"The future ain't what it used to be."

John Titor?...Hmmmm

RE: John Titor?...Hmmmm, prove it?

If you were a said John Titor and you had (blank), wrong with your General Electric Time Displacement unit, becaue of a quantum (blank), (blank) would have said, go to(blank) and pick up the, (blank) that you need.

This chore of getting, (blank) back to where youi belong is best done this way, rather than going to larger (blank) houses, as it is less likly to attract attention of the (blank).

(blank) said that you might have to (blank) a few (blank), however the (blank) should work pretty well.

At this time the state of (blank) is not really looking for a person such as you, so I'm sure by going to (blank) that you can get the parts you need, in order to get home?

How long ago was this said and did John Titor, also ask about the (blank) equation and was this answered?

Go ahead, if you know John Titor like you say you do, there should not be a single blank, that you can not fill in?

However even if you do answer all the questions, insinuaiting a said hoax, this does still not cover dualities within the cosmose, where even mythical actions, are coppied or shared by other realites.

So in essence, no hoax is really deflaited or exposed.

RE: John Titor?...Hmmmm, prove it?

So what are the things that you found that make him credible in your eyes.
RE: John Titor?...Hmmmm, prove it?


I think that Mike is pulling your leg. He made a reference on his web site to the effect that those who wait for General Elctric to build a time machine would never time travel.

Here's what he posted on my board:

Darby: I take it, from your TT site, that you believe John Titor to be a fraud, i.e. that those who wait for G.E. to build a time machine will never time travel?

Frater (Mike): I don't really know who he is, but if a famous company built a machine...

He said then that he doesn't know who John Titor is.

(AS OF 7.6.02)

