"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Ancients Guide Us To The Door


It is most evident to me, and I will not feel badly if others look upon this with a skeptical eye, that an Ancient species which is far more advanced (spiritually/technologically/intellectually) than humankind has a vested interest in us humble folk on terra firma. My theory is that our trees of existence intersect in some way, or that we are like their offspring, as from a seeded planet. But I am not entirely certain.

I was privleged to witness some fantastic events, if not participate in them in some fashion, in which the seeding of a planet very much like earth did occur. There were some issues of conflict at that time, because of the blending that had to occur. And a sort of cyclical pattern has been shown to me of our growth and enlightenment.

I refer to the time of dreams, the earlier times in which our consciousness as a species was still fresh with the teachings of our benfactors. And of a time in which a sort of "political" decision was made in which the course of development for our planet's inhabitants needed to be self-determined. So we were left to ourselves to discover the truths that we needed to learn on our own. But a rich heritage was left in our histories. And from time to time we were visited, but that sometimes had too much of an effect, so these visits were then regulated by a commission which made sure that the individuality of the terrans were kept intact. Something original and different had been spawn, and they wanted to see where it would lead, because they saw great potential. But with that potential, there were also great tragedies and disasters that were possible to occur. So in a very "subtle" way our benefactors, The Ancients, are still attempting to help us along to our potentiality in a logical and positive manner.

Most of the folk that post here seemed to be interested in and tuned into these these things. Everyone seems to bring to the table their own insights, questions, and discoveries. It is so exciting!

I know little if the Kabala or of Hebrew texts, yet, when I read CAT's posts, I know exactly the type of "science" that she is referring to.

For years, I have wondered over the notion that concerning religion, that if any religion had any merit, then ALL of them must hold some import. Sort facet of truth, some portion of ancient knowledge. And if one could absorb ALL of the religions and cultural belief systems of ALL of our planet, and come to some cohesive, yet probably ambiguous at times, nexus, you would be getting close to to what the real deal must be. There must be some reason for the variety and the similarities. There must be common threads and yet, individual insights attributed to separate cultures, each of which focussed on diferent attributes of what was taught to us early on.

We are now at a time when our science can most certainly be linked very easily with our religion. Consider the Human Genome project for instance, unravelling our genetic code of life implicitly has a "spriritual/religious" implication. It is up to us now to be WISE with ournew-found possibilities.

The doorway is now no longer a dark form of inquisitiveness and fear, it is of lightened streams knowledge, beams of data, a not-so-distant beacon of future. The doorway is of light, a monolithic glow that we can all comprehend in our own manner and in our own time. But we must take heed of our natures, and feel the hope.

The appropraiteness of chance is astounding.
Re: The Slatoi´keenrath

Friend Persephone

During my observations, I came to notice that there were several races, that mostly at once, started performing as first ones in distant parts of the universe. The time differential was nearly a million years from each "First Race".

Of importance, there are three races of this sort. Two of them have already ascended and now exist in a higher plane. The third race, the Gnomoran, are quite advanced and might ascend as a whole within the next ten thousand years.

However, the one considered as THE FIRST ONE is that of the Slatoi´keenrath, this are the noble ones I oftenly refer to. Although they appeared millions of light years away their influence reached as far as our own planet. They even helped developed what we know of the Pleyadeans today.

Today, I do know that many of this Slatoi are actually contacting our race, and many others, in order to guide them, as you say persephone.

Honestly speaking I do deem it helpful, for what are children going to look up to without their parents to teach them the right things of life.

Until later becomes now.
Re: The Slatoi´keenrath

Dear Transient friend,

Sadly, I do not have a name to ascribe to the ones who have "communed" with me. But their wisdom is evident, and I would say yes they do contact for certain reasons. They have a quality which is very far removed from our concerns, but they were as us once. And with a little exposition, they can sometimes recall it as it is for us. I had mentioned baseball in an earlier post. Introducing baseball to them, was, quite simply, a joy.

I think I just sort of stumbled onto it. With earnest intentions. I was going to say that they are interested in us and our possible outcome, but I shouldn't say too much. I have always maintained a sort of "faith" and I still do.

Maybe these aren't the same "people" that you refer to, I do not know. Justice is blind but sometimes it peeks.

Maybe it would help if you could tell me their preferences for music? Classical exclusively?

Imagine trying win over an audience of classical music lovers to Thelonious Monk on a summer afternoon? Go figure? Not impossible with references, but kind of difficult standing on it's own.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
Re: Music Lovers

Dear Persephone

I do think that we pwople who are trying to find truth and charity all enjoy the soothing rythms of a tranquilizing melody. A while back I enjoyed the good octaves of Heindell and Verdi, but recently I have been drawn to the inspiration of Mannheim Steamrollers´s Fresh Aire and some of Enya´s lyrics.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Music Lovers

Dear Friend Transient,

Yes, music is a journey of the mind and soul, and we each attain our penchants for rythmn and harmony and elucidation by our own means and paths. Having grown up in a household of musicians who favored jazz, and having listened to Bach as the normal postlude of each sermon in church, and having family elders all of whom were folk musicians each to their own instruments and styles, there is this rich bed of music in my memories. And I have since been interested in vastly different sorts of music.

My point being, how wonderful, how ingenius this invention of humanity, this ability to articulate feeling, color, tenure, texture, complexity, etc. through intricately varied means.

Just having read about the possibilitis of a quatum computer compared to our normal, classical binary computers, I see a correlation. A correlation in how humans can express themselves on the printed page with words, and the exponentially more informative method of expressing oneself through song. The mood of ryhtmn, intonation, melody, etc. can lend so much more to one's aural vocabulary through music...etc,etc.

The appropriareness of chance is astounding.
Re: The Beauty Of Life

Dear Friend Persephone

Firts of all I would like to say that I was starting to miss you, all of a sudden most of my colleagues here have gone. The ones remaining being you, Creedo and Frog. I sure hope we can keep it up for while, trying to unravel the big mystery of Time.

Yes music is wonderful and humanity is but one note on the sideral cadence of the universe. We are the ones who decide whether that note is a high one or a low one, it is we who decide. And I truly believe that when the times comes we shall decide for the right thing.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Guess whoe\'s coming to dinner?

I find what the astounding appropriateness is and situates to, is when I take a part ape-like girl, with some aliens mixed in there, to dinner.

It's true that come springtime, female apes go into estrus and have at'least four to five suitors.

However one has to ask themselves the question, while listening to Herby Hancock, doing his best in classical repertoire, as to whether more of a chimpanzee, would be appropriate to take to evening dinner.

A female chimp in a dress, would look most becoming, plus she can cling around you, instead of have to place her toes on yours, while dancing?

In truth, in a fashion somewhat similar to Murders In The Rou Morgue, when large apes shove unwilling prostitutes up inside of chimney fireplaces; that an ape is not too far from what we humans are on Earth.

This is why in past E.T. encounters, I have heard of some Grays offer screaming infants held by their mothers bananas, in order to quiet them down.

Everyone here, including Swifty, has heard of the now famed Mona Gorilla, haven't they?