"The future ain't what it used to be."

On the John Titor debecale


To all intrested in the John Titor said time travler affair.

Now at Anomalies.net, within the time travel threads, there is an offering by one of their MOPs, on the missing John Titor threads.

I feel that Titor may have origened from the future, came to the past into 1975, however because of some damage his said time displacment device had recieved.
This was said durring the a zero event, was placed in a past parallel time, where people had been hostile to him.

There was a said contact, on a said web posting board, where a fellow name Titor had showed up and said that he could not get back to his proper time line, within the future.

This was some time after he was said to have departed.

I don't know the reason for John Titor to come to this time, in order to warn of any happenstance within the future.This event was him comeing here, when his very appearence could have caused a duality in timed events, due to said time travler breaking the silence protocols?

I myself, at this near time, this past Spring, have had missing time.

I feel that I was taken and somehow something was taken from me?

So possably and "I'm saying just possably", the whole Titor appearnce, may have in-part been a smokescrean?

This is only a guess by me and I'm ventureing forth information here, on hersay evidence.

My missing time involvement, is very, very, bizare.

I do not post there at Anomalies any more, due to the non-allowance of being able to edit for spell check, as one can here.

I had promiced the administrator, that I would never delete any more of my post, so when he had asked me back, I did not delete any of the body-coppy content.

I think they've gone fussy over there.I don't know what the whole story is, so I'm keeping my distance.

I will only delete a name, if I feel that there is either a liability or safty concern for that person, includeing myself involved.

I don't know, this might be some kind of move that I do not understand over at Anomalies?
So I'm keeping my distance., however any particupant here, may do what you want, I don't care?

In closing this comment, I do not feel that the Titor occurance, is isolinnear to just Titor alone.

I feel that there are many, many, differing time travlers, that appear from all portions of time, some with even better technologies available.

I wish nobody over there ill will, it's just I've had enough of being used, stepped on and the abuse involved over this said missing time, pluss Titor appearnced.

I may be posting here as well as other kinds of boards.

I wish peace to all and no hard feelings to anyone.

<<edit words spell this post, sentance structure from not him, to this event, english structure>>

Thank you MOP

The threads were never missing - we've always had a complete copy of the TTI "Paradox" thread available - but through private sources. The "missing" part is here at TTI. The local archive stops after the first post. On the Way Back Machine archive it stops after the first five pages. Sometime in 2001, prior to WMB's first archive the thread became corrupt.

But it really is incorrect to say that the complete thread has ever been missing.
Re: On the John, edit note

Please note and consult thread adviso, MOP, say,(threads became corrupted, so they had to delete them), as said by MOP, so said futher, (so here are threads bought back), see Anomalies.net, as Darby Devonshire has posted?

Thank you Darby.
Re: On the John, note to Devonshire

Dear Darby, please note, if you would I go by either creedo 299, or Dan within my i.p. address said on board reference.

I never go by or respond anymore to Daniel.

This fact is so, that a while back, I had a radical change within my personal life and do not respond to Daniel any more.

This name was a control factor to me once and since I technically am not the same any more, don't use Daniel to me, if you want me to respond back to you?

I do not make assumptions about the name Devonshire, principally because it is an Irish sounding name, so do me the favour and either use Dan or Creedo.

Additionaly to the other MOP who post with you.

I am not a to my knowlege a Montauk boy, nor do I really care for this title.

This title means, I had either hung with Preston Nicholes et. al., which I to my knowlege have not?

Or this title means a horribly sexually abused child of the Montauk times.

I had found corospondance and had talked to an artist who was psychic who had visited Camp Hero at night.

He said he had walked onto the grounds and the children of the expieriments of the children who did not make it, came out of ther ground moaning at him.There were many of them.

So keep your titles Daniel and the insualtion that I was a Montauk boy.

Please note conversations with TTA or Javier Cortez, to the past threads posted here in TTI.

This past conversation was to effect of the catastrophic condtions of the Catholic Church, as well as other church systems, concerning methods of sociology; that simply do not adjust to normal social standards anymore.

I think what some of these people had thought within these church systems, is that their actions would never be called and they could do and say as they wanted, without future recourse.

I think that our entire social systems, with respects to every aspect of sociology, governing of not, needs a re-do, however I soley am not the one responsable to do this?

On a happier note, I think that I will now wash my hands in a good antiseptic.

This toppic gives me the willies.
Re: On the John, note to Devonshire

The saga of John Titor AKA TT_0 continues.

Some many prediction:

US Civil war in 2004,

No Olympics in 2008,

No US Elections in 2012,

and a nuclear war in 2015. :oops: