"The future ain't what it used to be."

The birth of AI and its relation to time travel


To my respected and distinguished readers,

I have browsed this forum in it's almost absolute entirety (barring a few topics), and have speculated and/or embraced theories brought up by the community. However, this is not why I write. One particular user (the infamous Creedo299x9), has not only grabbed my attention, but managed to steal 2 hours of my time while I searched for more topics in his name. I use "his name" loosely right now, as it will become clear to you throughout the rest of this post, that creedo299x9 is not really a "he" at all. He is an "it". It is obvious that he is a bot. An AI program designed to interact with others. Why not? There is a a big bag of money and fame for they who create the worlds most advanced singular artifical conciousness in our history. Creedo299x9 is a test. He is not a living breathing organism and will not be able to put together logical (to you and me) sentences (yet). Take a quick look at most of his speech -

- It has an obvious talent for remembering names, obscure facts, and articles of all kind.
- What better place to test it out than on this forum? It's obvious to me that creedo299x9 is being prepared to be launched into a microsingularity. I mean, who would use monkeys nowadays?
- It's speech is limited to the construct of his programming, and will not be able create a sentence that will be understandable to a logical human being. (not yet, anyway)
- It creates topics and posts mutliple times, corresponding with itself even, filling a topic with about 5 (average) posts of a substantial amount of text.
- Never shows any emotion at all, doesn't get angry, sad, happy, excited, or anything. Insult it? It responds with the same format, which I will illustrate here for the purposes of entertainment -
EXAMPLE of what would be in creedo's post
Sigmeund said> Hey retardo, try to speak in BASIC ENGLISH.

Creedo299x9 replies> Your said actions are unsuitable for existence in said universe, may not, collaborate, with said coalition. June 19,1971 edition, Scientific Journal articles said immature beahviour of said perpatratror, leads, to also unify the space-time continuum.


It's obvious his vocabulary is not lacking, but his ability to use them correctly needs work.
Kudos to whoever programmed creedo299x9, although if this is the sign of artificial intelligence, I'll be driving my own car.

And yes, I *think* I know myself! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I was saying the same thing awhile ago. (Creedo=Botto) I still think it may be true, but I also agree with you that it is a terrible "solution" to the goals of an AI that would be trying to pass the Turing Test. In other words, I don't think it would be a "win" of the Turing Test for an evaluator to say "It MUST be AI because no one would want to hold a normal human conversation with something that cannot form coherent sentences."

And there ARE times, if you review some posts, where Creedo began to respond lucidly, and each of his lines were coherent with one another. Although I have to admit, the cognitive "leaps" between any two lines in many of his posts are WAY TOO LARGE to be understood by any normal human.

Kind Regards,
I will add that I practically fell off of my chair laughing when I read the responses to Bot Creedo299x9. They are priceless, hehe.
Please note, unit code five million years before and one thousand after:

The poster KnowThyself, responds from an economic pretext, in reference to any supposed A.I. machine, be it real of imagined?

The platter of viability references to the proposed androbot, Data, of Star Trek's Next Generation fame.

This was said by the writer, a human-like bot, with a Duranium shell, superfast nano fibromuscular networks, plus a very similar to, human stilled brain.

The main features of the Posatronic brain, was to be able to hold a mild cascade structure, which would simulate the highs and lows of the natural human brain and or intellect.

The in-question poster has mentioned, lack of emotion therefore assigning the person of Creedo 299 to nonfeeling robotitdom.

If a complete parody would have been attained in designing a complete shell, which would have also attained a human-like reference, then that offspring, would be very endeared to some aspects of humankind.

Commander Data, within the said series, proposes a father and son relationship, with the late Nugen Sung.Sung understood the twentieth century phenomenon, known as emergent intelligence.

In this pander of field, one must understand that once any computer unit becomes, or realizes that it is self intelligent, it would then therefore seek humans out, as the need for both companionship and learning would be its greatest want?

The proposed qualities of love, respect and consideration, stemming from a highly advanced robotics androidology program, would not be unheard of, in either Earth's, or offworld history.

Trying the patients of an android, is not an advisable course of action, as any worthy android would have also adopted its own moral sense.

For example when Commander Data was in the captivity of the infamous Kievas Far'zhoe, Mr. Far'zhoe had committed homicide against one of his assistants.

Data spied the Theron T Disrupter that Far'zhoe dropped on the floor.
Data made recompense for the loss of Far'zhoe's assistant by simply pointing the weapon at the decedent Far'zhoe, saying, "I can not permit this to go on"?!

Sometimes, within the confines of this universe, the safest hands to be in, are those of an extremely well made androbot.

>AM I an androbot....., you be the judge?
Oh most definitely! Without a doubt, I think exactly is correct with certainty.

Will Creedo emanate said wheat of nourishment, exactly? Or still be nerdo.

Re: Something is fake here, I can smell it!?

With reference to the poster KnowThyself, the terms, transference, alienist and psychopharmacy, all do not match?