"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Mechanics of Time Travel on Earth



To accomplish time travel, conventionally, one must:
  1. Get into an airplane
  2. Fly at an altitude of no higher than 1,000 feet above Earth's surface
  3. Travel opposite to Earth's rotation
  4. Exceed a speed of 24,000 miles per hour.
This method is specific to time travel on Earth, if you wish to travel back in time. Contrary to popular belief that reaching the speed of light is necessary for energy conversion, overcoming frictional barriers using the method mentioned above is a sure bet!
Going really fast around something in order to time travel reminds me of Star Trek: The Voyage Home, in which they did a slingshot maneuver around the sun, in order to travel back to the 20th century.

Has anyone heard of a similar time-travel technique?
Yeah...assuming you could disregard friction flying at Mach 31.5 (you can't) and the fact that you're flying at 1,000 ft ASL orbiting the earth and there are just a few obstacles taller than 1,000 ft and you somehow manage not to go flying off into space...

...you're not going to get any measurable relativistic effects let alone time travel. At 24,000 miles/hour you are traveling at .00003579 the speed of light. Plug and chug the number into the Lorentz gamma factor equation and your time dilation will be .9999999994. You will experience .0000000006 seconds of time dilation per second. If you travel at that speed for about 9 years you will amass about 1 second of time dilation. And somehow you're going to have to haul enough fuel in your gadget so you can maintain that velocity for 9 years of constant burn. The ship will have to be made of and fueled by Unobtainium.
you need a portal for conventional time travel... you don't have portal you wont physically travel in time....
is it possible to travel in time like it is done in the movie somewhere in time... absolutely but you will need a portal for the body to join your consciousness.... if you do not find this portal and somehow managed to travel through time and it is possible... your body will pass on in the timeline you left unless you come back to it and not everyone would choose to come back to it or in some cases will be able to come back to it successfully.....