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RE: John Titor, who he is?

John Titor is technically the little brother of Jeasus Christ.

He goes by the name of Ted a lot.

He also like ice-cream drum sticks and ice hockey.
RE: John Titor, who he is?

it is indescribable how helpful that explanation was. thank you so much, how much do i owe you for your sincere and valiant effort to inform me?
RE: John Titor, who he is?


Just who John "Boomer" Titor was is still unknown. He started a thread on this board "I am from 2036" and continued it on Art Bell's old BBS "P2P"

Reasonably Unbiased Information:

He said that he was a time traveler-soldier from the future post-nuclear holocast USA of 2036.

He's received a lot of notoriety because his story at least had a foundation, he remained reasonable consistent with his answers to questions and the retelling of the story. He made an attempt to describe how the gadget worked in terms of plausible physics.

Strong Point: Good story teller

Weak Point: Bad science

Strong Point: Pretty good debator - not easily shaken

Weak Point: Didn't treat his friend very kindly (at the end game)

Strong Point: Willing to spend a lot of prep time on the story

Weak Point: Didn't follow through on promise of departure video

Javier (TTA) would probably tell you that he would find more use for a pet rock than for John Titor. In the end I'm not so sure that Javier is wrong on that point.

But the story has a life of its own. It faded away from the boards for just over a year. The debate has picked up again here and on other boards.

I suppose that if someone wanted their 15 minutes of fame and much more (online at least) they should study his method.

Very Biased Opinion (mine):

I'd hope that should another "Titor" come along, should he or she make friends with online personalities that transcend the board into their personal life (emails), they'd have the moral character to at least let the friend in on the game rather than use them as a deceived ally to incur the rath of the opponents when he or she left the scene.

I never had a problem with his story. I didn't believe it but Boomer posed a mystery that could not be simply dismissed on its surface theory.

He choose to make a friend of a very nice and open minded young person. A person who was convinced that he was a real TT and who defended him against all. He knew that this person trusted his word as a matter of honor. He blew out of town and left the "friend" alone, deceived and believing - to face the heat.

That's unforgivable. Good story teller - mind of a con artist. Should you ever meet the real person behind Titor keep one hand over your wallet at all times.
RE: John Titor, who he is?

What Darby failed to mention is the fact that he emerged as Titor's biggest critic. Some think its because his ego couldn't help him discover who Titor was or trip him up and others think its the fact that Titor (or whoever) made him look silly on the boards more than once.

Personally, I think its very possible that Darby is Titor. Out of all of this, he emerged as the God on hign-master of time space and dimension on the other time travel site. Too bad he drove so many people away after that with his sour puss attitude. I guess they're selling plenty of T-shirts in spite of him.
RE: John Titor, who he is?

>What Darby failed to mention is
>the fact that he emerged
>as Titor's biggest critic.

No, I'm pretty sure that TTA retains the crown of Titor's biggest critic.
Though Darby comes in a close second.
RE: John Titor, who he is?

Your right Mary Jane!

TTA is really the best critic around! He could put the best journalist to the test! Nothing escapes the thoroughness of the TTA!!!

Ive seen him in action and HE'S GOOD!!!

RE: John Titor, who he is?

>Nothing escapes the thoroughness of
>the TTA!!!

I definitely agree with that! TTA never backs down and don't take no sh*t.
RE: could it be darby was jealous of titor?

thinkin the darbster was jealous of john titor because ol johnny got more of pamelas attention than darbs got.
or darbster was really johnny to try another approach to get down pamelas panties.
we have an m.o. here
RE: could it be darby was jealous of titor?

Hide it in the open. The last place to be found is in the eye of the critics. Use your previous knowledge and it will not escape the past. Hide it in the open. Remember to change the past. You will not hear from me again. Read this and gain knowledge. They know and will come looking. Hide it in the open.

12, is the perfect number.
RE: John Titor, who he is?

