BlueStacks to play Android games on Windows


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Hey guys,

I want to share that I sometimes use BlueStacks to play Android games on Windows. It works pretty well, just like a regular Android phone. From what I can see it's not as fast as a phone for a few things, but overall it's good. I don't play tons of games, but it's cool to play some mobile games on your TV or main computer. I also keep it as a virtual backup device for some of my mobile games, in case my phone disconnects from the game and I have trouble logging back in.

Something I didn't think about before trying it, was that those mobile games look HUGE on my 55-inch TV, compared to my 6-inch phone screen, it's pretty impressive.

You can also use just any app available on the Play Store. I only mentioned games, but you can use any app you want.

They're now at version 5, it's way better than before:

Anyone else knows or uses BlueStacks?

I've tried this before and it works great! If your computer can run a game, it can run BlueStacks. What sort of games do you play that caused you to want to try this?
Right now I'm playing Asphalt 9. For some reason, it's available for both PC and Android, but the save system isn't cross-platform. On PC you can only log in using Xbox. On Android, you can only log in using Google. But... why?

So since my account is on Google, I figured I'd use BlueStacks to play it on my computer.