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i have tried to email you three times and each time i get a glitch notice so dont think im ignoring you !!
sorry for the inconvienience
im typeing at 1 am so my spelling is slightly altered towards the poor side
OCG-sorry, My computer totally crashed on me and somehow all of window files got erased. had to totally reformat my hard drive.
havenot heard from you about your experience yet. thanks.

<This message has been edited by Pamela. (edited 18 August 2000).>
my internet connection has been touch and go for thet week and therefore i havent been able to reply yet

everything is going haywire on my computer but i have a new warning: maril7 and sinister minister 666 are going to send a virus to the main sites of the internet and it will spread by the links untill it reaches yahoo and then its all over for the internet! i have a recorded conversation between myself and tazbergs minion
that will prove it but when i tried uplaoding it to my site it then corrupts my site!

Gee, no offense but if your site has been attacked by an unknown "killer' virus why would I want to connect to it?

If you had a virus that converted everybodys windows machine into OS2 machines would you release it? OK so I'm off topic, feel free to not respond.
OCG, If you are whom I think you are, then you are the same person that keeps registering yourself under different names, including Taz & Brian& brandon gear whatever you are then attempting to lure your unwitting victims to send them emails containing viruses! what a chump!

Pamela, Do not open email from this creep!
um, first of all I have already emailed Pamela and I did not send a virius(I can't even create one!) and 2nd, I am not David Berg, TazBerg, or Brian! I am Brandon Geer and if you want proof i'll email you all I know...
OCG, what you have claimed is not possible at the time being. Quit playing the games for attention, otherwise you might get on the wrong person's nerves and trust me, it may get ugly. Not to mention what'll happen if your Dad loses his internet access because his son was playing the wrong kind of games. OCG, let's keep in mind, first off, it's come to our attention you have impersonated someone, someone that has alot of respect from people on this board and others. Second, your trying stir up trouble where it shouldn't be stirred up with something that can't even be done. And if it is you whom is trying to send html activated virii through e-mail then you are definately coming close to hitting someone's crap list. Your digging a hole for yourself. Chill out, don't give your Dad any reason to break out the belt.

Well put Shaun!!! While not everyone agrees with each others thoughts, views, and opinions on this board, messing with the respected or an average poster by anyone in the form of manipulation or deception will not be tolerated and the individual will be delt with!!!!!!

"Ignorance Abounds!!"


Draco the Druid
It's about "Time" these childeren are dealt with some form discipline!

You know who you are...and so do the rest of us, so if you're going to continue to "Play" you will inherit what comes next, which translates that someone will have to "Pay" and in the end, that someone is always YOU!

Perhaps you will understand this much latter, when you grow up.
Brandon, you must contact me! Send it to your onld email that everyone knows, I will check it there. You probably already know who I am...