Self-Defense Weapons at Home


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What are your self-defense weapons at home? Do you have any?

Last summer, we had a druggy kick our door open, then leave. Made us realize we didn't have anything to defend ourselves at a moment's notice.

So now, I have a baseball bat in my bedroom closet, and I have a hunting knife hidden in a kitchen drawer near the front door, that's easy to grab.

How prepared are you?
Last October or so, a family bought a plot of land next to the second plot we just picked up. Their land was raw, and they put some kind of makeshift shelter made of pallet wood and sticks. That clearly wasn't working out for them, so they moved back to town somewhere, but they left their two pitbulls to roam around everywhere.

This was right when I was checking that other piece of land out, I we walked up there a few times and had those dogs come charging out of the bushes barking and freaking out. They would have kept coming at my little girls and wife if I wasn't around, but I manage to be scary enough for them to run off again. I've watched Dog Whisperer on TLC and stuff so I knew how to handle it.

My wife was headed to the store that day anyway, so she decided to stop by and introduce herself and say hello, but also let them know to keep their dogs away since we have animals and kids over here. Before she even got off of OUR driveway, those dogs were running over and barking and snarling and carrying on, one ended up getting kicked in the face for her trying to back up and get into the car.

That, plus the fact that we're in the woods prompted us to get a Remington .410 shotgun, good for rabbits and quail and for home defense. Something like that will stop an intruder without penetrating the wall behind them and into the rest of your house. It's been hard to find ammo for it, but we haven't looked in a while and already have plenty.


The other one we have is a Glock 17


I don't know what generation ours is, but it shoots great. We've got a tree I felled down at the edge of the yard (cut it down so I could get better cell signal for our booster) and I use that for target practice.

When we lived in the city, I had an aluminum baseball bat behind the bed. Our townhouse was a three story Cracker Jack box made of stairs so we used to joke that all we'd have to do is hit the bastard once and he'd fly down a good 15 feet to the level below, LOL.

For real, be prepared. Not that something might happen, but that you'll be unprepared for when something does.

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