"The future ain't what it used to be."

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What has to happen for time travel to be probable?
The answers would have to leave out any paradox. You can't say alternate dimensions, because even if traveling through time causes a seperate dimension to occur, there would still be only one focal point. If there were two focal points between so called dimensions; it would make what is theorized as a wormhole. The wormhole effect would cause such a great gravitational collision that you could never close it. It would be like turning off a black hole. Someone drew up the other dimension idea for a sitcom, because it was the easiest way to over-ride the paradox questions. I'm looking for better conclusions.
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Joseph David Howell

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I already understand our concept of time. The idea of alternate realities is sitcom crap. Give me some evidence of the possiblity, so we can debate. Maybe we can gain insight to strengthen or disprove our own beliefs. All I am seeking is the simplest answer.
Alternate realities are based on the idea of "What would happen if we went back and changed history?" blahblahblah... I know that there is not means to reverse or stop time. You do not have to bang my head to tell me that our concept of time is irrevelant. YET, I know that we can speed up as well as slow time down... I want to create a focal point where everything within that point is moving much slower. It's all connected with Dark Matter, particle manipulation, and Nearest To Light Speeds. I have been studying light frequencies and a means to eccellerate beyond those frequencies, because as Einstien proclaimed, "If you travel at these speeds, what happens?...NOTHING, because all time will stop." I have discovered that it will not HALT, it will slow.
I understand theories in opposite dimensions, they began with the search for ANTI-MATTER, which was never accomplished.
The idea to use GRAVITY as a way to open wormholes is ridiculous, because gravity is the weakest element in the universe.

Joseph David Howell