"The future ain't what it used to be."

Tales from a Different Timeline: Mark the Time Traveller's Revelations and Revelries


My name is mark and I am a time traveller. I come from a time/line not much unlike this one.I work for the gov't and basicly was trained in other things besides time travel. I am not an english major nor do I speak any other languages. The people of your time were set for great and innovative science. It all went wrong with political up heavels and certain scientific events going wrong.

1. America was set to have another civil war. It was just a matter of time the population would relize that they were being lied and manipulated. Martial law was declared after american terrorists destroy key transportation ways and poisioned the water stream. This was near the middle of 2004. A few months latter there were assasination attempts on bush causing him to stay in office after the election times. Being in martial law allowed him to do this. Kerry was a key runner in the Race against bush and won by a minor margin. If bush had stayed the commander in chief things would have been more favorable for us. I will talk more about this later.

2. The experiments that went wrong in a nut shell were these. Harnessing the power of a singularity in a hyper accelerator.One of the causes the russians tried nuking us out of exsistance.More will come with this one. Also using the minos caused a change in magnetic polarities with the earth. Enough to cause some minor and drastic climatic changes with the weather.Depending on where you were living at the time.

3. HAHAHA just having some fun. If any one could add on to what could happen I would like to see what you all think. Also John I am just poking some fun. Don't be disgruntled when you come to the year 2000 and advoid me in 2004. I will be talking with you some time in colorado 2016 near the springs. That is if I remember to go that way. Besides you know this site is still functional after the war. Not that any one really notices on any time line.

By the way mark is not my real name.