"The future ain't what it used to be."

"I'm Back"


\"I\'m Back\"

Disreguard everything I said in the past. The future is peacefull in the realm of Guardia thanks to the work of three young time-warriors: Crono, Marle and Lucca. They travelled back in time to the year 1999 when Lavos destroyed our planet. They vanquished this foe with powerfull artifacts obtained from the rainbow shell.

After the defeat of Lavos peace reigned for a while. Unfortuantely, because they defeated Lavos in the year 1999 the beast was able to forsee his own death and created a fail-safe known as 'Project Kid'. To cut a long story short, the whole reality that had been saved was 'trashed' into the Dead Sea and replaced with a new reality where Janus and a small army of other creatures and people weilding the power of elements freed Schala from Lavos's control and brought peace yet again to our planet. Sadly only Janus could remember the whole thing and Schala went on a hunt through time and space to find him. Her success on this is unknown.

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