking about this on this site. Do you have a email address I can correspond to you? After all I am here to "DEMOTE" Time Travel not to promote it and give its secrets away!


You can contact me on AOL Instant Messenger. My name is:
sonofbabylon56. I've been holding back for years because I didn't want any notoriety. At least on instant messenger I can control some of the input and who contacts me. My privacy is important, but I have a strong feeling that it is about to end. I knew it would end sometime, but I'm not ready yet.
I'm sorry Zerub I have decided to decline on corresponding with you. I remain reserved at the present moment.

If I so happen to change my mind. I will contact "you" with my email address.

I know you mean well Zerub, I just have to protect my own interests.

But we can continue to chat here as long as the conversation remains benign.


I have reconsidered. I tried to get in contact with you on AOL instant messanger all weekend and was unsuccesfull.

But I can leave you with some interesting information that I came accross about Ezekial and the prediction of September 11th.

Ezekiel received his prophecy on Tuesay May 17th, Sivan 1, 587 BC.

From this date until Tuesday September 11th 2001 are exactly 945,000 days.

945,000 days is 1290 + 1335 years (360 days in a year of the prophetic calendar.)

1290 + 1335 = 2625 times 360 days = 945,000 days.
1290 + 1335 are the two numbers given by the prophet Daniel.

945,000 days is 1000 times the numbers of days of the siege of Jerusalem and its temple fall.

The prophecy of Ezekiel 31 was given during this siege! 430 days before the temple was burned.

Ezekiel performed a symbolic siege of the city seven years before the actual city fell, (Ezk.4.) He was commanded to lay on his side 390 days and then another 40 ( = 430) "A day for each year", (Ezk.4)

390 days of Ezekiels symbolic siege plus the 945 of the actual totals 13 days.

Also 430 x 3 years is 1290 years and the city fell 1290 years after Israel went into Egypt 430 years. (In Egypt 1876 BC to 1446 BC exudus from Egypt to 586 BC back to Egypt and Babylonian captivity!)

945,000 days has 32,000 lunar cycles plus 21 days.
Both 32,000 (Dan. 8:14) and 21 days (Dan. 10:13 can be shown to be significant.

945,000 days is 7 & 1/2 years times 3 & 1/2 years (times 100.) Solomon's temple took 7 & 1/2 years to build and it took 3 & 1/2 years for it to be rebuilt after it was burned by the Babylonians.

945,000 days is 1260 x 750.

1260 is 360 days x 3 & 1/2 years (Rev. 11:2-3) and has essentially the same meaning as 1290 days.

750 is simply 3/4 of 1000. That is 1260 x 1000 = 1,260,000 days and 945,000.

The 945,000 days from the prophecy of Ezekiel 31 is not by chance but by divine foreknowledge and a warning!


Interesting stuff! I will have to take some time to digest it and share it with some friends. Here's a few things for you:

Ezekiel and Daniel were contemporaries and doubtless knew of each other during the captivity. They are tied together by a key that also ties in Revelation. Chapter 10 of each book has a visitation (man in linen) who some suggest is Christ himself. This marks an extremely important event. A time prophecy was given that dates from 457BC(the decree to rebuild Jerusalem, its political system and its temple). The entire prophecy encompasses 2300 days(years). Of these 70 weeks (of years) were set aside for Israel. Of these 70, 7 was for the rebuilding, and another 62 until the coming of the Messiah. That made 69 weeks and the 70th was for the Messiah. However, he was cut off(crucified) in the midst of the 70th, and his deciples took it to the end of the 70th when Paul and Peter then began to take it to the gentiles. Paul was present at the stoning of Stephen(he may have even initiated it), thus becoming the final rejection of the Jews to the messianic message.

The 2300 days extends to the 1840's where history shows that every modern religious movement began(some false, some true). Some of these are: Russelism(Jehovah's Witnesses), Joseph Smith(Mormonism), Mary Baker Eddy(Christian Scientists), Millerism(Seventh-Day Adventists), etc.