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posted July 03, 2002 10:44
Darby wrote,
"How is this done? That is, how is creating an exact duplicate accomplished? The problem of "exact duplicates" is central to Special Relativity."
It's all done in the Temple I work in. I'm not a scientist, but I am a Magus. You'd be amazed at the stuff I could do in Ritual.
Exactly how the 'mechanics' of it can be explained...I have really *no clue*. I won't lie to you. Heck, I could go copy-n-paste a bunch of stuff off the web, but I won't. Honesty is best here. The Mind is the best machine we will ever own. And, that...is Truth.
posted July 04, 2002 02:43
I'll offer you the same task as offered to Zikan on his thread, "Time Travel". Whether etheric or physical, information gained on a TT venture is still information.
Care to take up the gauntlet and offer up the NY Times Online 6-July articles by 10:00 on the 4th?
As I told Zikan, there's no need to explain how it was done just so long as it is done and accurate (verbatim). T
posted July 04, 2002 10:37
What's in it for me?
What do I win?
Those who choose not to believe, would never believe no matter how accurate I call it.
Believe this or not, I get an average of 35-50 E-Mails daily, mostly from people whose respect I 'already earned' and consider me credible.
Besides -I've contributed enough already to cyberspace.
So...Nahhhh, that's okay, I'll pass.
If I had a personal motive, *WILL*, it be no problem,,,but I don't, so I won't.
Thanks for the offer though.
***But hey, please don't lump me together with them 'Zeta' flakes.
Even I have to draw the line somewhere.
(with nothing to prove)
posted July 05, 2002 18:34
Unfortunately that's exactly the reply that I expected.
What's in it for you? I don't know - nothing, I presume. Though I assume that being believed has to be at least some small part of the motivition for any proclaimed TT's postings.
This board's existence is based on the exploration of time travel. We've called for time travelers to step up to the dish and knock our socks off.
Many have been called - none have chosen to serve.
I asked the original question of you in the same form that I have asked each proclaimed time traveler who has come after John Titor. They've all made their claim but when asked to perform a simple and innocuous task they have offered a polite back door exit. I suppose that one difference between Titor and those who have followed is that Titor said right up front, "I don't care if you believe me." He went on to say that he preferred that he wasn't believed.
The offer still stands - only the dates need be changed.
I guess that a valid question for you would be: What is it that we should take from your story that sets it apart from the general class of "I am a Time Traveler" stories and makes it any more plausible than the rest?
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posted July 05, 2002 19:02
I may have a way to 'prove' something.
If you lived around my local area, I could easily take you in an experiment and show you. However, this being cyberspace, I still maybe able to.
I hinted to this once before in a prior post about 90 degree angles. I can reach out to a person, depending on how 'attuned' they are. I take a risk, though, because karmically, if I 'tweak you', and something goes wrong, like you suffer a nervous breakdown, it's bad for me. But if you are interested in a cyberspace partial demonstration, I will work along with anybody who is daring enough.
Basically, it goes like this. We both log on sametime. The other person and myself will be on a chat program, sametime. I will tweak up the other person's electro-magnetic field, and start doing a process to them that fails to be put in words. Basically, you will feel energy rising upwards, and you may get dizzy, colors and sound distortion...and then, from there,,,who knows?
Anybody up to the challenge? It will be my choice who I pick, as I get to know them in a general sense.
Being most of my conversations on this board ranged between you and Pamela, I would think it be one of you two. Or maybe both, sametime. One current picture of the person is necessary, preferably showing front face and torso. I'll do the rest.
Sounds deceiving, but don't take it lightly. Again, I won't claim responsibility if something goes wrong.
Let me know. Can't say I didn't try, right?
posted July 05, 2002 22:31
One thing to take into consideration in the experimental design that you proposed is "subject prejudice".
By revealing the expected result to the target audience you've soured the experiment. You have no control by which to filter out "effect", "noise" or "placebo effect." If the experimentee knows what you expect as a result they will either try to help you (false positive) or resist you (false negative) even if its at the subconscious level.
See the thread "Cargo Cult Science" for a review of experimental design.
Please don't take this post to mean that I doubt the sincerity of your offer. I don't. I believe that your offer is honest - it's just the experimental design that is faulty.
posted July 06, 2002 10:20
Oh no, you have no clue what will transpire.
LOL, I don't either!
What I mentioned are just the side effects, i.e., symptoms of the operation itself. I haven't revealed anything about the 'actual result'. Reason being, I myself can't guarantee what may happen, thus my claim of 'no responsibility'.
If you want proof, then I can give it. Now the ball is in your corner. I am trying my friend. You may never get this chance again, from anyone, from anywhere.
Remember, I never said I was a 'time traveler'. I am a Magus who can perform 'time travel', just like I can do healing, and 'other stuff'
Again, I leave the ball in your corner...
posted July 06, 2002 18:29
I'm not saying that I know what will transpire. But you stated an effect that you expect or have witnessed in the past.
In any case, this board is about time travel and not general magic with a time travel possibility as a side issue. I offered a time travel experiment, which is on topic. Because I've made no claim one way or the other as to what I can or can't do, I have no ball and no court for the ball to roll upon.
The topic is Time Travel.
posted July 06, 2002 20:08
Hmmm..it seems that the thread is being hijacked to another site.
I'm locking the thread and opening a new Disguise of Time thread. COntinue the discussion on that thread while I confer with the System Administrator re. pirating of the thread.
OK - I've locked the original thread. It seems that Mr. Frater has taken it upon himself to link his web page to that thread. Every post is instantly dumped onto his web site.
Olav, Rick & I are not here to promote his web site. If he wants to paraphrase posts from Anomalies.net on his board that's quite alright. Hijacking the entire thread isn't.
I think that I detect a troll here.
You folks can continue the original thread here.
< July 06, 2002, 20:01: Message edited by: Darby >
Seems sort of childish...doesn't it?
The man asked for proof...I was courteous, and was willing to provide 'proof'.
Darby felt he had no choice other than trying to 'black-ball' me, and try to ruin my credibility by calling me a 'Troll' and saying I hijacked the 'Thread'.
PIRATE? lol!
I hijacked nothing. I copied a portion of the thread to show how the debate went. That is a public message board, and half the posts were mine anyway.
I did some checking up on Darby and I believe him to be a DISINFO. GOVERNMENT AGENT . Darby does NOT really want proof. He wants to try and discredit those who CAN PROVIDE PROOF.
That's the reason I put the Thread here, so he couldn't make it 'disappear' like he had done in the past.
Well Folks, I Tried.
I have been approached and asked to prove myself.
I offered to do just that.
When it came to "Put Up or Shut Up"...


RE FraterOO, somewhere in the midwest:

Yes' we were all warned that disinformation would come to this media, as the computer and internet on this planet, was a new media.

Of course, there would be attempts to bend its use to the rich and powerful, which you say, Mr. Devonshire is a part of the disinformation scheme of things.

This is an old and outmoded way of doing things, as of course this not only reflects on Devonshire, but Donaldson as well, as they are both prininted as being ex-mil intel as well.

There are tidbits of information passed back from the future, such as some of the Drack continum won't get the hint that Earth is a fragile habitat and try to subvert and militarily conquer, as well?

I should say that Mr. Donalson and Devonshire both should have their escape plans well in order, as when these occurance do happen, how will they face these issues?

