"The future ain't what it used to be."

just some evidence i found against JT


JT is a hoax. After saying a nuclear strike was launched around the world, most american cities, india, middle east, australasia (china, indonesia, australia etc) and most of the globe. That would of being mass devastation. Nuclear bombs like that launched around the world would almost certainly have caused a Nuclear winter, which is when all the dust and particles, and debri, and radioactive material are launched into the air, which makes huge clouds, blocks the suns heat, and we die from starvation, etc.

Especially with todays nuclear bombs, the Plutonium/uranium has more time to fission which gives it more effiency. Nuclear bombs dropped in hiroshima and nagasaki had only a effiency of 1.5 per cent effiency - that is 1.5 percent of the uranium/plutonium was actually fissioned by the time the bomb exploded, thus the bomb only caused 1.5 percent of its potential.

So i find it very hard to believe that there was no Nuclear winter after that magnitude of nuclear strikes.
I find it amazing that society has restructured itself so quickly, and after the deaths of trillions of people, scientists (who really should be dealing with other, more important issues like decontaminating everything) have the time to dedicate all of their energies into time travel and creating a portable time travel machine.

John Titor is a fraud. He is not a time traveller, or a worldlines traveller.
Haha, thx for ruining the magic. Yes, I found it amazing that the government allowed such a machine to be built. Think of the costs, especially after a war.
They're called low yield nukes. Coming soon to a major metropolitan area near you. Direct from Omaha, Nebraska. [The future capitol of the U.S.]

If you have evidence, it's got to be better than that.