The Hyperdimensional Resonator

I belive that there was not so much a problem as to whether or not the HDR would work or not, but the liability imposed both by rhyme use of the HDR, so effecting the possability of a person going zero without a TTA?

Also as posed by Gary Voss in mutuail conversations with others, a past poster here in past conversation; since the HDR progets an E.M. field, is there possably an infractional profile placed by the HDR's standard operation, placed upon both the salt cell structure of the kidneys and or the in-body held electrolyte solution within the body?

There seems to be operational liabilites so posed by these said senarios?

i bought some plans for the hdr a few years ago when i heard steven gibbs on the art bell show. i built one, but was frightened to use it becasue you were supposed to hook yourself up to it and wrap some of the wire around you head, I was concerned about electrocution problems. i may even have it still in my utility room.
lol i think that steven gibbs may be a nutter,and im pretty skeptical (but open minded) as to if such a device would do as proposed,
well either it works or itll kill you,
its typical someone hands you time travel on a silver platter then you shit yourself and wont use it,
it is my job as a skeptic to both prove or disprove something works and maybe when i get the cash and find a site that will ship abroad to me (im in the UK) then ill test the thing,
but ive gotta say im not gonna be happy if it dont work or it blows my brain up.

Any sane person would not buy it,and only the very ill would believe it works before trying it out.