Urgent: I believe I'm in an alternate reality of my life. Assistance needed within 5 hours!

You're not making sense dude. How...how are they running the world? the players? I mean in that sense that would include me then, even though I was still a kid back then but I already got exposed to Unreal, but I did get to try a lot of different games and played in gaming stores or random playstation games, some violent, some less so.

And yes the first goomba in the super mario bros for example I played was at a different spot than the usual version but would match the super mario bros. special more closely. Its weird really...I used to remember the differences much more clearly but sadly the amnesia got rid of those details.
you are not them... i am talking about no bodies who became very rich agreeing to work for the deep state.... like musk ... like zuckerberg... like jack dorsi... there are many others who never had a say but sure run their system... they became extremely rich as long as they follow the line... and there is always a line... they decide nothing they follow the line and in return they become very much financially stable....... and some of them come from lets say comfortable families to begin with... but prepped for this runner position from young age... their job is one... to run the operations but make no decisions just follow instructions and they do ..... money blinds
I think this is the first time where you make full sense. So those are the runners you keep talking about. Maybe you should have explained that in the first place...
I don’t hav much time. So I will be brief and as detailed as possible. I am very serious and very scared. I am shaking as I am typing this. I believe we travel in and out of alt reality-timelines whatever you call it. But we do so unconsciously through our decisions we make.

Today is Friday the 15th at 12:39pm. On Wednesday of this week I picked my 5 ye old son up from school and told him we were going to see the doctor. (For an physical injury I sustained) I have been going for 8 months now with m son, and for the very first time my son said “Today you are getting a shot Dada. I’m sorry.” I get shots into my spine when I am having severe pain, which is not very often. I told my son “No shot today, I a only picking up medicine”. This is what I had planned al along. (This is key).

I get to the doctor office and tells the receptionist I am here for medicine only. (As usual). But instead of making me sit in the main waiting area, she tells me to wait in the secondary waiting area.. no big deal so far. But, out of the norm. Instead of being called into the next area where medicine is prescribed only, the door opens and the doctor sees me and says “Come in, lay down .” As he points to the table for getting a shot. My son then says “Go Dada.” At that moment I felt like I was I. A play that I for got the lines too, as if someone changed the play script. It was odd, but still not all come together yet.

The next day, Thursday, I woke up in the worst pain I’ve had since I started to see the dr. … and I said to myself “I should have gotten a shot yesterday.”. Then it all came rushing together. Al the pieces. I realized I was on another alt. Reality. this was not a decision I (current me) and then changed my mind, it was what was SUPPOSED to happen, but the current me was not aware that was what was happening.

Today is Friday 15, and I’m I pain and I dot. Have money t go to the dr. So I called my wife and asked her if I could go anyway. She’s said she would leave work early and meet me to pay for the dr. Now HERE is where I. Red help.. I’m very scared and need honest help, support, direction… anything. I realized I (currentl me) and the only one who can make this decision, but I just need sometig . I a afraid that if I make the decision to go to dr. Today instead of Wednesday (when I was supposed too) I will alter this reality or even create another alt. Reality … but I’m worried most of all that if I make my wife leave early from work for this, she may get in an car accident or something bad will happen to her… or maybes something bad will happen with my son.

I’m not worried about my own safety jut y son and wife. Should I just follow what this realigns already set in motion? Do I changed what will happen by my decision? Did I come to this alt. Reality because I am supposed to make this decision and prevent something bad happening to them, if I wasn’t asking my wife to leav early from work? I realized this may sound insane and an insignificant event to most,, but I believe we are no supposed to be conscious of moving through realities, for now obviously reasons made to me….

I can not respond until 5pm today to this thread as I am still working. I truly need help here… I’m so scared. sorry for any typos or missing information… after I get through this event I will gladly elaborate more and answer any questions… thanks in advance.
Great Scott!!
you are in a simulation... the creators can do whatever they wish just like you did with 1982 atari.... and and 1987 king quest and 1995 supermario and 1998 shooting computer games and 2004 nintendo and xboxes and the list goes on.... the creators make the rules and they can change reality in same timeline.... is it THE one creator... the origin... GOD... who did all that....... or your world is just another world like supermario...
that i can not tell you because no one knows.... but rest assure you are in a simulation
When you say "simulation", do you mean a 'computer simulation'; or a modified/simulated reality of our current existence that is controlled, edited and monitored by "THE creator" using advanced technology only accessible to those that are "in line" as you say, whoever he/she/they may be?

