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Gibbs Projects

i'm surprised that gibbs isn't the main topic of conversation on this board. he has designed or at least has many designs for time portals, hdr's (mini philidelphia project) and radionics in his catalogue. when i bought the hdr plans from him (within the last 2-3 years) he lived in clearwater nebraska and had no computer or email. he did have his phone number and called to ask him some questions, i left a message and he called back. we talked about an hour on his dime. he was really into (amathyst)crystals, pyramids, and greys. he suggested to always have holywater and/or pestaside around because the hdr is a beacon for greys. i called him a week later as i was constructing the hdr and had more questions i needed answered to help me finish up the hdr. he had absolutely no recollection of our conversation from a week before. he told me that he was from another dimension and he can hop to other dimensions and universes spontainously without any effort or time travel equipment. at that point i decided the poor sap must have fried his brain using the hdr. completely coo coo for cocoa puffs! that is when i decided to put the hdr experiment on ice until i get more info on people's success, or lack thereof.
just thought i would bring this jewel of a post back to the top since there is a new post asking about gibbs.
Gibbs has heen at his TT biz for 20 years. And my guess is that he was "coo coo for coco puffs" back then too. I'm not saying his stuff doesn't work, I'm saying that if it *does* "work", one troubles are just beginning.

TTers need to work in groups to keep an eye on one another.
No one person is going to know enough to stay clear of trouble.
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85771 515th Ave.

Clearwater, Nebraska 68726-5253


(402) 893-3809