Thanks ladies, your to kind
. I try my best to put these manipulators and deceivers in their place. I know the damage they can reek, if left unquestioned. And as long as some of these losers think they can waltz in here and get away with their bullshit, they got another thing coming to ‘em.

It’s nice to know I have a few fans of the TTA out there though
. Almost makes me feel famous.

RE: John Titor, who he is?

One Other Thing,

Thanks for the morale boost. If they aren't talking about you you aren't being heard.

I am the biggest Titor critic (arguably - there are others who would consider themselves the number one critic).

Boot wanted information and I not only gave it to him, I clearly set apart what can be taken as fact in Titor's own words and that which is my personal opinion. Boot can clearly tell the two apart.

Though you might find fault in my overall criticism of time travel I have endeavoured to post opinions followed by some proof - whether it's a scientific theory or a physics formula. By doing so you (or anyone else) who disagrees with me has an intellectual basis for the fault that they might find. My theories can be attacked on their merit and not simply on their face. I've provided the very ammunition to construct their demise.

That's not only fair, it's proof that long ago (when my parents were footing the bill for my college education) that I didn't simply eat the diploma for lunch...I actually learned how to profer a thesis which is subject to peer review.


If I'm John Titor why would I be disappointed that I could not determine who he is? I would know, wouldn't I?

Alas, I'm not he. If I were, Pamela would have long ago figured it out.

She still holds private the trump cards of the proof of his identity should anyone come along proclaiming himself to be John "Boomer" Titor (and be willing to answer her specific identifying questions). The proof has been withheld even from me.
Government grade reporting, complaint Ong Vehic.

To whoever's idea it was to fly that vehicle by my place, don't do that anymore!

about nine years ago from this complaint post, I had picked up a lady hitchikeing and she was in consort to an E.T. form of blood sucking greens.

they came into the chosen's houses via an interphasic beam-in through the walls and drink about one teaspoon of blood.

they arn't a real vamp and their viruses arn't transmissable in effectation to man via any means.

the problem is however, the bite wound is interphasic and when you fly that ship by my place, the old bite wounds respond and open up again.

if you keep doing this shit, I will fashion an interphasic SAM and you will loose your Ong prototype.

keep this vehicle the fuck away from me, or I swear I'll shoot it down!

i know you monitor here and I hope that you get the message?

really pissed

To Darby
I agree with you your not John if you were then you would admit you are also you would tell us alot of stuff so since your not John I believe that John is back in his own timeline but I don't get one thing he said he was trying to run away or escape the government why would he go back to his timeline where the government can easily capture or arrest him also why did he want an old computer to bring back as well and what is he going to use the computer for he also said that their would be a war well it hasn't happened yet so the point is he probably changed our history or timeline for coming and being here also why is his timeline different from ours I know his timeline is advanced compared to ours I believe if someone can build a time travel device or time machine and go forward and backwards maybe they might be able to see John and could even meet him in the future, past, or another parallel universe or his timeline and could even talk to him I would have alot of questions to ask him though. There is one thing John said that a war will break out well was he talking about our timeline or was he talking about his timeline. I am sure that his timeline is a sad or angry place well that our timeline is okay for now. What is with Javier John's friend is he a friend or enemy I need more information on him Darby or Pamela Do you know anything about Javier John's friend?
RE: Government grade reporting, complaint Ong Vehic.

Name "not given."

Well gee, I wonder who this could be

Hey Creedo, what seems to be the problem?

So you picked up some crazy kinky lady who likes to bite, and now 9 years later that bite is acting up again?

And you think this has something to do with the sunlight shining through your blinds this morning and a black helicopter passing by

I don’t even want to ask how you came to that conclusion
your one weird, highly disturbed old dude.

Staying indoors is really making you paranoid Daniel. Get out once and awhile, spend some quality time with your son. Go and play catch with him, take him fishing
or play X-BOX together. Some kids don't have fathers that do activities with their kids, I'm lucky I turned out normal

RE: Personal

Further more, I think you should fix up Adam here with that crazy kinky lady friend of yours
I don’t think he’ll even be aware that she bite him, much less be critical of it
. He’ll just believe whatever he wants to believe, no matter what anyone tells him. Truly pathetic.


