News Updates on the Montauk Project


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It's an old story now and not many updates. I have a few articles on my page showing Camp Hero did or does have buried military waste. And I contacted a few employees of the base who worked there in the 70-80's, even the last commander of the base, the two I contacted seemed sincere and said nothing happened, although one admitted some employees were using drugs on the base.

If there were news on the other side I would post it, I heard the movie "The Forgotten" referenced Montauk, which is where it generally was suppose to be but it's a pretty loose connection and I doubt it is related to the books.

--- Razimus
Just read that the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spottless Mind" was in Montauk, and Peter Moon claims
the movie was based on the Montauk Project but avoided time travel to avoid any copyrights, doesn't surprise me that the claim was made though, Preston Nichols claims the movie "Total Recall" was also loosely based on it so, basically whenever they see a movie they like they think it's related to their story, but the montauk project I give it guff but it's a damn good scifi story, they should make a movie about it, heard it's mixed up in legalities but the truth is no money no movie. With 10k it would be possible to make a decent montauk project movie though.... with a talented underground director and some cheap actors like primer, it's budget was 7k.

--- Razimus