"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Government Alien Agenda



gorby ([email protected])

Enjoy what is written below because
millions and millions of people share this exact same sentiment about
government and aliens, and it is the current opinion among researchers and
abductees alike. Why just recently a well know public abductee who happens
to be a very close friend said:

1. The aliens do nothing but lie.
2. Humankind is nothing more than lab rats to the aliens.
3. The government is equally as dangerous and hurtful as the aliens.
4. The US government is paranoid about aliens.
4. Nothing good will ever come forth from the current situation with aliens
and government.
5. They are glad they won't be here to see the disastrous ending to the
whole thing.

And so it goes:

There's no doubt what so ever that aliens are abusive. There is no doubt
that a faction of the US government with the assistance of the NSA is
working in behalf of these aliens and that they too are also abusers. There
is no doubt that the government is deliberately covering up their complicity
in order to protect themselves and deceive the citizens of the USA. There
is no doubt what so ever that this government agency holds itself beyond the
law and has committed crimes against the citizens of the USA, including
invasion of privacy, mind control, and mind influencing. There is no doubt
what so ever that this agency has, with malice, covertly and deliberately
ruined the lives, families and financial status of citizens who they
perceive as a threat in exposing their operations.

Anytime one faction has technological superiority, there is abuse of those
who do not have that technological superiority -- namely the innocent
public. Give humans any sort of position of power, and they abuse it for
personal gain by abusing those who don't have access to that power. Abusing
innocent people in the name of scientific discovery is still abuse, and
still wrong. Taking that to it's lowest common denominator, they're nothing
more than common thieves, cheats and con artists -- albeit it highly
educated, knowledgeable and privileged people, but not worthy of honest
people's respect. And they're morally wrong. Period.

Any person within secret government who is working with or in contact with
aliens is subject to alien manipulation and mind control and have been
manipulated into believing they are doing something nobel for mankind. Any
person within secret government is an abductee, then they've been
conditioned to do their job within secret government via alien mind control
and manipulation and likely suffer Stockholm Syndrome. It is likely the
aliens have selected certain abductees who can not resist alien mind control
to hold key positions within secret government.

The aliens lie. They promise all sorts of things to people, and of course,
those things never come to pass. The aliens are capable of reading peoples'
minds and can feed back to that person just what that person wants to hear.
making that person believe the aliens are on their side, when in fact, the
aliens are only interested in *their* agenda. The aliens need humans for
their purpose, which is to genetically engineer an acceptable species of
'humans' who are telepathic and self-reproducing, as their race is dying.
The aliens believe since the human race is *also* dying, that it is
acceptable to parasitize the human race so they can survive through the use
of the human race as a base species. The truth is the aliens have little
more than contempt for the human species, they think humankind is stupid and
they will at all costs, keep their presence obscured until they are finished
using the human race for their purposes. The aliens think of themselves as
an altruistic species, saving what is good of the human race. The only
problem, is that has been done completely without consent *of* the human
race. And through this whole process, the aliens have had no compassion,
sympathy, regard or respect for the people they've used as test subjects in
order to save themselves. The aliens use what they glean from peoples'
minds in order to control them, keep the status quo and preserve the
cover-up. The aliens play on peoples' dreams, deep desires, egos, sex or
any other ploy to maintain the status quo -- and that status quo is the
alien agenda. Are these aliens the benevolent saviors of mankind? I think
not. They never gave anyone a chance, and in stead tell everyone they have
the right to do what they're doing, and they've been 'sanctioned' by a
higher authority, implying they are godly. The fact is if god exists, it
can not be proven. But *if* the human race are gods children, then surely
the aliens are tampering where they have *NO* authority.

The truth is, the human race is nothing more than a resource to the aliens
and the abductees are little more than experimental animals and expendable.
And the government is powerless to do anything about it, because they have
been manipulated into believing they are assisting 'saving' the human race.

No one alive today will *ever* see the end of this story, because by the
time the aliens have finished their project, we will be dead and gone.

Kiss the human race goodbye.

Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction Phenomena:

Psychological Implications

By Eve Frances Lorgen, M. A.

This is an article taken directly from my book, The Love Bite.

One the hallmarks of an abductee is the pattern of emotional
isolation. This behavior can be explained as a result of conditioning,
learned adaptations from the abductee's family members, or reinforced by the
alien handlers. The abductee usually learns early in life not to talk about
"the little people" who come into their bedrooms at night. The child
may talk about their abduction experiences only to be told that they are
just "nightmares". Children often describe the alien intruders as monsters,
who come out of the closet or through the walls. The children are
immediately invalidated when their parents or siblings tell them there is
no such thing as monsters, or aliens for that matter.

Emotional Isolation and the Maintenance of Secrecy

Some abductees have discovered that the aliens instructed them
not talk about their encounters. It is apparent that aliens go to great
lengths to maintain secrecy, instill false or screen memories into their
victims to cover their true motives.

Our social structure--especially in the Western
world--reinforces the precept that "aliens do not exist" or is only science
fiction. The result of these negating and isolating conditions forces the
abductee to turn inward or act out in rebellion against parents,
school, religion or social structure. The abductee who has been denied
validation of their experience will have a tendency to not trust their own
feelings, stay in denial and even act out in anger. Those who have turned
anger inward will become depressed or even suicidal depending on the extent
of trauma endured.

Post Traumatic Stress

Post traumatic stress disorder is common in those who have had
alien encounters throughout their lives. If a particular event was
extremely traumatic, the characteristic symptoms will be: intense fear,
terror, helplessness and partial or complete amnesia. This may include
re-experiencing the abduction, recurrent nightmares, flashbacks, and
avoidance of stimuli associated with the event and an emotional numbing. The
person may develop insomnia, increased arousal to stimuli (i.e., noises in
the night), fear of the dark and sleep disorders such as insomnia and night
terrors. In young children, they may re-experience the trauma through
repetitive play. They may exhibit a marked change in orientation toward the
future, for example, a foreshortened future whereby they do not expect to
have a long life, career or marriage. The psychic numbing or diminished
responsiveness to stimuli usually begins soon after the traumatic event.
This emotional anesthesia causes the abductee to feel detached and estranged
from other people.

Other symptoms for traumatized abductee children are angry
outbursts, rebellious acting out behaviors and promiscuity. Extreme phobias
of going to the doctor or dentist, or even preoccupation with horror scenes
(blood and guts) have been reported.

Dissociation and Addictions as Coping Skills

At very young ages the abductee is likely to develop
dissociative coping skills if the trauma or abuse was severe. Oftentimes
abuse already occurs in the abductees' family, compounding the issues of
alien abduction. If the parents are in denial of their own alien abductions
and their children's, the abductee has a higher probability of developing
unhealthy coping skills such as, emotional isolation, rebelliousness,
tendency toward violence, drug or alcohol addictions, co-dependency and
early promiscuity. Low self- esteem is a natural by-product of being
invalidated from an early age.

Severe forms of personality damage may be later evidenced in
perfectionistic, self-hating, violent, narcissistic tendencies, and
psychopathic or dissociative disorders. (These do not all appear together
and are exhibited in varying degrees) Egotistical grandiosity is also a
symptom of early trauma that has remained unresolved. This is also
seen in some mind control victims who have been programmed into being
"super soldiers". Persons who are extremely sensitive to criticism have been
narcissistically injured and often display symptoms of grandiosity.

One element that is difficult to work with is the alien
mind-control induced amnesia of the abduction event. The compartmentalized,
dissociated memories of alien encounters are not necessarily trauma induced
as in other human inflicted trauma. This factor makes treatment difficult
unless the therapist, hypnotist or counselor is experienced in working
with such modalities.

Secret Keeping Behavior in Relationships

Unresolved emotional, mental and physical trauma of alien
abductions manifests itself in a myriad of ways. The most common is through
dysfunctional families and relationships. Dysfunctional can be defined as
any behavior that results in unhealthy relationships. Secret keeping
behavior and the covert "no talk" rule about alien encounters forces the
abductee to live a false double life. The avoidance of open and honest
communication and a natural inclination to distrust one's own feelings
thrusts the abductee into dysfunctional relating patterns.

Many abductees have coped quite well considering the forces
against them. I do not want to give the impression that all abductees are in
dysfunctional relationships, but rather the denial and enforced secrecy of
these issues are the culprit that leads to family problems.

Contrary to what one may believe, most abductees have not
undergone hypnosis to recover their memories of alien encounters. Few can
afford professional counseling or hypnosis and even if they can, they
usually avoid it because of the mainstream psychological and medical opinion
of alien abductions. Often going to such professionals who misdiagnosed
them caused greater damage to the individual.

Co-Dependency Issues and Emotional Isolation

One of the most common dysfunctional patterns is
co-dependency. This term was first coined to describe relating patterns of
spouses or close family members of alcoholics, substance abusers or child
abusers. The main tenet of co- dependent behavior is to avoid feelings and
open and honest communication. This behavior is acted out in ways
that perpetuate the abusers' addiction and maintenance of secrecy. These
behaviors include protecting the addict or abuser from his or her feelings
and avoidance of core issues.

Co-dependent persons living with abusers and addicts live
their life as if they were walking on eggshells. They live with a constant
fear or unconscious anxiety not to rock the boat or confront core issues,
which will elicit strong emotions. Very often co-dependents are people
pleasers who go to great lengths to be friendly and liked by all. The
downside of co-dependent relating is the attraction of unhealthy partners or
spouses. (This is reported in a majority of abductee relationships.)

The unhealthy aspect is the inability and avoidance of being
honest with oneself and others. This is evident by the direct avoidance of
emotional issues or the tendency to skirt around issues. It is as if they
have blinders over their eyes. Without total honesty, a lack of intimacy
ensues; creating an unfulfilling, empty relationship that perpetuates the
vicious cycle of emotional isolation.

This same theme can be addressed to abductees, who enter into
dysfunctional relationships that maintain the secrecy and denial of
abduction issues. The blinders serve the purpose of maintaining secrecy and
avoidance of the emotional pain of the core abduction issues. The deep and
sometimes dark inner truth of their experience--begging to be heard and

Multigenerational Abductions and Family Issues

Unhealthy coping skills may involve addictions of various
types. Addictions can be the abuse of any substance or repetitive behavior
that serves to keep the person in denial of unresolved psychological and
emotional issues. In this case, avoidance of abduction related trauma, pain,
terror, fear, grief, abandonment and despair of rejection.

When alien abduction occurs multigenerationally, dysfunctional
family issues are compounded. These issues comprise all levels of being;
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All levels must be addressed
before healing and integration can occur. I've come across professional
psychologists who claim that the majority of post traumatic
stress and dysfunctional family issues in abductees are not from alien
abductions, but from other more "easily explained" psychological theories.
That may be true in part, but in families where abductions have occurred
for several generations, the denial and trauma of hidden abductions
compounds--and even creates the dysfunctional behaviors. Resolution and
healing of alien abduction related issues can only be complete when false
and misleading psychological "swamp gas" theories are put to rest and
hopefully, disproven.

In many of Barbara's cases where many hypnotic regressions
were conducted, the therapeutic process of the individual extended into many
years. Sometimes daily phone calls were necessary to keep the client
stabilized during extreme emotional processing. Aftercare of hypnotic
regressions is necessary for the complete recovery of the abductee
especially if reality shattering trauma was uncovered.

The Alien Control Factor and The Stockholm Syndrome

The main difference between alien abduction trauma and versus
other trauma- based problems is the added factor of the aliens continued
perpetration of such victimizing activities. Not only do the aliens continue
to contact and abduct the individual, but they also will often act in ways
to prevent the abductee from getting the factual information they need to
heal from these issues. Often abductees change their attitude concerning
their abductors from anger and helplessness or critical thinking to
adoration and compliance, similar to the "Stockholm" syndrome.

UFO researchers, abduction therapists, psychological and
medical professionals dealing with abductees often overlook this alien
"control" factor. Core issues of abductees cannot fully be addressed until
the control factor of the alien presence is acknowledged. (This includes
acquisition of evidence of alien abductions.)

Health Issues of Abductees

Health issues are a frequent complaint of abductees. The most
common medical anomalies are in the area of gynecological and sexual organs,
severe back pain, miscellaneous allergies, skin rashes, autoimmune
disorders, migraines and endocrine abnormalities. Some abductees are so
affected by their health problems that they are on permanent disability, not
able to work a regular job.

I've encountered situations in which the abductee was suddenly
struck ill as a result of "alien instigated" truth detracting and spiritual
warfare tactics. Unusual health problems such as panic attacks and anxiety,
heart problems, severe back pain, migraines, nausea and extreme exhaustion
have resulted from the abductees' efforts to search for the truth of their
experiences. These blatant health issues and uncoincidental events and
accidents are not simple psychological self-sabotage, but something much
more revealing. The important point here is not the health issues
themselves, but the effects that arise as a result of abductions and "alien

© 1998 Eve Frances Lorgen

by Donna Higbee, CHT

Attitudes appear to be changing as many abductees who have been traumatized,
physically abused and violated are now
saying that their abductors have only spiritual and/or benevolent motives
behind their actions. This growing new trend is a
concern to a number of researchers and healthcare professionals who work
with abductees.

Many abductees who once reported tremendous fear of being taken repeatedly
from their bedrooms and cars by non-human
entities are now reporting being told by these entities that it was for
their own good; that their fear was unwarranted and was
simply a product of the abductee's lack of understanding. In many cases,
abductees who accept this explanation are also led
to believe that technological advancement equals spiritual advancement.
There is no logical reasoning for this, as spiritual
advancement may run parallel to technological advancement, the two may not
proceed along together at the same pace, or
they may not run along together at all. We cannot assume that where we find
one we will find the other.

I believe the reasoning put forth by these abductees to justify abduction is
faulty. I am a hypnotherapist in Santa Barbara,
California, working with abductees. I became personally involved in this
situation when I watched two members of our
support group change their stories from one meeting to the next. These were
abductees who had been terrorized and abused
for years and had only hatred for their abductors. Suddenly, their stories
changed and they both, independently of each other,
began saying that recently they were shown that everything that had been
done to them was for their own good and facilitated
their spiritual growth.

With regards to this, Dr. Karla Turner, in a paper she presented to the
MUFON 1994 International UFO Symposium, said
the following: "It is odd, however, that such growth seems to come to
abductees only after they are aware of their
experiences. If indeed this growth is produced by the aliens, then it should
have been there long before the abductees were
conscious of their encounters, since in almost every reported case there is
evidence of alien involvement since early
childhood. The psychic increase and growth of perceptive abilities indicate
a different genesis - -- an internal evolution of
consciousness -- stemming from our need to know what is and has been done to
us and what we can do to meet the situation
in a more empowered state. Survivors of great catastrophes such as
hurricanes, earthquakes, and war may be crushed by the
impact of these events ... or they may find a new resilience, rising to the
occasion and reacting with abilities they didn't know
they possessed.

Given the vast intrusive activities of the abduction scenario, our species
may well feel such a threat or stress that a mutational
or evolutionary leap is occurring today...." If this is indeed the case,
then any spiritual growth is the abductee's own doing at a
deep level of consciousness and is not coming from an abducting entity.

There can be a number of reasons why an abductee changes his mind. One that
has been put forth a number of times is what
is termed the Stockholm Syndrome, AKA the Hostage Syndrome, where a person
who has been kidnapped or captured
eventually comes to sympathize with and even grow fond of his captors. With
some abductees, I believe that this may be
occurring. However, I think we are seeing something else happening with this
attitude change that goes beyond the easy
answer of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Because I was disturbed by the attitude change of the abductees I knew and
of many others I had been hearing about, I
wrote a letter in February to a group of abductees who were reachable
through computer online services. I also posted my
letter to a number of bulletin boards on the Internet and asked that
abductees please respond with their thoughts and feelings
about the situation. I'd like to mention a few of the points I made in my
letter and then share with all of you some of the
responses I received from people.

In my letter, I stated that by the very meaning of the word, abduction
implies being taken against one's will with no say in the
matter. It can include experiencing painful physical procedures, being lied
to and given screen memories, being mentally
terrorized, and being paralyzed, manipulated and controlled. There is
nothing spiritual about any of these things and yet the
abductors say they are highly advanced spiritual beings. It is very
interesting that these non-human entities seem to have
learned two ways to control human beings - through fear and through
acceptance. Obviously we are seeing some abductees
who are still being controlled and manipulated through fear, but we are also
seeing abductees being controlled and
manipulated through their acceptance of these entities as spiritual beings.
By accepting these beings as highly spiritual, the
abductee gives up seeking to end his abduction experiences and instead
starts to welcome them. Instead of abductees
coming into a sense of their own power as spiritual beings who do not need
to give up their free will to anyone, what we are
now seeing is a group of submissive, controlled abductees who are passively
letting the abductors do as they want with them
in the name of spiritual progress. In my opinion, anything that keeps a
person from learning the truth and from taking
responsibility for his own growth and awakening as a spiritual being is
completely unspiritual. Anything that allows the person
his free will, responsibility for his own spiritual progress and aids in the
process of discovering his true unbounded spiritual
nature is truly spiritual. I don't think it is difficult to see into which
category the abductors fall. I believe that we have spiritual
entities in our midst, beings who are assisting humans with their evolution,
but I'm quite sure that these spiritual beings are not
the same as those who are responsible for the abductions.

In my letter I also stated that the entire hybrid scenario could be a
fantastic cover for an agenda that is completely different
than we are being shown. As Dr. Karla Turner has stated in radio interviews,
it is almost as though abductees are shown the
same movies, as a cover for other motives completely unknown to us, or
possibly they are using the hybrid scenario to study
our emotions. Things should not be taken at face value when we know we are
dealing with entities who can implant thoughts
into our heads, manipulate our minds with screen memories and virtual
reality scenes, and who pass themselves off as
wonderful spiritual beings. We presently have no way to know the truth about
what is really happening.

I'd like to quote part of a letter I received from an abductee, Irene Rea in
Oregon. She writes, "One of the most frightening
aspects of this phenomenon is the abductor's ability to manipulate the
abductee's perceptions. I'm frightened by the current
trend that many abductees seem to be going through in assigning the
abductors benign motives in the spiritual growth of the
abductees and planetary healing. In my experience, the abductors have
manipulated my reality over and over. In one very
telling instance, my partner and I were abducted together. He thought he was
being wooed by a gorgeous and astoundingly
remarkable woman. My view of his experience was that he was on a table,
strapped to medical gear, and staring into the
eyes of a typical "gray." I find it even more abusive to be told by my
fellow abductees that the reason I'm experiencing these
negative experiences is because I'm somehow spiritually unadvanced....

Another letter from an abductee, Dana Buyers of Los Angeles, California: "We
are nothing more to these beings than a crop
to be harvested. They terrorized me, hurt me and nearly ruined my health. An
abuser is an abuser. I don't care what planet
they come from or how intelligent they claim to be. So when I get the
impulse from them to start thinking that they aren't so
bad after all and are just pursuing some noble purpose that we can't
understand, I show them in my mind all that they have
done to me and I say "get real," there is no way that I'm ever going to
change my mind. These aliens are dangerous, don't
ever believe them."