The important part of this prophecy, to me, is the cleansing of the sanctuary at the end of the 2300 years. This had nothing to do with the sanctuary service, per se, but according to the concordance; this was a judicial event which made the study of the sanctuary(Ezekiel's temple) a required event. The study of a temple necessitates the study of the Deity that resides in that temple. The false from the true was to be decided. This, in effect, put God Himself on trial. Other major movements also began around this time such as evolution, totalitarianism, deism, etc. There are many other events which tie in here, not the least being the beast, the image to the beast and the false prophet(3 foul spirits). Perhaps this is something we can discuss further at some time.

I've also changed my mind. My email address is:
[email protected]. Sorry I wasn't around for your instant message. I really beieve that science, time travel, and other subjects are necessary "defences" to be presented on God's behalf at His "trial". Also, the discussion of the 7 thunders needs to be brought out. These "thunders" are none other than the voice of God making proclamations. My study has shown them to be: Incarnation, Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascention. These events contained proclamations by God and reach all time--past and future. Jesus is the ultime time traveler. Perhaps the most important aspect of study is the measuring rod. This I believe is THE message of these troubled times. Ez 4:10--"For who had despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice and shall see the plummet..."

Thanks for the opportunity to share some of these things.
No this is wronmg.

In the year 1994 or so, the group known as the Elders came to contact me through a Mr. Eddie Sosa, due to the fact, that the Angelic Heiarchies did not understand out of time difference between the God Angelic and the God-man heiarchies.

This was strictly an out of time problem, as them compaired to us, as there were some aspects of logic that the Angelic heiarchies did not undersatand in the structial sence, regarding man.

God did not have to place himself on trial, the main problem was that when a society has reached a certain point of development, then this society should be allowed space travel.

There is the father to let go reluctance phenominon, along with the govermential corruption factor, as this realits to allowing space travel additional problem.

God did not have to place himself on trial, only to confer to man, as to what the problem was any more.

This was one, the governmental heiarchies were corrupt, however not necessarily the average man themselves, women included.

Two that it was not man's doing, however the geo-graphical and socio-political situations that Earth based man was stuck in.

So this was not a said moral, however a compression problems, due to overpopulation problems, associated with moral contamination problems, due to high population problems.

When I had talked to Sosa in 1994 or so on the phone, the Elders who were sent on a mission to talk with me, did not, I repeat did not, understand out high population compaction problems, where high population does through contagioun factors, effect any one mass population.

This was a uitlity p[roblem, not one necessarily of morality????????

To get this problem out as realized later on, was very, very inportant to me.However by and large it seems that due to some problem of perception in one way or another, mankind himself through the religious aspect of dogma only, can not even understand the problems of utility based moral contamination.
creedo, would you not agree that over population is the main problem on earth. Is this because of the new age factor that states that there are so many souls wishing to come here and the soul is the main reason for being here and in so being the soul will learn from this experience. I do not think I agree with this concept because they seem to think all pain or any experience is ok. In essence the physical life doesn't matter only the spiritual one which we have no idea even exist. If evolution is a factor we will never get to the end result. I think it is much better to live in the now. There is no time so in truth I am going nowhere, just being . clara
"No this is wronmg.
In the year 1994 or so, the group known as the Elders came to contact me through a Mr. Eddie Sosa, due to the fact, that the Angelic Heiarchies did not understand out of time difference between the God Angelic and the God-man heiarchies."

The whole point of a trial is to appoint "relevant" witnesses. Perhaps these elders are not relevant? Angelic heirarchies don't understand "out of time" situations. Certainly would make the case for a God-man to rectify things. As far as space travel is concerned, man can't do too much damage when he can't even get out of his own neighborhood.

"Thiswas one, the governmental heiarchies were corrupt, however not necessarily the average man themselves, women included.

Two that it was not man's doing, however the geo-graphical and socio-political situations that Earth based man was stuck in."

I agree. Maybe this is why the instructions are designed to confound the wise and leave it to the average man and woman? Fortunately, the dogma is not an absolute must. Nature itself reflects the dogma perfectly. Population is not the problem its made out to be. The problem is putting them together in city-states. Maybe decentralization would be a partial answer. There seems to be some mention of this from the God-man. "When you see the armies encompassing the city--get out of the city."
Maybe this is taken out of context, but it applies.
No this is an answer that will not work.

The sad part of decentralization, is that it only puts off an issue.

