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Cryptids The Jersey Devil

Ghost Girl

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Dose anybody believe in ghosts zombies or the New Jersey Devil well if you do then you found the jackpot.So speaking of the New Jersey Devil his Mom was having a baby and she prayed that the 13th one would be a DEVIL and the second the New Jersey Devil got out of her stomach he flew out the window and into the forest never too be seen again. Around the year 1920 a farmer saw a glemse of a weird bat or birdie told it to the whole town but no one believed him he said it looked like a giant horse with wings like a bat and till this day it still haunts the forest.
Hi @ghost_girl! The Jersey Devil is an awesome story, up there with Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster. One of my favorites :)

Here’s a few interesting videos to check out that might fill out some the details for you:

Another good place to read the “official” story would be Atlantic County’s website (where the Jersey Devil is from) here:

I don’t know if the Jersey Devil is real or not (I’ve never seen anything cool like this), but there’s plenty of stories about people seeing something WEIRD in that area, and that’s enough for it to be interesting :)
I didn’t know the Jersey Devil had human origins, nice find!

Do you think it just lurks in the forest of New Jersey? Could it possibly travel across the country and move to a different state now and then?