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\"Breaking Out From The Gravity Well\"...

--- Hyperdrive Hyperfast Travel & Warp Drives. ---

In Star Trek, the USS Enterprise is powered by what is called a
"warp drive" and at the moment only Paramount Pictures know its

But new, highly mathematical research may have brought us one step
closer to being able to explore the Universe in a starship capable of
travelling faster than the speed of light.

The analysis of the concept of a warp drive by Chris Van Den Broeck
of the Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium means that building a
starship Enterprise is a little closer.

The fabric of space

Dr Van Den Broeck was reanalysing ground-breaking calculations made
five years ago by Mexican mathematician Miguel Alcubierre.

Science fiction becoming science fact?
Alcubierre said that it was possible to imagine how a warp drive
would work by distorting the fabric of space. Starships would ride
along waves in so-called spacetime, like surfers do along waves in
the sea.

The idea relies on the concept that, to physicists, space is not
empty. Strange as it may seem, space has a shape that can be
distorted by matter. In fact the force of gravity is actually due to
the curvature of space - recognising that was the greatest triumph of
Albert Einstein's career.

So you could use matter to distort the space around a starship to
create a "ripple" in spacetime.

The starship would have to be microscopically small on the outside
but large enough on the inside to carry passengers, just like the
Tardis in the British sci-fi series, Dr Who.

'Warp bubble'

Miguel Alcubierre came up with the idea of expanding the space behind
a starship and contracting it in front of it. The starship would rest
in a "warp bubble" between the two spacetime distortions. The result
would be a wave in spacetime along which the starship would surf.

Van Den Broeck: "It's possible in principle"
It was a fantastic idea. There would be no limit to the velocity that
a starship could attain. It could travel faster than the speed of
light because the starship would, strictly speaking, be stationary in
the space of its warp bubble.

Also, the starship and its crew would be weightless and would
therefore not be crushed by the enormous G-forces of acceleration and

What's more, the passage of time inside the warp bubble would be the
same as that outside it. The crew would not suffer from
Einstein's "time dilation" effect where time passes at different
rates for people travelling at different speeds.

The time dilation effect means that anyone travelling to the stars at
speeds approaching that of light would experience a journey of a few
years. But when they came back to Earth they would find that
thousands of years had passed and all their friends were long dead.

Massive energies

Alcubierre's idea was a good one, but his work seemed to suggest that
building a warp bubble would be impossible in practice. More energy
than the entire universe could supply would be needed to create the
spacetime distortions.

However, Dr Van Den Broeck's analysis suggests a far lower amount of
energy is required, reduced by a factor of one followed by 62 zeros.

This is not to say that it is time to go out and start building a
warp drive. As Dr Van Den Broeck says in his forthcoming paper in
General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology: "This does not mean that
the proposal is realistic."

Building a warp drive is currently far beyond our technological
abilities and there are severe theoretical arguments that say it may
never be possible.

But it just might be. Dr Van Den Broeck concludes his analysis by
saying, "The first warp drive is still a long way off but maybe it
has now become slightly less improbable."

[Courtesy of BBC News Online -
Article Posted by Science Editor Dr David Whitehouse]

Below is the original text of the article written in 1994. This will
become an important historical document, IMHO. (Note that the
illegible symbols in the text are remnants from the source (a LaTeX
document) and relate primarily to formatting and equation codes. They
will be eliminated and replaced with the appropriate values in the
near future. The author has been contacted for a copy of the original
document. Stay tuned.)


"Class Quant Grav 11 (1994) 73-77 ISSN 0264-9381"

The Warp Drive: Hyper-Fast Travel Within General Relativity

Miguel Alcubierre
Class. Quantum Grav. 11 (1994), L73-L77.

It is shown how, within the framework of general relativity and
without the introduction of wormholes, it is
possible to modify a spacetime in a way that allows a spaceship to
travel with an arbitrarily large speed. By a
purely local expansion of spacetime behind the spaceship and an
opposite contraction in front of it, motion faster than the speed of
light as seen by observers outside the disturbed region is possible.
The resulting distortion is reminiscent of the ``warp drive'' of
science fiction. However, just as it happens with wormholes, exotic
matter will be needed in order to generate a distortion of spacetime
like the one discussed here.

We see then that, just as it happens with wormholes, one needs exotic
matter to travel faster than the speed of light. However, even if one
believes that exotic matter is forbidden classically, it is well
known that quantum field theory permits the existence of regions with
negative energy densities in some special circumstances (as, for
example, in the Casimir effect~\cite{DeWitt}). The need of exotic
matter therefore doesn't necessarily eliminate the possibility of
using a spacetime distortion like the one described above for hyper-
fast interstellar travel. As a final comment, I will just mention the
fact that even though the spacetime described by the metric~(\ref
{final_metric}) is globally hyperbolic, and hence contains no closed
causal curves, it is probably not very difficult to construct a
spacetime that does contain such curves using a similar idea to the
one presented here. \vspace{10mm}

The author wishes to thank Bernard F. Schutz and Gareth S. Jones for
many useful comments.

(More available)

--- Research on Electromotive Force, the CIA and T.T. Brown. ---

In UFO drive systems the field effect can be manipulated by the craft
so as to effect electrical system not directly connected to the
vehicle, causing these systems to fail.

The effect is described by the dictionary description of
electromotive force as: A field which can energize external
circuits." Much like the way Active Radar defeating systems opperate
by matching the radar energy and canceling it out, an electromotive
system can match the frequency of external circuits and cancel out
there operation or energize them to a blow out level. UFO's have long
establishe this ability and demonstrated this effect. So it serves
that they operate on an electromotive force, at least in part.

The Early work of Tomas Townsend Brown was classified by the
Government. He demonstrated that His Electrokinetic Transducers
operated of a principle that was up until that time unknown. By
placing his Transducers in a vacuum.

He proved that it was not operating on electrostatic wind but was an
entirely different and more powerful force.

All of the Patents awarded to T.T. Brown were assigned (sold to) The
Whitehall Rand Corp. now defunked, it served as a CIA cover company
to obtain this technology and use it for clandestine vehicles. Which
just happened to be around the early 1950's. A time well known in
history as one of the most significant flap periods in our history.
The coincidence of timing is astounding. While this is by no means
the answer to all of the UFO's spotted in our skies. It is probably
the reason for a lot of them. Our Government is now coming clean in a
round about way, but they still spend Billions of our tax dollars on
technology they know good and well will never get us very far in the
universe. At the same time they spend more money on a dual and secret
space program. This is under the Guise of National Security. The
truth is they are protecting their exclusive use of this technology
until they can get far enough ahead of the rest of us so they can
maintain control over us and our resources. They have effectively
stopped any private attempts to duplicate there efforts in the
private sector. Starting many years ago.

In this area of effect I am reminded of the Colorado Springs Project
done by Tesla. In this experiment Tesla pumped power into the Earth
at the Earth's resonance frequency, then he received a return stroke.

He then amplified the return stroke and returned in to the Earth, he
then received another more exponentially powerful return stroke. This
operation kept going until he had such electrical pressure built up
that he could not contain the energy. He then released the energy
blowing out conventional power systems for a 100 mile radius.

This left the whole area without power for some time, demonstrating
clearly that the two systems could not be operated at the same time.

In Jacques Vallee's book "Passport to Magonia" actor Stuart Whitman
was reported to state that he witnessed 2 UFO craft during the great
blackout of Nov. 8th 1965 and further stated that he heard them
exclaim in english that the blackout was a demonstration.

That started me thinking about my physics training. Electromotive
Force is described as that field which can drive current into
external circuits. So if the UFO's Drive system is electromotive, it
follows that the theory of electrohydrodynamic field effect is a
correct model.

So what we are seeing is not as advanced as some science fiction
writers, and UFO true believers would have us believe. It is known in
electrohydrodynamic drive theory that an electostatic charge can push
away the air in front of the ship,creating a relative vacuum for the
ship to fall into, since the air pressure behind the ship is greater
than pressure in front of the ship, the craft moves into the area of
vacuum because it is the path of least resistance.So the engines need
not be all that powerful, as they would have to be to propel the ship
against solid atmosphere. They only have to be strong enough to
propel it into this area of relative vacuum.

This would only require magnetic field levels which can easily be
archived by modern methods as I have show in my book. By matching the
Earth's magnetic field then pumping it at it's resonance frequency,
the ship will receive a return stroke from the Earthwhich is strong
enough to propel it into the relative vacuum created by the
electromotive force created by the electrostatic charge on the
surface of the ship. The two fields when crossed at 90% creates a
Lorenz force pushing the ship away from the greater force excerpting
body "the Earth's field"

So with easily achievable power levels and easily archived Super
conductive magnetic field levels we can expect craft which can
archive escape velocity from the gravity well of our planet. They
should be able to carry a good sized payload into space as well.With
the Taylor engine for example, when combined with the
electrohydrodynamic model should be able to carry a payload of 50
tons into space.

