"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time to re-introduce your character ;)


I've been surfing and grabing idea from this board since months, I do know many of you, some registred, some not, by your ideas and attitudes. Sometime the topics are cool, sometimes the sames, new people seems to come without reading older posts (I've read them before saying a word).

I'm glad to be part of this happy mess and discoveries. I still wanna know;

-All those who are from the futur raise your hand.
-All those from the past (at least from 100 years ago) raise you hand ( big silence ).
-All those who believe that time travel isn't possible without O.B.E. please stand up!
-All those you believe that a human creation device will make us travel in time please tell it.
-And ect.

Just because we've talk a lot since a while, and it's time to bring back the red meat.
I believe in a kind of device we will build (or we already builded)that is gonna use electric or nuclear power to generate a time-warp. I have no idea how we could do it differently.

O.B.E. and cie, nothing else. if something can travel in time it's mind. I won't use any device to send me somewhere I could'nt come back, I prefer to do it naturally.

Any idea why?
the mind is fundamentally rooted in the interaction with the background template of existance. time travel to anywhere but the future requires us to recreate the reality of existance at that point in time, possibly by tuning in to the fundamental resonant time frequency at that point in existance. this will recreate that particular reality by the vacuum being artificially induced to structue the coinciding probability flux that recreates reality at that particular time point. this structure spreads spherically at the speed of light, from your separated spacetime outward. you enter this new reality by collapsing the protective "bubble" (locally curved spacetime to the point of singularity, in order to break oneself from the interaction with the immediate environment, effectivelly decoupling you from all other realities)...

will finish later, have to go to class.
Mind & junk DNA?
now this makes for an interesting topic of further discussion!

Take for example the countless reports of people claiming to have experienced a past, or former life, combine that with the new frontier discoveries involved with genetic engineering research, and what we come up with, is the potential to explain that we not only inherit the DNA of our predocessors, but what a suprise it would be when we also discover, that there is a direct a link here indicating that our so called "junk DNA" is responsible for these claims throughout human history!

What if we inherit some unusual form of "Memory Imprint" handed down(downloaded) upon us, courtesey of our ancestorial/junk DNA?

Why do, and have they called this "Junk" DNA?
it might not be somthing we can discard, or consider as junk after all?

---just a thought.
"Junk" probably means that there is a random element in it that prevents them from making money off it. Seems that *those* secrets will be safe for a while.
I believe in these various possibilities...

1. Time doesn't exist, it's a human creation to organize our perceptions. It cannot be manipulated, and is not a function of gravity, space, or any other force.

2. Time does exist. Matter and energy are forever falling at a constant rate through the time dimension. This rate cannot be manipulated, but the future can be changed. The past is untouchable.

3. Time exists only around gravity fields. It is directly connected to the interaction between space and matter. It's speed can be manipulated and changed.

4. Time is a biproduct of motion. The speed of an object within its universe is directly related to the speed it travels through time.

5. Time is a property of the phase of atomic particles. All matter/energy exists in a specific frequency within our range of perception. When this frequency is altered, our perception of time is altered.
reading the latest post, it seam that pass is accessible by the mind naturally, and futur is accessible physicaly simply by time dilatation...

He almost experiment it everyday, remembering the past going to the futur. But there's nothing spectacular in that, we are all relative at the same speed and blabla...
borgus re: 5 possibilities

Very good! I believe in option 6 "all of the above",
The fact that it is all true everywhere and every when explains why no one can seem to hold the whole modle in their mind all at once,

Any overall explaination would have to be put into very general terms to fit in our sub 200 IQ brains,
I'd be glad to see picture of you guys, or know in what field you work and those kind of details... I'm very interested in knowing what kinda people stick around here.

Some people from my environment may think I'm a crazy scientific dreamer, and I'm shure it append to many of you. And it's very cool to meet ('virtually') people that have the same crazyness as you.

So, those who have the gots to describe a bit thereself, I'd be glad to hear what you have to say; why are you so acharned about the subject, and when have you started to think about time travel...
I am altogether not sure of exactly what I believe as far as time travel.

I liked Borgus' 5 ideas, and similarly hold to all of them (although lately I have been leaning more towards the first).

I work in law/government, computers, food service, sports, and study (and debate) logic, philosophy and physics/metaphysics on the side.