I believe in whatever I believe your problem is your a skeptic and don't care about anything but yourself you don't believe that the truth of time travel/teleportation is out there their are many time travel throughout the internet why don't you try and search for them and you'll be amazed that their are many so it isn't my lost but yours instead I know alot of people who are skeptical about the paranormal so I don't listen to what they say I believe in my own beliefs so stop judging me and making fun of me because one day a person will judge you and make fun of you and then you will feel like a jerk for pounding on someone else God and Jesus are the ones who made you not a god or goddess they made me too so I believe in what is good and not what is evil you are probably the evil one who knows for sure! I hate those that judge you and make fun of you if you were in my shoes you would see that life is a hell sometimes and sometimes good so if you make me feel bad then you should make fun of yourself and leave me alone I will not post anymore if you judge or make fun of me God will curse you for disrespect. I know the truth and you do not I know all, see, and hear all that is what God and Jesus said time travel will be successful and you will see the truth and nothing will stop me and others for knowing the truth and time travel/teleportation will be my ultimate goal to establish a place for believers and not skeptics so if you want to be a loser for all of your life then go ahead I am not stopping you we are here to establish that time travel/teleportation is real and not fake or an illusion if sometime in a the near future that time travel will succeed then your beliefs will be your utter destruction your beliefs will prove to be wrong and nothing will be right for you you will be at a lost and you will believe that it is true what is good without evil and what is evil without good good is the symbol of peace and love and evil is the symbol of corruption and destruction whatever you believe is your problem what I believe is that in the near future and now time travel is already happening you can't say I am a skeptic and don't believe in it because that is an excuse and I don't expect an excuse you are just trying to avoid what is good and evil your point doesn't exist so in this timeline you disagree but in others you disagree anyways but what would happen if you agree in the near future or parallel universes I believe that in other timelines you have accepted the truth that time travel is real and in effect you have accepted time travel but in this timeline you disagree all of the time maybe one day time will be told among your children if your get married or already married it is like a court one is the defendant and one is the plantiff their is the jury and a judge and one believes in time travel and ones doesn't the jury decides and the judge makes the judgement one wins and one loses it all depends upon opinion and belief and so on. Remember one wins and one loses could it be that I have won and you have lost time will only tell!
RE: Personal

<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 13-Jul-02 AT 02:45PM (EDT)</font>

Is it just me, or is your whole post just one long meaningless sentence

<<I believe in whatever I believe your problem is your a skeptic and don't care about anything but yourself you don't believe that the truth of time travel/teleportation is out there>>

Uhhh, Yes and No. Yes I am a skeptic
and No, I do believe that the truth for TimeTravel is out there. Why do you think I am the TTA

<<so it isn't my lost but yours instead I know alot of people who are skeptical about the paranormal>>

Good for you
but did I ask? And what’s your point?

<<so I don't listen to what they say I believe in my own beliefs so stop judging me and making fun of me because one day a person will judge you and make fun of you and then you will feel like a jerk for pounding on someone else>>

Well if I ever sound as gullible and as uneducated as you, then I would probably deserve it. But as long as I am keeping a critical eye on things, and telling it how it is, I don’t think I will be feeling like a jerk any time soon

<<God and Jesus are the ones who made you not a god or goddess they made me too so I believe in what is good and not what is evil you are probably the evil one who knows for sure! >>

The TTA is very humble towards his creator. My father in heaven and on earth, I look up to them, even though we are apart. The TTA could never do something evil to disappoint my father, I am mentally symbiotically connected to him, and it would kill me if I ever did.

Well I gotta go, I can’t get to the rest of your post right now (like it’s worth my time anyways), so I guess I will “leave you alone”
. But just know this, you can't escape common sense. Sooner or later, someone else will knock you in the head with it, hard!