That is all for now, more to come in my next article.

---Michael Unum
Advanced Research Projects

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*The Alternate View columns of John G. Cramer
And The Alcubierre Warp Drive by John G. Cramer
"The theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre was born in Mexico City,
where he lived until 1990 when he traveled to Cardiff in the UK to
enter graduate school at the University of Wales. He received his PhD
from that institution in 1993 for research in numerical general
relativity, solving Einstein's gravitational equations with fast
computers. He continues to work in this field, devising numerical
techniques for describing the physics of orbiting black holes that
spin down to collision."

*Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity
Notes From: Alan D. Sokal , Department of Physics at New York
University November 28, 1994 - (Last Revised on May 13, 1995)

*World Space Drives
Space Drives (i.e. non-rocket type aerospace propulsion engines) is a
descriptive term, invented by Arthur C. Clarke, to denote a wished-
for rocket propulsion system replacement. Space Drive Fiction became
commonplace as SF-writers embraced this non-rocket space drive
concept, and have been using them for years in their stories (i.e.
jetless drives, gravitic drives, inertial drives, warp drives, etc).
Consider the CITIES IN FLIGHT series by James Blish, or the Lee
Correy novel STAR DRIVER, etc. Experimenters/inventors/theorists, and
even some scientists, have been trying to develop the non-rocket
space drive concept to real hardware, as far back as the 193O's. In
the 196O's John W. Campbell, editor of Analog Sci-Fi magazine,
championed the Dean Space Drive and then Davis Mechanics. In later
years an Analog Editoral introduced Prof. Eric R. Laithwaite and his
Gyro-Thrust device.

*StarDrive Engineering and Warp Drive
The patented StarDrive Field Generator developed by Archer
Enterprises may soon make true interstellar travel possible, as the
world's first real reactionless electric field warp drive.
Sponsored by: http://www.stardrivedevice.com

*American Antigravity
Tim Ventura's collection of Lifter technology and several other areas
of EM Propulsion, including: - Lifter technology (video, photos,
explanations) complete plans and parts guides - The Hutchinson
Effect - Mark Tomion's StarDrive - Hovertech's Ion-Containment
Device - Unitel NW's MQT StarDrive Device - Deseversky's 1950's
Ionocraft Tests - Applied Electrogravitics Beamship Tests - Prof.
Fran De Aquino's System-G Gravity-Shield to various others like the
Betavoltaic Isotopic Power-Cell Devices & etc.

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*NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program HOME-PAGE
Rogers, Adam, "Department of Warp Drive and Wormholes", in Newsweek,
p.12, (August 31, 199. Greenwald, Jeff, "To Infinity...
Also Note that this program supposedly was "cancelled" or scrubbed!
makes one wonder if this is truly so, or did it simply go underground?

*Vasant Corp. "Spinwave Technology"
Gravity break through!
electromagnetism link found from study of anomalous energy sources

Warp Drive
The characteristics of Warp Drive that make it a unique and useful
reagent are as follows/ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif Rapid and complete cell lysis at room
temperature Flexible lysate storage: RNA is stable at ambient ...


*Hunter's Information Highway
Top Secret projects including anti-gravity, etc.

*Underground ScienceZ!
By:Justin Szymanek

* "The Antigravity Papers" - They All Told The Truth!
I'm very pleased to announce the publishing of my NEW book! It based
upon a new form of physics which links together three diverse
antigravity researchers, by showing that they are all playing with
the SAME thing, being like the three sides of a "3-sided" coin!
Readers of my book will gain a complete, easy understanding about
antigravity, in general, and will see the many ways to build working
antigravity devices. To learn about this 700 pages, packed mega-book,
with tons of illustrations, Please visit my website.
---Rick Crandall

*100 Anti Gravity links from the website of one of our own TAP-TEN
Member Associates, Bill Hamilton of "Skywatcher" Skywatch
International Inc.
"Thanks for collecting these Bill !

*A Compilation of Anti-Gravity Articles And References
With apologies for not fixing the equations or symbols. Someone send
me the replacement text, and I will fix it! These 5 articles are
included in this file below...

Delta UFO, " The Descent", ©1996, 1997, Dave Kauble. posted on Deb's
UFO Research Information Clearinghouse, January 12, 1997 ...