The true issue of that of man being let go by formalized governement and all E.T. influences and being able to explore space and socialize with others at his will!

Anything else is only augmentation for others power pourposes and mankind becomes a horribly corrupt issue then.

How this appears now with reference to the God man heiarchies, is by a news flash God is to appear in a Catholic church.

When he appears, news cameras in hand, he lets out a fart, knows this runs off and is embarrased.

Of course at this point realizes that he is inept, so a P.R. agency is hired to say that this fart sound, was an element of wind within the upper rafters of the church.

However the P.R. team, is runs be ex-Nazies and hangs out with Satan at the local drive-in and bombs out passing cars with milkshakes, when the cops are not looking.

This is the mess that current day man finds himself within.

We have had past president that can recall if someone has goiven them felato within the oval office as well as the use of other P.R. firms, which make events somehow through news modulation, appear as if something other than the real truth has occured.

At thirty five years of age, with tall muscular hary legs, curly black hair and a five O'Clock shadown, modern man somehow does not fit back into the silken Blue Boy painiting, which host a innocent little boy, assumeing some of the effegy of the Cracker-Jack box of intent?

This situation reads more like Uncle Hell has his tendrels around the screaming and frightened population, urning to travel elswhere.However preverted pud can only think of it's own proposal of technical sodomey and this is the likes of this realtionship.

With reference to a new and provocative erra, as told in Ike's military industrial complex, we have opened the jar of advanced technology, however like some fiendish monster as portrayed within a horror film, the technocracy leaps out and attaches itself to the head of the intrested?
Before I go editorial notes:

Please note, that some of the portions of organized governement will make you look bad, any way they can.

I had noticed this when I had attempted to sign-in and correct some mispelled words here and I was shot back a message, saying on the screan, "You don't own what you've written here, so you can't edit"!

However please note, that our collective situation is not based upon who looks good or bad.Our collective situation is based upon a utility of design.

This is that we should have had bases on the moon and Mars by now, however due to corruption factos, we do not!??

There is another sayer who waltzes into this section and is also a memeber here.They're initials are P.M. and I won't say after that.

However P.M. it seems, is a salutory brown noser and can edit all that this entity wants to.Why is this that this person can edit and I can't?

It is because organized governemnt wants to help paint the pictures that it only likes to see, not what other truly see of governemnt, when it's on the outs.

The point of issue here is, I'm not even a radical.

I am for a forum of plann and design which will allow mankind to ebrace his neighbors within the cosmose.Not the other alternative of being used as a lab rat based here on government, for eihter government's incompatents, or sadistic needs.

What you are all seeing now with reference to what we as a society are going through now, is a repeating manifold.

This is, the corruptness which was inhearent in the latter part of Atlantis, is now well invested into this culture and this corruption problem is litteraly killing society as we know it.

This I can say without reservation, is what our problem is.

I neither weigh against, or from the issue of the repiublic being so corrupt.As Mark Anthoney would have so eliquently have spoke, however only to point to a new direction, which is as Shakespear had laced the issue, That undiscovered country.

It would be a crule testament in the most foul of dietie's eyes, to have desinged a society, that is so resiprosically morbund, that it regenerates itself and then destroys its own self again, with passion.

This is not moral, this is inaine and the most acreedgious of violations towards all living things, which bear the title humankind.

These markers be...THE SENATE, as was the time of Rome.

Hense forth this date from that forum, The U.S. Congress, The United States Senate and the people's demands from whatever fashion, that logic derived; forth dost goeith as writ.

In our ebbing tide of what is a clear path towards a better tommarow, the plebe who later founds to the station of phylospher, planner and civician, sometimes looses the necessary view of WHAT SOCIETY SHOULD BE, OR SHOULD HAVE BEEN"?!

~~Of what asked for or justafiable imagined pixels doest founded.THEN' a said and supposed path, which justifies our aims and wants?

I can not, for the love of a sweet and mercifull Jeasus answer this question, can anyone else here do justice to this cause?
Mr. Methane (Creedo)

I knew you couldn't rest untill you got your squeek of the week in!

I don't want to hear so much as a mouse fart out of you! Firing your scud missles on this post!

I think your lifes goal is to own a fireworks stand!