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The Basis and Mechanism of Electromagnetic Pollution.


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<title>Basis and Mechanism of Electromagnetic Pollution and Unified Field Protective
Devices <p align="center"><big><font color="#800000" face="Georgia"><big>The Basis and Mechanism
of Electromagnetic Pollution</big>

<big>and Unified Field Protective Devices

</big></font><font color="#800000">by Val Valerian

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<p align="center"><big>Introduction</big></p>

<big>Electromagnetic radiation is now recognized by scientists and the public as a frequency
of the environment -- yet another health hazard everyone has to deal with.
Recent research indicates that regular or chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)
can adversely impact your health, well-being and that of other biological systems in the
environment. Electromagnetic radiation can impact physiology and create/aggravate chronic
conditions that yield symptoms which include fatigue, headache, dizziness, concentration
and vision problems, short term memory loss, sleep disturbances, confusion, ringing in the
ears and irritability. These and other symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation
have been identified in an ever-growing body of scientific research, including research
done by eminent scientists like Dr. Robert Beck, Professor Robert Becker, M.D, (in his
book Cross Currents ), Andreas Puharich and others. In 1993, Ellen Sugarman wrote
the popular introduction to the problem in her Electricity Around You May Be Dangerous
To Your Health
. Other researchers have contributed major articles which have broken
new ground, informing the general public that there is a problem. One such researcher is
Paul Brodeur, who wrote a seminal piece on EMR published in 1992 in New Yorker
. </big></p>
<p align="center"><big>Environmental Electromagnetic Radiation Pollution</big></p>
<p align="left"><big>Electromagnetic radiation in the environment originates from both
commercial (industrial, power lines, etc) and domestic (60Hz wiring and equipment)
sources. We are inundated with radiation from television and radio, microwaves (and
cellular phones), heaters, dryers, clocks, appliances and the wiring in the walls. In some
locations additional frequencies are generated by video Display Terminals (VDT, computer
monitors, televisions, etc). With all of this, it's hard not to feel trapped and totally
defenseless as far as protecting your biological systems from a lot of potential damage.</big></p>
<p align="left"><big>Adding to the electromagnetic "fog" we experience from day
to day is the intentional emission of electromagnetic frequencies using special
manipulative technologies that fall within mind and behavior control
modalities,designed to shape/effect individual and public thought and behavior patterns to
force harmony with the current control-based paradigm. Coupled with the already existing
EMR, the plight of the human being becomes rather tenuous.</big></p>
<p align="center"><big>What Specifically Can We Do To Protect Ourselves?</big></p>
<p align="left"><big>First, know that it is happening. Keep informed by reading
books and scientific reports, and know the how, when, why, and where of electromagnetic
radiation. Much data on this has been released by Leading Edge Research Group,
including data in the Matrix books, especially Matrix III Vol I,
chapters 1-7, and Leading Edge Journal #63, 64 and 78. In fact, it is in
the Leading Edge International Research Journal where UTC technical papers (Unified
Field, Consciousness and Takyon-Delton Physics
) have been exclusively published over
a period of almost five years. Remember that the brain, central nervous system, cellular
processes, the immune system and the human psychic infrastructure are the most vulnerable
to electromagnetic radiation. Electrical systems, especially ones in which phases or other
components alternate or shift in time have two main components: the real
physically measureable component and the hyperspatial (subtle, scalar/orthogonal)
component, which is unfortunately termed (from the orthodox material perceptive viewpoint)
the imaginary component, which is only measureable with specialized equipment
which is not available to mainstream control science. This subtle, hyperspatial component
has psycho-active effects on the infrastructure of the human psyche. It affects
human beings and their behavior in sutble, sometimes strange ways.</big></p>
<p align="center"><big>Protective Devices and the Development of the Takyon
Capsule Unified Field Device</big>
<p align="left"><big>In the past few years, a few protective devices which can retard,
attenuate (weaken) or change the character of electromagnetic radiation have emerged.