It sounds like something from The X-Files, but levitation is raising
eyebrows--and interest at NASA

*Antgrav Research Links2
The Parr Gravity Wheel Experiment, The Gravity Wheel, Gravity Car
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electrical energy and transforming ether electricity, Structural
Shape and Design of a UFO, Making a wimshurst electro static
generator, Electrical Current Generator including Torque Reducing
Countermagnetic Field, Sonic Levitation, High Frequency generator,
Apparatus for transmission of electrical energy, The Hubbard Energy
Transformer by Gaston Burridge, A motor operated by radio waves, Some
Improvement in the construction of electro magnets, Hydrogen Fuel
generator, Marko Rodin's on his unusual coil design, An Ion
electrical generator, Your Car can run on water using this device
without pollution, Making your own electrostatic machine, Water
Powered Motors, FREE - GEET Multi-Fuel Conversion Plans updated, Very
detailed Indian Research Paper on some perpetual motion observations,
Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy-Replenishing
from the Active Vacuum...

*Anti-Gravity Machine (Eugene Podkletnov)
Henry P. Dart, III From: NEN, Vol. 4, No. 7, November 1996, pp. 7-8.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1996 by Fusion Information Center,
Inc. COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission. ALL ...

*AntiGravity Article From: "Scientific American"
(By: Mark Connolly) I have recently heard reports of a researcher
claiming to have produced anti-gravity effects using a spinning,
superconducting disk. Is there any theoretical basis to support the
existence of anti-gravity or of some method of shielding out gravity?

*Antigravity News And Space Drive Technology
A new bi-monthly newsletter (began in July 1997) that focuses on the
theory, devices, and results of anti-gravity research. A serious

*Antigravity and Propelantless propulsion researches
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*BAe's anti-gravity research, By: James Meek, science correspondent
BAe's anti-gravity research braves X-Files ridicule, Serious Progress
Hinted In Secret Anti-Gravity Projects . The military wing of the hi-
tech conglomerate BAe Systems took the Podkletnov experiment so
seriously that it has launched an anti-gravity research programme,
Project Greenglow. If the technology could be made to work it would
make existing forms of transport obsolete.

*Beamed Energy Lifters
(From another outstanding TAP-TEN Member & Associate!)
Robert Patterson's Yahoo! egroups forum, A Project that grew out of a
desire to develop self contained gravitic technology.

*Robert A. Patterson's "Quantum Electro-Gravitics"
Vortex Implosion Based Propulsion Systems and Advanced
Aeronautical/Space Energy Concepts. Robert, (to everyone unfamiliar
with his works), is probably the most important Discovery on Vortex &
Gravitic Science in

*Robert Cook's Inertial Propulsion
[US Patent #4238968]- Robert Cook Makes new Breakthrough! After
conducting several months of experiments on a new clean energy
source, Robert Cook has solved the last problem that was preventing
the new system¡¯s success. Sometime before the end of 2004 this new
system will be presented to the world. It will be a revolutionary
invention. The CIP engine has also been successfully tested on a
Cavendish Torsion Pendulum. Several months of testing on the pendulum
proves that the engine is producing a unidirectional, internal,
reactionless force. The scientific community wanted the system tested
on a regular swinging pendulum, but this could not be done because
the system as constructed only produces an impulse and not a constant
force. The torsion pendulum proves the same thing that a test on a
swing pendulum does. This system will eventually produce a constant
force and will be able to levitate but this will require a 12 to 16
rotor unit. The test model only has 2 rotors, that is why it can only
produce an impulse and not a constant force. Many scientists and
engineers that have seen the pendulum tests have declared it a big
success. Many have admitted they would not have believed it if they
hadn¡¯t seen for themselves what the unit can do.

*TR-3B Antigravity Physics Explained
By : John Kooimanv - To be correct, I probably should say, "TR-3B
Antigravity Physics Explained, insofar as General Relativity can be
considered an explanation for gravity." Many readers of this list are
probably already familiar with Edgar Fouche's description of the
USA's Top Secret TR-3B triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace
craft. If not, read about it here:

*The Black-Triangle E-Group
We Are Unique - In That We Link Military Aviation ('Spotters') & Mil-
Airband (Radio-Scanner) Enthusiasts, With UFO Researchers & The Groom
Lake / Area51 'Interceptors'. We Are Searching For Answers To The
Many Questions Raised By Sightings Reports Of Triangular, Stealthy &
Unknown Flying Craft.

