The Key to Our Future

Oh, Dear Pamela.
Give me patience and wisdom.
Help me honor and celebrate our friend, John,
As he rightfully deserves.

Help me recognize the secret song.
Help me hear its melancholic notes.
May it bring love to my heart.
May it bring peace to my soul.

May its harmonious notes bring the salvation of all mankind.
A promised land of happiness and joy.
Of love and hope.
Heaven on Earth, for all those who honor Him.

Let the Secret Song be heard.
It is the key to Holy 2036 and to our future.
A future in which hope blossoms.
In which mankind flourishes.

With it, Lead me through time's labyrinthine paths.
Lead me through our timeline,
Over the years and over the decades,
Until at last, we can all reunite with him.

Titor’s blessing is upon you.


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