"The future ain't what it used to be."

Past Life discovery is a form of Time Travel!



I underwent Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy in 2017! Past life regression! These two lives started a cascade of an entire group of spiritual guides, I never thought I had these in a million years! I had been interested in Delores Cannon and watched much of her material and read what I could find.

I wrote long list of questions and was very excited to be hypnotized for my first time and experience past lives, if possible. During the induction into the hypnotic state, at first, I didn't feel like anything was happening,  like it wasn't working. I wasn't prepared to be as aware as I was, and still able to think of things so clearly! I guess I expected a "trance like state" but I was fully aware, and able to think clearly and rationalize.  

My therapist asked me to go back to a time and place that was important to me. I had a vision of a temple that looked very similar to Ankor Wat in Cambodia, but was different. I looked at myself and found myself wearing the red robes of a Buddhist monk. I was then at a wedding, she asked me who I was and I stated LiThai, it was my wedding and I was marrying my queen. This name came from nowhere, and I thought it peculiar for a monk to be getting married! With later research I found out LiThai was Maha Thammaracha, an early King of Thailand in the Sukhothai Kingdom. He was a Buddhist king that spent much of his princely living as a monk studying everything he could find regarding Buddhism. He wrote a book of Buddhist cosmology that is the first text written in the Thai language.  When I later looked at the capitol city of Sukhothai it was identical to my vision, and was also built by the Khmer like Ankor Wat.

So the therapist takes me even further back in time. I see myself lying in state! Robed in white with long white hair and beard. I was deceased on my death bed. I was surrounded by several hundred praying monks, humbly paying their respects while crying and sobbing openly.

I felt totally at peace and felt very loved and honored. Yet at the same time, humbled to be witnessing so many devoted disciples praying for my soul. The therapist asked my name, and at first, I did didn't want say it.  Finally after much coaxing I stated, "I am Bodhidharma.'

I had never heard of either of these monks, despite showing a interest in Buddhism for about a decade.

If you don't know,  Bodhidharma was a Buddhist Indian monk that traveled to China 500AD, where he taught what became Chan Buddhism, which then became Zen in Japan! He is also credited with getting the Shaolin monks to begin martial arts, thereby beginning Shaolin Kung Fu.  Although this may be part of his mythology according to some scholars. Yoda was based on him!

My subconscious told me these names, and I wouldn't have selected these two past lives in a million years. I love history, yet they had alluded me somehow.  I actually have had a sense of deep inner Peace since the therapy and my Depression is gone entirely!  I know it's incredible, but I'm telling you exactly how it happened to me.  I had Major cognitive dissonance for several months, as a result of this experience.

Long story short I was told by the highest Lakota shaman White Buffalo Woman, that i had been Lakota Chief Black Elk, he led me to Sitting Bull, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Helena Blavatsky, and Saul.  I instantly recognized Sitting Bull and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as being very close spiritual guides!

My ego had a complete melt down from this knowledge, and Bodhidharma's Zen  teachings helped me calm my ego that had been traumatized by such amazing discoveries!I

have learned so much by studying and reading their books. I am very proud to have such a eclectic group of Spirit Guides!