"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Crystals are becoming a thing


This Scientific American article details how a new "time crystal" was recently created in conditions robust enough to survive in ordinary non-laboratory conditions. This seems to take what was once a theory and then a lab-only quantum computing experiment one step closer to the real world.

This prior article as archived gives further background on the concept as does Wikipedia. The scientists involved portray time crystals as an entirely new state of matter. My thoughts are that, if accepted as theory, this could have profound consequences as one of the major discoveries and areas of scientific progress of the 21st century. I could see it having the ability to cement time as the 4th dimension.

While I can't say that I understand it completely, I get the sense that it is a metaphorical crystal - not one in the physical sense we are used to but in a new way of thinking.

Internet Archive of above article for reference in case of takedown/ paywall.


I could see @Einstein doing an experiment on this if he comes back. I saw he posted at Paranormalis recently...
This is fascinating and borderline magic if you think about it too much. Especially after midnight. We'll see if GE licenses the technology to manufacture a C204 :LOL: Bookmarked to read on Friday!