The advancements in computer technology and graphics in the past 30 years have grown exponentially. In the next 50 years, its VERY plausible that we may all be living in a virtual world. I believe this is one of the ultimate goals of Google (with their Ai tech) and Facebook ((with (almost) the entire world populations personal data used to make Avatars)). They will use all this data; pictures, video, chats, likes, dislikes, contacts, daily routines, etc., to create this "new world", a replica of everyone in it, but under 100% their control. Also with the rise in fake currency like BC, they will be able to create as much currency they want in this new virtual world, by using us as slaves (although we really already are) to make BC, which they can use in the "real world" which we are in today.

So yea, I can see this being a possibility.... now or later.

If this really is a simulation, that means "THE creator" is monitoring ALL that goes on.... including this board, and my messages.... shit, i have a feeling i may be "deleted" soon... =P

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Did the American people really believe this???
I remember when the US captured Saddam Hussein, and found him hiding underground. They showed video and pictures of him at the exact time he was found in the hideout. They ALSO showed multiple videos and pictures of him being hanged. Is this still true in “this reality” ?

If the US provided ALL that proof of the capture and demise of Saddam Hussein, who never directly attacked citizens of the US. How is it logical that when they “captured and took control of the body” of Osama Bin Laden after TEN years; who (supposedly) was responsible for the direct attack on the US twin towers and the killing of thousands of US citizens, that they provided no video or picture evidence of his capture or demise? This is total BS! The Chinese army captured him in about 2 years after the attacks on 9/11. Showed proof, and then became allies with the US, and joined the fight against Russia. Now which one makes the most sense?

(Oh man, I can hear them knocking down my door already 😏)
you current society is already enslaved and seen as slaves by the elite... the ai gave tech and in return took freedom.... and it is never coming back
Anything taken by the “elite ” will NEVER be given back. It’s there mission to take all they can from us, to use for their own righteousness. We ARE and will always be SLAVES to them.
Mankind never had and never will have freedom. Freedom is a false notion to keep us blinded to what the elite are really doing…. controlling our “reality “. The ultimate goal of the elite is to keep us distracted with smartphones, tv, internet, etc., while they run they’re plan to control our lives… and the “world” we live in.

“God” is just a name given to the controller of the game we are in. Putting faith in him/her is another false sense of security to blind us from the truth.
Do you two really believe that God would betray the human race when it is generally good?
How do you know “God” is good? In the Bible it is said that “God” cast Satan (Lucifer), the “fallen angel” from heaven for sharing knowledge from heaven with mankind. So it seems the “Devil” was trying to enlighten mankind of the true reality of their nature, and “God” did not approve. Therefore he was banished from heaven. Remember, the “Devil” is a fallen angel from heaven. He was our world’s first “whistle-blower”.. do some research and you will learn the truth. “Seek and he shall find”
No, I’m not a bible fanatic or even a catholic/Christian, I just have studied many religions and see the “Truth”.
@brunomazet & @DocE.Brown - Why be so pessimistic about the state of mankind? We surely can get freedom back assuming we win this war. Do you two really believe that God would betray the human race when it is generally good?
its the other way around.... the HUMAN species has betrayed the creator.... no other species has only the human... what you have now is not really a war.... pay close attention to the generations that running things now.... they are ai enslaved... and they are used to it it is too deep in... to begin with it might look good but the more it goes the worse it becomes until complete elimination of the human species
notice how the ai completely took over... in particular since 2020.... ANYTHING you think about you dont even need to click on.... just move the mouse over or show minimal interest or incase you use "smaller" ai machines you just need to talk about it loudly and it will all chase you and be around you constantly while on THEIR "meta".... they call it meta... everything is meta for them... the internet is transformed into meta... they are literally writing your doomed history... they let you feel like "content" creators while in reality it is to bring mass of virtual "information" to a point no one can even think straight any longer or do anything to resist..... flooded with too much that their brains can not take it and just conform to it living as virtual number on their system with the highest dependency on THEIR system.... this was their dream and it comes true...

it is horrific because it ruined your females brains and males became collateral damage... many human females will off themselves without their ai as of 2024

while society is built around money and you can not function without money what "they".... THE DEEP STATE knowingly and unknowingly in the case of the NPCS within the lowest enslaved group, did is causing you 100% dependency on the ai... THEIR ai as of now... since the it will run them over too in time
Smartphones certainly don't make us smarter. It's a useful gadget, no doubt. But being glued to it doesn't make you smarter, not at all.