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The car disappeared


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Hello. I only just found this forum this morning. If you're familiar with the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, then you will be able to grasp what I'm going through lately after witnessing what both my wife and I witnessed. Like the main character in that movie, my experience has plagued me every day, and has gotten to the point that I just have to share this with people who might know something about this. I'm reluctant to give certain specifics due to the possibility that some crank might claim that they were driving the car, or whatever. So, maybe I could email just one or two trusted person(s) here with certain specifics about our experience, that person would be able to verify as an independent party claims someone might make about the make/model, and location. I welcome suggestions as to how to handle this.

Anyway, my wife and I were driving along a paved road in western Kentucky earlier this year, just enjoying the scenery and the freedom of being out of the house after being cooped up a few months during the stupid covid lockdown. As we were coming to a very rural intersection, maybe 100 yds before the stop, I spotted a shiny black top of a car on the left heading toward the intersection. We were heading south, it was on an intercept course from the east. The field on the left had been bush hogged, but the wire fence line all along the east/west road had tall weeds blocking my view of the rest of the car. I didn't pay any more attention to the car, since I knew it was there and coming our way, and should pass through the intersection in front of us, so I figured I would just wait at the stop sign until it passed. As I stopped at the intersection, I mentioned to my wife that I have to stay put because there was a car coming. After waiting enough time for it to have passed, with no car crossing our path from behind the weeds on the left, I started to creep into the intersection, and made our left turn. There was no car in sight. It never showed up. It didn't pass in front of us, nor did it turn either direction toward or away from us. There was absolutely no place it could have gone or turned around! My wife said "Where did it go??". It was then when she told me she had seen it too, but it was much closer to the intersection than I had seen it. The weeds were more sparse at that point. She saw the grill, and part of the windshield and top. She said it was black, which is what I had seen. It was also moving when she saw it. When she saw it, she said it was "bearing down on the intersection" at a fairly good speed, and too fast to stop. (When we went back later, only then did we notice that there was a stop sign for that side, too.) From her description, and from doing a lot of image searching of car grills on the internet, I am fairly sure we know the make/model of the car. The year is uncertain, but have a rough range of years.

My wife and I are retired, and I imagine what just about anyone would describe as pretty conventional people. Neither of us uses any kind of mind altering drug and we don't even drink alcohol. I'm telling you this truthfully, and just had to get this off my chest. I doubt we'll ever know what really happened. If anyone knows, please post here. Thank you.

I guess this forum is about dead, but I found an interesting sub on Reddit, so I'll ask folks over there. Not even sure if this is time travel or something else going on. Have a good one.

Thank you for your interest, PaulaJedi.  I guess I can share more at this point. Based on researching car grills, the nearest we can come to a make/model/year ID is a Cadillac Brougham or Fleetwood, 1980ish. I showed different grills to my wife, and she said those were the closest. She also said it had a hood ornament, but she had only seen it in for a moment before she instinctively turned to look to see if anything was coming from the opposite direction. When she looked back to the left, it wasn't there. 

I had thought this might have been a time travel thing because previous to this event, I had been told about these Q people believing that there are "agents from the future" helping Trump or something like that. After this happened, I started researching time travel in a car, and ran across the Titor stuff. From my reading, he claimed that the car pretty much has to be still when activating the device, and it always left a disturbance in the soil. We went back later and saw no disturbance in the pavement. So unless someone was using a more advanced model of his unit (Titor said one had been developed but didn't know much about it), then that doesn't really check out. 

I found a forum within Reddit called "Glitch in the Matrix" ( https://www.reddit.com/r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/ ) where people have posted about disappearing cars. One thing in common with these car disappearances/appearances is that just about all of them occur when the person isn't looking.  I guess some believe that we're living in a simulation like in the movie Matrix. I told a friend about this and he asked if we were near a 5G tower. There is a cell tower nearby the area. He claimed that the military is using those to "beam stuff into our brains".  One theory is as good as the next, I guess. At this point, after what we saw, I'll believe just about anything.

'Ersatz_Sobriquet]Thank you for your interest said:
I think that we can sometimes see glimpses of other timelines, like crossovers.  They may be points where we can enter the other time line.  If they connect, we can jump. (Just at theory.  I can't prove it).  But if they do connect, we would definitely see glimpses of it, would we not?  There must be many more than we even realize.  The thing is, we often dismiss oddities.  What if we actually paid attention?  I've actually been paying closer attention and am finding too many things that cannot be coincidence. (I will have to make another post because mine are religions experiences).  Anyway, bravo to you for not dismissing this.  Now that you are awake, you'll see more.  Pay attention. ? And feel free to tell us. 
I think what you have experienced was a time slip, was there are effect on the electric systems/radio of your car?, was there a heavy feeling in the air?, any fog or clouds with a yellowish hue to them in the area?,

I saw something about this on a website and you are correct I do believe it does happen and they have the technology and there are a lot of gaslighters out there that will argue about the brand or the make. Thanks for sharing this I do believe you.

I saw something about the same thing on another website and I actually saw the car disappear, I do believe you.and I do understand that there are gaslighters out there that will make stupid comments, I do believe the technology exists and I do believe you saw what you said you saw.

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I won't repeat my story, but I had an experience with a post office changing and then later changing back.  I've never had that type of experience again, that I am aware of.  I say that because we just may not always be paying close enough attention to see these things.  

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