"The future ain't what it used to be."

Has anyone actually BUILT anything?


OK, I'm guilty; I bought the book on "antigravity", there was NO info on Brown's dialectric experiment; but the "precession-rectifier" is stupidly simple. I bought the parts --- and there they sit on my bench. Intuition tells me "it's never gonna work"; but there's the nagging doubt, (as Guy Pearcy said), "What if?"

Possessing multiple lasers in various frequencies, alas none of them are high power or highly collimated. And I lack the mathematics of physics to investigate the possibility of "maximum energy density for conventional spacetime"; I was wondering if there is a threshold beyond which the optical flux will actually tear a hole in conventioaal space? I'm thinking in terms of a laser-fired, "spatial injector" for entering "HYPERSPACE", the same edge-to-the-Universe that a black hole presents (but of course without the nasty gravity problem).

It would help to properly MODEL hyperspace (or subspace, depending on which way you're standing), so that the ejection (exit) will occur in a known location.
(Hmmm; exitting in an unknown location --- that might make a good TV show!)

I'm just wondering if there are any physicists lurking here who have actually TRIED experiments, high-energy light (or tesla-field), etcetera?