"The future ain't what it used to be."

Just wanted to share my experience ...

Hi, I'm new here, having stumbled in following a thread from another site about John Titor [interesting fella!] Anyhoo, about 15 years ago I was in bed asleep, I woke up and looked at the [analog] clock and it was nearly 6.50 I had no intention of getting up so I turned over and fell back asleep, I woke what felt like hours later, turned over to look at the clock to see it was now 6.55. I stayed in bed and dozed for a while, until it was 8.25, I got up and went downstairs. An aunt of mine was staying with us at the time and she looked at me and said "well you finally decided to get up then?" I thought she was being sarcastic since she's one of those up-at-the-crack-of-dawn types, I looked at the clock and to my astonishment it said 11.40. I was dumbstruck, I told my aunt that by my clock it was 8.30, I ran back upstairs, and my clock was indeed showing 8.30, I took it downstairs and showed it to my aunt, she said "you didn't wind it properly", but it was battery operated, so the battery must've been dead? I left my clock as it was for the next 36 hours and it stayed 3 and a quarter hours slow, I put it to the right time and it didn't loose or gain a minute until the battery did die over a year later ... The day that my clock went wrong I had an uncomfortable feeling all day, then I started to half remember a conversation, the more I thought about it the more I could remember, something I'd dismissed as a dream [while I was asleep between 6.50 and "6.55"] I was in a field talking to a man who I can only describe as being tall and having dark hair, I told him I didn't believe him and he said "OK I'll prove it" and fired a laser type thing at a tree [which knocked a branch off the tree] I wasn't impressed by this and told him "we have lasers in the 20th Century you do know. That does not prove that you're from the 24th Century". He looked at his companions, one was a woman who I cannot describe at all, the other seemed to be a humanoid alien, they shrugged and the man said "OK we'll let you see inside" and he pointed at a huge black craft that was "parked" in the field ... I don't remember anything after that. I did discover that my clock would stop if you knocked it over, and start up again when you stood it upright, and I can't help wondering if the dream is connected to the "lost" 3 hours of the morning ... ?