*David Hamel Connection
More related information about Hamel and his antigravitic
research. "Here are web links that are directly or indirectly related
to David Hamel. Hope it will help you to know more about this man and
maybe give you the desire to experiment yourself this wonderful
technology. This is by no means a complete list !

*The World Of David Hamel
New Website!

*The Gravitational Spacecraft from Fran De Aquino
Warping to the deep space...created on March 21th, 2000 - JLN Labs -
Last update April 20th, 2000 (CAD Photos included)

*The Gravity Shielding Experiment: from "Chris Hardeman"
created on February 4th, 2001 - JLN Labs - February 26th, 2001 ...All
informations in this page are published free and are intended for
private/educational purposes and not for commercial applications.

*The Rise and Fall of the "Anti-Gravity Machine"
By: D. Trull

*The Thomas Townsend Brown Early Warped Ideas
Early Warped Ideas By Dan McCosh (04,2001)...The man who would later
invent the flying saucer was a student at Caltech in 1923, when he
first began espousing his theory of gravitation. But the world of
conventional physics wasn't quite ready for the ideas of Thomas
Townsend Brown, who told his classmates that gravity was a positive
force that permeates space, a force that could be directed by high-
voltage electricity. At a time when rocket science itself was in its
infancy, he speculated that this could be the basis of an
interstellar space drive free of the limitations of conventional
rockets. It didn't help when the popular press of the day quickly
embraced his ideas, while the establishment at Caltech ridiculed

*The Thomas Townsend Brown Website
Thomas Townsend Brown, an American physicist, was a leader in
developing theories concerning the link between electromagnetic and
gravitational fields theorized by Dr. Albert Einstein. He advanced
from theory to application with the development of solid and disc-
shaped apparatuses which are believed to have created and utilized
temporary, localized gravitational fields.

*Dr. Jaynes New Science
Dedicated to research in Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, and New Science.

*Experimental Research of the Magnetic-Gravity Effects
by V. V. Roschin ( [email protected] ) & S. M. Godin (
[email protected] ) Please Note: [ This file is reproduced by
courtesy of Alex Frolov: http://alexfrolov.narod.ru ]

*GCT - "The Future Of Flight"
Victor Rozsnyay - (Founder and CEO) Gravity Control Technologies was
founded by 3 Hungarian individuals with financing provided by Joe
Firmage. Over the course of the last 3 years, since GCT was
established, many people have worked for the project. Gravity Control
Technologies is an evolutionary research and experimental body
devoted to achieving 100% propellantless propulsion technology for
flight. We work on 6 different research fields which have the
potential of providing a number of different technological
breakthroughs...nuclear physics, quantum physics, plasma physics,
temperature independent superconductivity, Zero Point Fields physics
and information physics. Over the course of the last 15 years we have
established a comprehensive theoretical framework with makes all of
these technological innovations possible. - We are now seeking
financing to build technology demonstrator equipment for each of
these fields as part of our Phase I Unmanned Prototype development
effort. Note: Interested parties should contact us through email at

Gravity Control Technologies is a privately held aerospace research
firm developing technological breakthroughs based on Zero Point
Energy Field physics, specially manufactured BEC superconductors and
Information Physics. Our company was founded in 1999 by three
Hungarian natives, with funding provided by Joe Firmage, former CEO
of USWeb, Intend Change and the International Space Sciences
Organization. Initial exploratory work on technological feasibility
was conducted in the United States in 1998. When promising results
were achieved we relocated to Hungary where available funding could
be spent more efficiently. Laboratory facilities were rented and set
up at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences owned Central Research
Institute for Physics and scientists recruited to help implement our
research program. In addition to the chemistry research meant to
synthesize the special superconductors, a plasma physics research
group was also established to pursue an alternative method aimed at
producing weight reduction, and to demonstrate initial gravity
control properties. Both groups have been able to demonstrate what we
believe are significant milestones towards the success of GCT
initiatives. To date over USD 1,200,000 has been invested in the
development effort. We have been able to establish a comprehensive
theoretical framework to illustrate how and why the control of
gravity for flight can be accomplished. Some experimental results
have also been achieved. Based on this work GCT is in the process of
seeking additional funding to build demonstration units of all the
technologies we believe are possible based on the understanding of
Zero Point Field physics. This web site was built to introduce our
work to as wide an audience as possible in hope of finding a financier
(s) who can help us reach the next step in our development program.
[On June 6th we applied to become an X-PRIZE team.]