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Weird Science Odd Healing Linguistics?


Last week, I received an unexpected call from someone who had found my information online in connection to music and audio capabilities. He was looking to make a recording of an ancient blown instrument, usually made from an animal horn, known as a shofar. As a trumpet player, this was immediately intriguing to me.

I remember he said that the instrument was too loud not only to practice where he lived but to get a decent recording of it with what he had available. Yet, he somehow had come by the instrument and seemed to believe that he possessed an innate ability to play it. As the conversation developed and we seemed to grow some level of rapport, he brought up something he felt was related - the ability to "speak in tongues".

He went further on to describe what would be a miraculous story if true. Supposedly, a relative of his had suffered a ruptured or severed tendon and was slated to have surgery for it. The caller had used his ability to speak a prayer in this strange language for his relative, recording it. After sending this prayer recording to his relative who listened to it, the patient went in for their surgery at some later point. However, when the surgeon examined the patient, the tendon had repaired itself. According to the doctor there is no known way for this type of regeneration to occur naturally. The doctor allegedly considered the healing to be a miracle.

The man offered to send me the recording of the prayer which I accepted. While I somehow don't want to admit it, when I listen to the recording it seemed to have some sort of effect during the listening. In a way, I felt something physically which was a surprise. Maybe it was a simple coincidence or all in my mind? As I mentioned in my response to him, there is an ancient, musical, multiethnic quality to the prayer - not at all what I expected. It did seem to draw me in. It's quite rhythmic as well.

I've never giving much credence to the Pentecostal-oriented skill of speaking in tongues, but I thought I would share this here in case it is of interest. Perhaps you'll hear something I don't and/ or get something positive from it. His ultimate goal is to combine the speech with shofar playing, along with drums. He noted how his relative had been reminded of Native American drum chants inducing to his area. While I'm currently unable to assist the gentleman in recording, I let him know I would be very interested to hear his shofar playing as well.

Let me know your thoughts, I'll attach the short recording to this post. We'll see if this section of the forum is where posts go to die! ?

Just listened to it, and also felt "something"... Very interesting. Going to have the wife listen to it without any information ahead of time and see what she notices.

Would you mind if I turned your thread and recording into a resource? This is fascinating. Going to listen to it at night when it's properly quiet, too.

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