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Hi' Some of you I know.Some of you however, I don't know.

What John Titor had done, was come back from an undetermined future and say lots about possable events, that could, or could not have happened.

It was never established in the old Art Bell post, that John Titor was linneally ahead of the time that I am now posting in.

There are about three other realities besides this one, that are scailer adjustment parallel to this reality.

In one, the Axis had fought a non-allied United States, to a stand still.

In the other, there are a form of loveing Blue Dracks, that are about the size of a six foot tall human, that have entertained some special chosen people, taken to their reality.

These are not the Dracks from Alpha Drackonis.

And I know of another parallel world, were the people are really messed up and they are brain damaged or insane somehow, but luckily, there is no communication between our reality and theirs.

Titor came back, using a General Electric Tripple Zero point, twin kerr black hole, or donut stile of black hole simulating time machine.

This unit wasmade out of a standard U.S. Mil aluminum carrying case, with bottled cryogenic freeze points and self battery power.

This unit had to be produced by off the shelf connex stile U.S. Military Surplus parts, from the future mil somwhere, except for the twin Trippler cylinders, which may be of exotic manufacture.

I have found some very odd syncronicity, between a charicter named Gary Voss and the Charicter, Time 202112 who use to post here?

I myself am very knowlegable about E.T.s and time travel and probably wont stay in this existance, if there is an N war in the anty, as Titor had predicted.

My reason being, is that I'm not longer what you would consider full Earth human, although humanoid.

There are two ways out for me.One is suicide before the conflageration, if I know that this is comeing and two is to build a small space craft, and leave this planet.

Im predominatly Pleaidean any more, due to the gentic influence of a twin that I did not know I had.

So there is very little love loss, between myself and ignorant humans, who don't know how to hold their toungs around aliens, which sometimes carry ray gun weaponry.

I'm sick and tired of being here and will probably relocate off this globe?

For those of you that have been sweet like Pamela, "well I have no grudges".

It's just that I don't want to live here any more, if a third big war is coming our way.

Titor had struck me, as more of a bitter scavenger, that a time travler.

This was a very low end time travel machine, as far a quality and complexity went.

Nothing like the time travel machine leftback in this time, from a future place known as Pacifica.

Actually what Titor had done, was kind of like raid the refridgerator and take what he wanted, without much concious to it.

Kind of like a vagabond, with a lot of resentment in him for this time.

John did not see, that the situation around us, is hoplessly corrupt and we could not have done anything about it any way.

This was in reference to his comments, that we had squandered the future away, as we had everything within this time we live in.

That's my ten cents.

I suggest that you all read the works of Wendelle C. Stevens, as he can help you get out of the pickhole that your all in, if your willing to listen.

To Pam, as this will be the last time I post here, "Smooch"!, your a doll baby and I'm really glad to have made your aquaintiance in reading all of your post.

Your not only sweetness and light, but very smart as well.

You were soothing to John, when he needed this support.That was very generous of you?

Please don't think that I hate Earthlings, it's just when my twins cells took over in me, as mine did in hers, that my way of thinking had markedly changed.

I can't do it here, any more and certainly don't want to stay here, with my loved ones and see them killed.

This ship will take three.

I suggest for you that can do the same, to at least try to build a short haul space craft.

Bye all, please take care.
"And I know of another parallel world, were the people are really messed up and they are brain damaged or insane somehow, but luckily, there is no communication between our reality and theirs."

What are you talking about, we are that universe. Just kidding.
But on a serious note, John Titor was not from the future. The reason I say this is based on his story with the central point being his "mission". It just did not make any logical sense for someone in the future to invest time and money into a project to send someone back in time with the knowledge that that person could not return to the same exact universe (Since John stated that travelling with a zero percent divergence in time was not possible hence he would return to an alternate universe). Of course, he only decided to acknowledge that after we pulled away at the story for awhile.

