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Pleasee niote that there is a contrast as said between Darby Devonshire and Carlos X of said network, concerning the performance of the Hyper Dimensional Resinaitor.

This device straps to the head and uses the body as a component to be able to go backwards in time.

I have not been conversive with Carlos X, to confirm these reoports.However X says that the HDR, activiated all by itself, will simply change or freez the operation of a simple wrist watch.

I dont know if X had said the HDR was on him or not?

There were discussions to the effect to Gary Voss and myself, as to whether it should be proper operational prose, to attach this device to the human body, or not?

This was said so, as the HDR could possably somehow effect the electrolyte solution held within the body?

This is the only peice of unsubstanciated information, That I have had filter back via Jacin Young's asking, from as posted on the

TO THE MOP:I post this statement as the first page header ask, please come here to discuss these possabilites, not any other veunue.

Thank you creedo 299X9