And a letter from abductee Amy Hebert of Carrollton, Texas: "As a
facilitator of an abductee support group, I have
observed abductees' reactions change from deep contempt and anger toward
their abductors to acceptance and complete
surrender. Some abductees express years and years of anger and confusion,
then suddenly announce they don't think the
aliens are really so bad after all and may actually represent some type of
spiritual experience. These reactions seem quite
surprising, considering the levels of anger and humiliation the abductee
expressed only a week before. Could these new
feelings be due to the resolution of the individual's long-term hatred and
resentment toward the abductors? Or, could this be
yet another example of alien manipulation? According to Dr. Karla Turner,
aliens have been known to lie to abductees for
their own purposes and all abductions take place in an alien-controlled
environment. These alien-human hate-love
relationships seem to reflect alien control more than any spiritually
fulfilling promise for humankind. After all, kidnapping and
forcing someone to be a guinea pig can hardly be considered spiritual."

I want to give one last letter I received from a man who is in training as a
body-centered psychotherapist, Mark Richards of
Boston, Massachusetts. He writes, "It's of little doubt that the internal
confusion and pain resulting from one or more
abduction experiences results in some form of compensation. Just as 'screen
memory' tends to re-shape the horrific
experience into more palatable images, it's possible that this same
re-shaping occurs at many other levels, notwithstanding the
body's cellular memory. Given the infinite variety and creativity of the
whole mind, how is it that hypnotic recollections of the
victims, often including deeply felt sensory experiences, have such striking
parallels? Could it be that a 'cult' of some type is
forming and having influence upon the story? ... Culture and historical
factors may strongly influence what comes forth. Here
in our technological, educated and motive culture, when something doesn't
make sense in our head, we switch to 'faith,' to a
spirituality of some sort. Once this switch occurs, we have a 'cult,' and in
the case of abductees as a group, a 'cult'-ure built
around technological unknowns. Perhaps all semblance of reason is not lost,
just put on hold for a while as the body
(collective and individual) tries to make some sense out of stuff that
cannot possibly find correlation. This trend among the
abductee community has not been so named, perhaps out of the same denial
which seems to be increasingly prevalent in the
various stories .. stories that have begun to shift in character and
substance. Now abduction is no longer a horrible violation
but a necessary component of a great plan. Now the aliens who are beaming
into our bedrooms are no longer uninvited
violators of the human story, but welcome harbingers of our 'salvation.' The
parallels between various religious mythological
systems and the growing abductee community are striking. They spring from
the same set of unknowns, growing in the fertile
ground of fear and imagination, a set of ideas concerning the history,
purpose and future of the human race."


Also read_The Threat_ by David Jacobs.

Does *any* of this sound like the aliens have humankind's best interests at
heart? The aliens are here for their own self-interest, and likely need
something from humankind in order to save themselves -- and without any
regard, respect, compassion or consideration to humankind or their well
being whatsoever. If the aliens were here to help mankind, then why abduct
and abuse people and insist on complete secrecy for their abuse? They
surely know they're hurting people, but the aliens simply *don't care*.

And thank you, Dr. Jacobs, Bud Hopkins and others. You're right, and have
been right all along.

Something wicked and evil this way has come.
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RE: links

Clara, I hope you read all this, it seems someone posted this explicitly for you!

RE: biology

Hi cat,

Maybe the aliens themselves are a screen memory put up by a form of mental parasite.

The aliens appear to be but an updated version of 'demons' who have plauged mankind for all recorded history.

As for the trama connection, just like a physical injury lets in germs & worms, mental injuries let in the alien-parasite-demon. But hey its all just theory, right?
RE: biology 101 anal pin worms!!!


I see you have been reading up on my past posts and updating your archives! Well GREAT JOB!!!

Yes, I dont think its all just in theory. I think I have a good handle on what these interdimentional mental plauging demonistic parasites and all manor of aliens are all about!

Mikey here, along with Clara and Creedo are all for em! But what they dont realize is that they are all anal pin worms feeding off us!

I think its time to dose up on the Garlic and flush em out for good!!!

hah, u are seroius with this? how the fuck would "aliens" get to our solar system?