"The future ain't what it used to be."




Life is a single identity, positive and negative in action. The fusion of these two is the expression in all things including man-woman and woman man. You can not say that Life is masculine here and feminine there, Life is a single identity in operation, the operation reveals its nature, yet the nature of the things contains both aspects of life from the greatest creation down to the smallest. As we divide into parts, each part carries with it the positive and negative in a single identity and by splitting up until it reaches the state where there is no more possibility of splitting, merges into a single identity of life in the whole out of which they came, revealing a single identity of Life and Substance yet dual in nature.

The process of creation is thought, and thought is inherent in Life and is inseparable from Life. Thinking is a process of going out from the self establishing distinctions. It is here where we get lost in creating distinction of good and bad, heat and cold, etc., etc. All the various distinctions are created in our minds and in which we most fervently believe, thus establishing them as real in our own lives. The thinking of the Infinite Life must engender living thought or units of thought life, thus entailing manifestation. We are therefore living thoughts of the Infinite Eternal Life and the only reality in that thought is the Life which we really are, and from this Life Consciousness we think.

Now you see clearly, don't you, that when you get caught up in your thought action and reaction, you smother up the Life which is the thinker, and freedom is no longer possible. To know what our thoughts are we must discern them deeply so that the thinker can free himself from all the entanglements we believe to be real. Life can not be free when we impose upon it what is foreign to its nature; thus we suffer from our own ignorance, which results in craving.

The Masters say that there is interplanetary current of Life that flows to us in a never-ending stream in and out, being a permanent flux that ever connects the finite consciousness to the Infinite Consciousness, and in which the finite consciousness as it unfolds, flows inwards towards the unlimited, ineffable and eternal, unknowable , omnipotence - the only source of our being. we are therefore moving towards our true spiritual form, becoming that true form eternally held in that Infinite Mind which is the essence of Life itself.

In our Cosmic reasoning we are forced to recognize several things clearly, being an axiom of truth which results in our actual knowing.

In the first place there is the Cosmic Self. Self is a term we hold to define "one" or wholeness. In the second place we recognize the "I myself" as an expression of that Cosmic Self and as far as we are concerned we will call this the knower - that which knows. Next comes knowing, what the knower knows is in relation to the knower, and next comes the object known.

The presence of the knower, or self, is the precondition of knowing or experience. Apart from the presence of the knower, no knowing is possible, but equally the presence of objectivity, or non-self, is a necessary element of knowing.

The Infinite knowing must be in relation to what He creates in His mind, that is, become consciously aware of His creation. I have already stated that there is only Infinite Mind and that is all there is, and in that Mind there is only Infinite Consciousness which creates in the mind substance and form comes forth.

Apply this to our finite minds and we will see the same process with the exception that, if we are ignorant of our source, we create that which is contrary to our true nature, and believing same to be true, we live in the illusion we ourselves create. Our true happiness, health and success depend upon our knowing how to create without resistance so that what we truly desire will come forth. This is the law of the Masters who have demonstrated the fact that all is possible when this knowledge is firmly established in the mind.

The knower in man-woman can never be made into an object of knowledge by him or herself for the knower ever recedes before the regarding mind; it transcends finite knowing, being Infinite knowing. Therefore we are led to conclude that as it is present in every finite self as the basis of our knowing, while it can not be known to us and even transcends finite cognition, this knowing in man is the Infinite Self-Conscious Life, living and cognizing through every finite self, yet ever transcends them all. It is the immanence of God in man. I explained the word "immanence," as described in Webster's dictionary in a previous lecture, and will again repeat it here so that you can grasp the true meaning. Webster's dictionary describes "immanence" as: inherent, indwelling; denoting that the Universe does not transcend consciousness, but is inherent within it.

This is confirmed by the fact that the Infinite implies omnipresence and omniscience, as well as omnipotence. This entails Its presence in all finite knowers as that which knows. Otherwise, if its finite unit-selves were dissociated, It would not be Infinite.

The finite self may identify himself logically and knowingly with the Infinite Self. The finite self may apprehend this unity, but he can not comprehend it fully because the Infinite Self, while present in the finite self as "that which knows" within the finite self, can not be made into an object of knowledge by the finite self. It even transcends cognition and recedes before introspection. The truth that you perceive is only in your imagination, an idea, a sensation, whereas truth is not of these things. It is useless to try to force your mind to comprehend something that is beyond it. Life is. It does not have to be. It is, you are it, yet you can not comprehend it with your mind, only know that you are it.

You can not define reality, there is nothing in or out of mind to compare with it. It is beyond all things seen and heard. Let your self-consciousness be expansive, be aware of it as the whole and then "I myself" loses itself, the "I" no longer arises, then the true Intelligence transforms the nature and a spiritual world is seen before your eyes. The King and His Kingdom become one. Doubt and fear disappear and the nature is transformed without effort, because you will have freed yourself from all that hinders that true nature from manifesting. There must be a continued effort to free oneself from limitation and illusion, a constant awareness must be maintained lest limitation enter in.

It was this that the Master meant when he told his disciples to be ever on the watch. The word prayer to him meant that constant knowing of that union with God, and to watch lest any limitation or error entered into the mind to distract or disturb this blessed thing, resulting in frustration.

We can see that this was the the power the Master used in healing all manner of disease and belief. For he knew that the belief in ignorance held the people in bondage just as it does today except that it may be more refined, but it is the same belief; that is the tragedy of it. It is this knowledge and understanding - "the truth that will set you free."

There is but one Life and one Substance in which Life is made manifest in an infinitude of forms, and no line can be drawn that separates one from the other. This Life assumes many modes of degrees of self-determination and as that Life in differentiation becomes aware of its true source, this becomes a truth, a fact, and as this unfoldment proceeds, so is the power in direct ratio to that unfoldment or awareness. It is this great point that I want you to recognize. Your only power depends upon the degree of recognition of your oneness with the Infinite Life Consciousness, which is the finite expression "I am." Therefore the "I am" is as much the name of God as it represents to the individual who recognizes it, and this recognition can only be obtained by clearing away that which is not true to the nature of the "I am " within.

The method I have already described to you is to discern deeply your thoughts, actions and reactions, and the motives behind them, for it is these and only these that hinder the true expression of the Infinite Life within mankind. This is why it has always been stressed by the prophets: "In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths." (Prov. 3:6).

If you are religiously inclined and feel that you want confirmation of what I have said, read what Jesus said, and in the light of this knowledge you will find how identical are the meanings of his words - clothed often in parables, as this was the only way to describe the indescribable.

Jesus never created a religion. he came to free people from the bondage into which they had fallen through their religion. He knows that to free people, this freedom was an individual thing, not second-hand not the truth of another. His people had been smothered as we are all today through orthodoxy, which hindered true expression of the Life and was immanent then as it is now.

The world is suffering badly today through orthodoxy and we seem to be saddled with it more and more, but the chains are being broken one by one and the captives are being led to freedom, and one day we will see that one Christ revealed in the heart of every living soul. For this Christ is not something outside ourselves but the very true expression of God Himself in whom we live and have our being.

Do not think that I am denying you any religion, dogma or creed; that is your own personal affair. Nor do I deny you any philosophy or series of exercises or systems as long as you know them for what they are, so that you do not flounder in them. Are you seeking health for health's sake? Are you seeking material gain for material gain alone? If you seek any thing for that thing alone, it will elude you. When this craving ceases then you will find the pearl of great price, then you will receive fully.

"Riches and honour are with me; yes, durable riches and righteousness.

My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver." (Prov. 8:18-19)