Well of course you know that Mr. Devonshire will don his kilt, sword in hand and directly affront the Dracks to face him in armed combat!

I mean they are only four hundred pounds, warriors themselves and like to eat human children.

The second item they forgot to tack onto the attage that today's web is like the wild west with no sheriff, is that this planet does not only have an appointed offworld ambassador posted to it, but the cronies that be, don't want one.

They want to see in future time, those like Mr. Devonshire and Donaldson running down the street, screaming at the Dracks chaseing them, "Oh please don't eat me!Maybe we can talk this over and reach some kind of agreement"?

There was a waitress who had worked at a small caffea near Madigan Army Hospital who swore, that while she was serving customers, that Army personel who was sitting at the counter, for a spit second, had changed into a reptilian and the rapidly back to a human, before anyone else had noticed.

It is said that this process strips the bioplasim off of humans, so that their bodies can be used as costumes of sorts?

I wonder what Darby is being paied for this duty?A Partick Henry sallery?

Also both the posters on this board, that go by the CAT and TTA handle, as they too have subverted and ka'nived in ways that are certainly not internet web protocols acceptable?

TTA, CAT and Darby all seem to fight online, however I think that these beings, if you call them that, are all indeed birds of a feather, all paid to do the same thing?!

All I can say, is poster to this board beware...
RE: RE FraterOO, somewhere in the midwest:


You are wrong about me!

I am not any sort of interceptor! I am a freelance simply sharing my knowledge!

I am a knight and roving soldier. One who acts independently without regard to deference of authority. Definitely no contractual commitments of any sort.

Just a strong defensive overseer toward humanity!

RE: RE FraterOO, somewhere in the midwest:


Why thank you. Being a bird of a feather, considering that Dracks are reptilians - birds having evolved from reptiles - you've put Javier, CAT and myself a step up on the evolutionary scale from them.

And Regarding the Current thread Topic

“The evil genius of darkness presided at its birth, it came forth under the veil of mystery, its true features being carefully concealed, and every deceptive art has been and is practicing to have this spurious brat received as the genuine offspring of heaven-born liberty. So fearful are its patrons that you should discern the imposition, that they have hurried on its adoption, with the greatest precipitation.”
Patrick Henry

What salary did Patrick Henry receive, by the way?
RE: RE FraterOO, somewhere in the midwest:

Hee Hee Darby, I think Creedo has contracted the Chirpees!

The good new is that it is tweetable!

Creedo, here's a little prayer for you to recite,

Little birdie in the sky, why you do that in my eye? That's okay, I wont cry, I'm just glad that cows don't fly!

RE: RE FraterOO, somewhere in the Darbies:

And even a man who is good at heart and says his prayers at night, fears not of change when the weirwolf bites.

2.Ahh'..no!,...They are shy and really not like a real vampire.

They have two little fangs, which protrude from their mouths and they make a quick puncture, so that a humans skin bleeds.
After this is done, then like a dog, they lap up the human blood, in order to get the nourishment that they need.

Something like a three foot tall, green version of a Gray alien.

However the temper, is nothing like a real Gray, very differnt, almost a ficticious being of sorts.

However fully capable of space travel, with the stiles of ships that they have?

They are very shy and don't generally want their presence known among humans, or other extraterrestials, for that matter.

The viruses they have in their systems are not transmissable to man, so one does not really turn one into any sort of vampire.

In time, for some odd reason, they just stop feeding on that human and go away.

##The grandmother was the only one who could tell the one boy from the other.

The real son, now sedaited within the confines of the house, was of course suspected to be the child who had helped in the murder of the innocent nice.

At last the grandmother knew what she must do and this was to go to the hidden root cellar, throw open the doors and at this moment she fell foward into the dark abyss, with the coal oil lamp burning bright.

The fire had consumed everthing inside of the cellar, or so it was thought.

On highway 9, about one week later, a woman in a Mercedies had pulled over to stop and help what she had thought was a little lost blond hired child, about four to five years old.

Cautiously stepping out of her car, she had approched the fightened child and asked, "Where are you partents child and why are you here, along the side of the road so far from home"?

The child only could asked for warmth and to be taken from his hideing place.

For what things are rescued, that later become unmanagable plants?ADAPATION,. FOR THE BOOK, THE OTHER
RE: RE FraterOO, somewhere in the midwest:

You never cease to amaze me how many times you think posting with a new name will conceal your identity
. Truly pathetic.

