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Time travel in Dreams??/, Possible???


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Couple of weeks ago I went to sleep @ 8:00 PM and told my wife to wake me up @ 10:00 P.M because I needed to call someone.during the process of those 2 hours, I had a dream that I took a trip to some other town that takes about 4 hours from where am I.I remember in my dream all the details of the trip
including watchig my wristwatch,and really in my dream it took about 4 hours..my wife woke me up @ 10:00. I felt tired and with the strange feeling that I took some trip. my question for you guys is this. Is this normal because Brain wave patterns chage during sleep or there's something odd in this?.
I would definetly say there is something odd in this. In the future, scientists and doctors make dramatic improvements in the research of deja vu(sp), but im not really into this stuff so i cannot help at all. good day- but in a way, that kinda is how time travel works, you do fall asleep.and it seems longer than what it is.
Through lucid dreaming experiments it has been shown that your dreams are every bit as realistic as waking life while they are happening to you. And, as you lucid dream, more and more your memories of dreams become clearer - like memories of real life events. Spooky, huh? If I'm not mistaken, a dream takes much less time to be completed then as it appears to the dreamer. Like a 3 minute dream feels like 15 to the dreamer (or something along those lines... i think the ratio changes with the quality and nature of the sleep you're getting).

However, I believe it has also been shown that naps of over a certain hour (1?) tend to leave the sleeper feeling groggy instead of rejuvinated. Perhaps you are feeling the effects of time travel, or just a long nap.
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As for the dreams, yes, sometimes activities in dreams can manifest themselves physically. This is dependant upon the lucidity of the dream. When we sleep, our brains are saturated with a completely different chemical "mix" than when we are awake.

As far as deja vu is concerned, maybe that is organic time travel in a way? You mind travels into the future for a few seconds, shows you what it sees, but only when you actually experience it do you realize what had happened.