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On another note, suicide is not a way out of anything except life itself, and that does not mean just life on earth it means you end your life here, there, anywhere. I just hope that when you realize that you can not build a space craft, that you do not pull a Heaven's gate scene with you and your two other companions.
ALPHABET, you see......honestly with my crisis is affecting me "somehow", but but but I don't think It'll do BUT I still believe it! (now listen to this): "I'm currently searching with my research about getting an international company with plans of NO COMMERCIALS to the goal of assemble the puzzle"......well, I don't think is a great speech but I still believe. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE "don't" take it TOO seriously. Have some fun here and stop coaching. I have spoken.
To anyone: "I'm looking for friends NOT for trouble" IF you want to contact me "please" look at my last post. You can beep me or by Fax. That's all guys!!! and I'll keep crying. Throw the ball back, but but but don't throw it to hard, I only have ONE glove.
What is not understood about the time period from the later 80s to 2005, is that it is a leaoff time.

In other words, a time planned by God, as you interprit him, to get your act togeather.

People can only trust themselves here, as we surly can not trust goverment.

For myself, I have gone as far as to write this president of the U.S. for an ambassadorial post, due to my realtionship with a certain pleiadean woman, as a relative.

I have even tried to contact the Pleiadeans in Switzerland, but they have left me persona non gratta.

This is no way out here, other than to build a space craft, or make benifical alien contact, or to wait till year 2015, as John Titor had told Post To Post.

I feel that the best thing for me to do, barring radiation posioning, is suicide.

I don't have a bomb shelter built, I dont want to live in a bomb shelter, plus I am a gentic relative to the active Pleiadean cartell, which is active on this planet.

I have no home in the political sence really.

If I make it to 2015, and I know that they are dropping the eggs, why not a quick and painless pill to end it all, if there is no escape from Earth?

When you are exposed to massive radiation, you bleed profusly and die in agoney.
Who the hell wants this?

Remember the year 1968 when the had shown the film 2001, which was one of Kubrick's political fosters?

Of course you all can run down to your local airport and ask for tickets to the moon can't you?

And we have piublic colonies there now, don't we?

The only thing that this formalized goverment has seemed to do, is not only screw memebers within its own ranks, but us the citizens as well.

We are really in trouble with how we are living down here.And as I've said before, I'm not a full human any more!

There is no love loss in the parting of ways that I must go through in order to preserve what little identiy that I have left.

Heavens Gate was an affair where seer Marshal Appelwhite, had telepathically made contact with a special series of beings, who are subcontracted by Angels.

These out of time aliens have a hired job, of placeing souls into human featuses, when they are formed.

That's all they do and this was the hired arrangements with the Angelic heiarchies.

Applewhite had made contact with these beings and had become imbued with them.

These beings do not need testicles, so accordingly, Applewhite castraited himself, as he was enamoured with these series of beings.

There weas also a deal made, that these beings would take Applewhite and his followers, if they had releaced themselves from their bodies.

I personally felt that he made the connection, but his passing is a sad testiment to the development of this society, where he could not express his ego, as he had wanted.

Applewhite got his wish.

If you think years from now, I going to sit in the dirt, after a series of nuclear blast has formed the lens effect and is radiating every living thing here on Earth, and watch my family slowly bleed to deaths, out their eyes and rectum is utter pain and discomfort, you have another thing coming.

The bible says, for most Christians to go on, even when there is no such hope.

I abide by this, but I won't just sit there and bleed to death from radiation posioning.

Remember Dr, Robert Teller had thought that nuclear weapons were wonderfull and everybody should have one in the hall cubboard?

If what Titor says is true, I want off here as rapidly as possable.

As a note to the other three known realities that I had talked about, yes they are ture.

The one reality where the people are insane and messed up, I have heard reported on, a number of times.I just don't want to go there.

I suggest that you do a FATE Magazine archives serch, on alternate realites, which via FATE, there is more than ample reporting on.

I can only post twice and am not allowed to post after this.

In a way, oddly, I am very much aligned with Titor, in his view that in some ways we had squandered it all.

This comment is reserved for goverment and you know what you did, in composing lies for all of your people to belive in, when you should have provided some substance?

I can't bring you to justice, but maybe a loving and just God, with the help of councilatory Angles, will advise?

Note in ending, some E.T.s which I qualify as any more, are very adpet in understanding and even communicating with the God Angelic heiarchies.

This is not necessarily anything for you reading, it is just how it is.
I believe NOW in "separation" IF you want. I'll be on my side HERE (another post) don't worry. And remember is not my war, and YOU'RE WELCOME "if" you want.
Clarification: "I didn't say I believe in separation, I was trying to say I think in separation BUT I still DON'T believe it" FRIENDS FOREVER "even if you don't want to".
"D", or whoever you are,
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