<<Also both the posters on this board, that go by the CAT and TTA handle, as they too have subverted and ka'nived in ways that are certainly not internet web protocols acceptable?>>

Are the posters beware suppose to just take your word for it, or how about giving us an example of what your talking about?

<<TTA, CAT and Darby all seem to fight online, however I think that these beings, if you call them that, are all indeed birds of a feather, all paid to do the same thing?! >>

I can’t speak for Darby, but I know the TTA and CAT are not being paid for our activist roles. We do this as a public service. We need to, for we are all in this together. Helping all of you -helps us too.

RE: RE FraterOO, somewhere in the midwest:

And now for the daily mews, I mean feather forcast!

The national weather services confirms and has issued a severe warning for the Washington area! FOWL, VERY FOWL...Swarms of homing pigions are seen in the vacinity from 50 yards away in moving bushes obscuring the eyesite of the wizard Creedo!

After 100 years of trying he still can't score with Elvira! Ya I bet its hard to get a decent puncture with latex on your fangs! And also its not safe with Ozzy Ozbourne around and his new hit TV show!

Well thats it folks for the early worm, not back to the whooping bird Darby D. He takes us to the mockingbird district...

And later today we will hear from TTA and is updated report on Jail-birds!

Signing off:

Corrections, the Dracks are relative to the evolutionary development of humans, even thought the Dracks are an older race and much more inteligent.

This is a relavisitc law of biology, where the sentients of a species, proclaims its right within stability.

Dracks and humans can and have understood each other, so developments, although seeming lopsided, are consider equalatteral.

Blue Dracks are not not part of the Alpha Drackoian continum, and in a way, very contigual to the human society.

There have already been ovitures from the blue Dracks, to humans taken to their dimension as guest, in order to see and expiernece their domaciles.

Blue Dracks are very loving and not useary to man, where it seems with the Alpha Drackoians, the oposite seems to be true?

Note to others, both TTA and CAT use telepathic abilites in their scans of me.

TTA's ability was with certain predicted events, which I have on records.TTA, it seesm is not an R.V.er, but clairvoyant

On CAT's, it is ther statment that 50 yards away, in the bushes, pigeons.

The only way she could have known this are R.V. techniques.

CAT has also violaited her own religion, which in her own proclimation, that demons help relay information, so therefor any telepathy and or R.V. techniques are by someone's church, illegal.

The post in the last sentance post of CAT's, that now TTA will give the jail bird report, seems to be a Freudian slip on her part and why someone had aksed someone not to call the police??

I don't do this, it seems to be a projectile launched from CAT at TTA?

Does Darby think that the Air Force Lutentant who saw a glint of light and went towards it at White Sands will ever be considered a war hero?

This doing this now, with a West Point hero, held in captivity by the Viet Cong, even though the body has not been recovered, however the story relaied by fellow P.O.W. captives, who saw his exicution.

WHITE SANDS USAF officer:This man was caught by some for a Grays down there and surgically accosted, so makeing this event the first happenstance where U.S. military personel was attacked by Grays sorts of alien?

Won't matter in the future, will it Darb?

Other notes to Darb, we did get some level of law from the British, in the forming of our won court systems, even though it seems to be the monstrocity the legal system is today?

Other notes, general, yes it was the birds, however they really were not birds, but something else in someones UFO reports.From a book on UFOs.

The other day a (Cat Bird), "believe it or not", flew down by me, while I was doing very noisey yard work, and was getting friendly, as if to warn me of something or express concern.

Maybe my best freids after all, are the birds?

If your going to R.V. here CAT, don't do it five miles down the road, in the approximate area where the Douglas County Bridge meets the the Douglas side of the River, from Okanogan County.

Four thousand feet up, there are visitors, who come through this way all of the time and you might get a supprise.

It's government funded, so what's the differnce anyway?

To the Grays, whatever you guys did on my right side, a few years a back, "thanks"! as mine does not seem to bother me, like another memeber of my family.

For this I owe some of you, although the equation is not fully understood in the minds of some like CAT.

CAT's name should really be Mr. Phelps Tape, as she will self destruct in five seconds.

Bye all, don't get too close to me, there are complications to this arrangment.
The 'future' is ingrained in the way that people 'think'.
Do not underestimate that this person could also be a 'mind terroist' telling you the way to think and his own version of 'mind control'.

There are many questions about this person and his personality!

Don't assume anything, for you would fall into the 'trap'!

Beware of false prophets!

And/or at least, -- use your 'thought processes' and not 'all emotional turmoils!

The Spirit!

Do not assume that your own thoughts may betray yourself also!

Get together!