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This is a really great toy!


I was out later this afternoon and bought a toy from a Charity shop here in the UK.
It is called Euler's Disk.

A little like a spinning top, a little like a very heavy large and thick 3 inch coin that you spin sideways- and very much like a gyroscope, but much more fascinating for some reason.

It has holographic like magnetic pattens that stick on to the large metal disk that spins to add effect and amazing visuals. It all spins- started from hand for up to 2 and a half minutes! And it does too- manged 2:10 this afternoon!
It all spins on quite a large slightly concave mirror- very similar to the type used in a reflecting/Newtonian reflector Telescope.

The piece de resistance though is to get the heavy disk set up and spinning- then fire a hand held laser pointer at it - then turn the light off in the room and view the truly amazing circular arcs etc. patterns that reflect on to the room ceiling and walls. INCREDIBLE!

Mind blowing- worth every penny - I did a quick look, here is more!
Euler's Disk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

and more here!The Official Euler's Disk Website
and in there, more on the recent toy, and the historyhttp://http://www.eulersdisk.com/History.pdf
Fascinating, truly Fascinating.

Dave :)
Magnets are fitted to it. The holographic discs and shapes that mormally go on top are magnetic. They don't seem to make any difference. Looks nicer though, much nicer than in the Video above.
No I was thinking about magnet with positive downward under the moving disk, and positive upward magnet on surface of the big circular desktop surface.

Talk about holograms, I remember someone achieved making 3D laser hologram images on a rotating 45 degree mirror. Will that work on an Euler's disk??
3D laser hologram images on a rotating 45 degree mirror. Will that work on an Euler's disk??
You can probably home print holograms now?
I don't know about the magnet idea- I have only just got the Euler's disk. It needs researching a bit more.
I have already noted the fascinating shapes- circles and Omega( looks literally like a Light bulb with a filament inside!) type signs that reflect off it with a laser pen and normal light. There appears to be some secondary oscillation causing modulation like bars on the reflections. Very interesting.
When I have time, will check it out some more.
I know they are not sold as Euler's disks any more- for some reason, another name is used?
Licensing for sales rights, I guess.