"The future ain't what it used to be."

Note to Darby Darbyshire on Titor, an asking:


Dear Darby, one chore I see you people are starting to do at Anomalies.net, under the heading of time travel, is to examine some of John Titor's equipment.

The Geiger counter, I see as non-remarkable, as these units had been produced in the many thousands.So these units should be somewhat common, even in future times, if the world event comes, concerning unilateral destruction?

My question is of you, kind sir, due to your military knowledge, is what about the design of the case which holds all of the said componmts for the G.E. said time displacement Unit in?

This seems to be off the shelf mil. available surplus and should easily locate as apart of the said mil supply demand requisition request, within U.S. military supply.

This time, without joking, do you have a line on the case contining the said G.E. Time Displacement Device?

This is an asking of a critical nature concerning Titor, as there might be a slash, section prototype, as to when this case was produced?

Please sir at your liege, do you have information on said such items asked?

Thanks if you can, Dan
Well no\' I thought it was a trout,.. a carp?

This is the second day that this posting to Darby is here, and as he says, "Okay, I'll bite on this one"., meaning bait, like a fish bites.

Recitation from the, Going Into Series, by Richard Green.

>Every unit that did well in Vietnam, had one guy who was either in combat engineers or trained by combat engineered.

These guys were demons when it came to knowing what part was where.

The people who lived in the supply connexes, hated to see this guy coming, as he knew where and all that was in the supply bins off by heart.

Forinstance one time there was an item that his unit needed in order to pump avaition fuel, from fuel bladders, into heilos, that would nest on a clearing near the edge of the perimeter.

He would go up to the people at the supply huts and say, "I need a pump adapter for this type of reverse flow assembly, can you get this for me"?

The standard answer that the supply people would give back, was, "We don't have that part".....to where our parts requisition wizard would reply,"Check connex four, bin six, second shelf down.

And lo and behold the part would be right there.

For some reason the supply people all hated guys like this?
But know when the chips were down and your really needed to make things work, these guys were worth their weight in gold.FIN

Rough translation from the Going Into series, by Richard Green.

Hmmm', now let me see.

That case that the G.E. Unit is placed in, does look mil. supplied and the question should be raised,; what is the era of issue, as the corners are rounded off?

Second question and ya can tell this from the internal bracket setup. But know are the supposed original rest-on brackets, that came with this universal electrical or mechanical setup case, shop, or have they been welded, altered?

I mean you can see this on the cut-away and if there has been some welding inside of the case, in order to effect a different placement of brackets, then you should see this on just the plain empty supply case?

This could be a universal utility add-in case, such as would be used for the Pershing missile launch remote fire control center. Also any portable battlefield series of portable cabled to, or I.R. or R.F frequencied set of portable launch controls?

<Maybe Navy, Army, about 1960s on the blank cut-out prototype?

Now look closer at how the cut-away drawing goes and you can find the bracket placements and then match this with what is shown in the mil supply I.D. supplement page.

Any mil surplus place will do, such as online.

The Geiger's aren't remarkable here Darby, as remember Pam said that first Titor was not from and then said later, that Titor was from our time line?

You can go after Geiger's as a tokenism, why not the containment box for the entire G.E. apparatus?

I mean there would be nothing at all, that would be sensitive about this type of case and this should be easily located.

Show us your one of the guys as you try to do, coming over here to visit us Darby, or is there something privately that you have to tell me by mail?

You're correct. The geiger counter is a standard Civil Defense Victoreen model unit. It was manufactured in the tens of thousands between ~1952-1982. The inner components may be a bit different over the 30 years but the case didn't change.

When the photos were first posted we didn't have WinXP and super graphics cards available. Due to the (by today's standards) poor graphic quality it looked like the yellow top of the case was embedded into the C-204 console. When I looked again last week I could see that it was a geiger counter that was just sitting on top of the unit. Rick had posted almost 2 years ago that it looked like a standard CD geiger counter.

Again, correct regarding the enclosure. It looks like the case for some piece of surplus military electronics. I'm looking through some online military surplus photo databases to see if I can find an exact match. It's a slow process as I don't have time right now to spend a lot of time all in one session to look. The search continues.

I've looked at the schematic drawing of the C-204 at 600-800x magnification (with WinXP and a NVIDIA GetForce Ti 4200 card it remains very sharp and detailed until you go beyond 600x) and it sure looks like its a drawing of some sort of 60's vintage vacuum tube electronics. It may be the schematic for a dual CRT display for some other piece of electronics.
Lasting imperceptable/ verticle imagings

Re; O-kay- confirmation, one large metal case enclosure, approximately four foot in length, with a vertical height of two foot.

Interior volume suitable for series or sets of controls, possibly Navy, A.F., or other service general utility console.

Portable type, rounded corners.

That's a Roge, thanks
Lrg case, electrical, eng. offshelf, lrg. corp

D and P' Thank you for the investigative work on the cases which may have held the Good-enough T-displacement Unit?

I don't feel that this is lower echelon apparatus, for general usage.

Feel that this is a specialize e-case, that may serve as a holding for control consoles, for spealized products only?

So this item may be part of a large engineering firm, such as Good-enough itself.


The description in the following way goes>Large containment case, smoothed face, with four anti-shock rubber or neoprene pads, placed at each bottom corner, for anti-shock features.

Case may be manufactured for metal, for structial holdance.

Lid folds completely back, to allow unfettered access to top control panel or features proposed.

no apparent internal bracket arrangement.All components may be added internally to interior of case, in sliced bread stile deposit fashion.

Standard utility case, unadorned.

>Feel that this might be somewhere in possible inventory, designed as a portable, however not necessarily battlefield oriented?

Thank you