"The future ain't what it used to be."

The death of a friend:


Temporal Novice
The death of a friend:Re'adaptation from the movie, Alien 3:

Ripley came back to where it had all begun....Back to the ejection shell lifeboat, that gave her the worst case of lice, that one could possibly imagine.

It was there she found him, only half of a being, the synthetic human, who had saved her life.

There were far greater questions which looked within her mind; such as why was she the most important factor in dealing with hostile beings, that could only destroy, or use man.

He knew her as she had turned him on.
The conversation began, as to why it was always her, that drew the attention of the wicked, powerful and corrupt.

In his eye, there became animation of spirit. As he knew her and she knew him, for it was this synth-human, now in-two that had save her life.

The urge to grab what was left of him, became overpowering as he gurgled white spittle.Whittle plastic spittle was indicative of synth-humans, when they were either cut, or had more serious misfortunes.

There was once something that someone said, about the encompassment of the soul, as it had related to the presence of body.

What she had searched for, was the dial to turn back the clock.This to a time when she could have said that she was truly sorry for hurting his feelings; wherever they were?

He told of the reterrformed LV series of worlds.How in this context that the factors of both money, power and corruption made this venture a very dangerous course for her kind.

Then something odd happened.

She finally related to him as a being and gently asked the words, in the hope that there was a rescue, that he could be made whole again; you know retire, sort-of.

He saw clearly, just as a human would have done and then these words issued forth; (I would rather not be".

She inside began to cry, as in this mad-hole she now found herself in, she knew by letting him go on to wherever synthetic humans went, that she would be truly alone.

She turned the switch, his head softly slumped....With her right a hands, ever so gently, she passed touch over both of his eye, letting him enjoy a most peaceful sleep.