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time travel


Hello, i am new to this list.
i have read lots of old messages,and was thinking

if someone travels to the moon and back people who stayed on earth would have gotten older that him, doesn't this happen with everything we do? if you walk you have speed too, if you drive your car you have a speed too.
doesn't this mean then there is noone like you in another time?


If I would fly around the world, and got back home the people there have gotten older than me(although very little) i have travelled a little bit in time then.
but i don't meet another "me", because there is no copy of me.
so, if you *could* travel back in time, i can't meet myself too?? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif

doesn't that mean you can't travel through time ?

what do you think about this ?
sorry for the bad english, i can't explain my thoughts very good in it. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/yum.gif

Interestingly, your basic obsevations really touch upon systems that are amazingly wonderful in their complexities. As you very astutely observed, we all are constantly traveling through varying speeds through time and space. Even our very bodies follow these rules. Everything is in varying modes of motion. Our bodies are so perfectly attuned to time, space, energy, and dimensions that we barely notice their existence as we pass through them. Our vision takes in incredible amounts of information upon infinitely discrete particles of radiation throughout the entire spectrum of electromagnetism that impinges upon the myriad of receptors that rearrange the information into a coherent pattern that our body then interprets--in a flash of a moment!! Our bodies are wonderfully made indeed.

It has been said that upon return from earth, a spacefarer would have picked up time but that the "time" would adjust itself back to normal. In reality, our versatile body does the adjusting and it is constantly doing so. It simply follows the Law of Thermodynamics to reduce energy to more stable levels. If things are going too fast, we slow them down. If too slow, get things going. Getting things going though brings in the other Law of Thermodynamics that results in atrophy and the breakdown of systems

Each of us carries our own time/space systems within us and we frequently come into contact with other time/dimensional systems that coexist within others in exponential inverse square relationships. We can easily feel "vibrations" when we enter into social relationships. Our initial observations are usually precisely correct if we have the ability to later examine them to confirm later obversations. Wonderfully made!!

Now what the universepeople that have recently posted on the board would have us believe is that we can "meditate" ourselves into a higher consciousness so that we can "vibrate" ourselves into the 4th density to a beautiful state of existence The only problem is that you have to "empty your mind" and cut yourself off from all your wonderfully made abilities to be supplanted with a "higher order" of perceiving abilities. I believe we have all the tools already. Jesus himself said "know ye not yea are as gods?"

I have long believed and stated on this forum that there is no travel to the past or future. They are our own constructs to make the "patterns" coherent. There is only the now and at the other end of that now is the eternal now. The present now and the eternal now. One and the same--only differing acording to our obversation.

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