We are already time-traveling (past->future)

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I'm not a optimist neither a sceptist, i just wonder what someone else thinks of this, hope to get some reply...

1) Does anyone have a large amount of data about explaining 'what time is' ? I remember i read somewhere (years ago) that Albert Einstein that a theory that time travel was posible, yet, i haven't found a site
that explains it ALL yet...(or at least try's)

2a) time-travel could NOT happen, because why aren't people from the future already come to 'here' to give us more information, winning lotery, ect, ect. ! What do optimist say about this !?

2b) Many people have 'visions' in their dreams, seeing things what will happen in their next day(s). for example :
1 week before a plane-crash in Holland many people called the Airport telling them they 'thought' a plain would crash within a week. Of course, the company didn't/couldn't take actions with this information, but 1 week later a 747 crashed into a building, killing many people. If time travel could NOT happen, how did these many people 'dreamed' this !? By dreaming this, they must have been traveling thrue time, everyone must admit to that ! (not?!?)

3) what if we are already time-traveling ?! like things have ALREADY happend (that explains point <2b>) and we are displaying it somehow. (i mean that very global..) That way the future (as we see it) still wouldnt be 'set', but yet, we couln't change it either !

Once again, i don't have a opinion since i know way to little about it and i cannot cover my opinion up...1/2/3 are just thoughts that i hope to recieve reply's on...

Paul Stewart

"The important thing is not to stop questioning."
Re: Why haven\'t we met any time travellers yet?

The argument that time travel can't possibly exist because, if it did, we would have met a time traveller by now, is a very good argument.

But that assumes that time travel is as simple as "jumping" into the past and saying "Hi! I'm a time traveller!". Beyond the fact that maybe time travel may be very difficult and travellers are very good at covering their tracks, here are a few other options:

i) you can't travel into the past, because the past is already "set" - you can only travel into the future, which is why we haven't met travellers yet

ii) you CAN travel into the past, but only in a "ghost" form, unable to show yourself to anyone or affect anything around you.

Just a thought...

the Admin

i) you can't travel into the past, because the past is already "set" - you can only travel into the future, which is why we haven't met travellers yet
ii) you CAN travel into the past, but only in a "ghost" form, unable to show yourself to anyone or affect anything around you.
i) ill make a example to express myself better (im a foreigner).
lets say im 100 years old and want to go BACK in time for 50 years. do you mean now, that i will GO FUTHER in the futher, thinking im 50 years back, but in fact im 50 years younger, yet 100 and 1 minute old !~? can ya follow me ? is this what you mean ?
ii) i like that idea !! BUT.. why can a ghost and cannot a material ? who sets up such rules !?

i) I mean you can't travel backwards in time at all. If you are 100 years old you cannot go back to when you were 50 years old. You cannot go back to when you were 1 year old. You cannot go back when you were 99 years old. The time machine would simply say "Error - cannot travel back in time. You can only travel into the future". Therefore, you can set the time machine to one year from now and meet yourself at 101 years old, or you can travel 50 years into the future and meet yourself when you are 150 years old.

the Admin

That's a easy statement. And, of course, noone can proof that's false.
(unless ya travel to tomorrow and see if ya found the traveler there)

I think timetraveling to the past IS posible, but not in the same dimension. you go back in the same Timeline, but because this dimension already happent (and obviously we cannot rewind it and recopy it, like a tape) ,.... you HAVE TO move to a 'new' demension. The orriginal timeline will stay alive without you and will never know what happent. Meaning, everyone can/Has made his own dimension/time ! Now the big question remains... are we really that unique ? do we actually have our own mind, our own opionion, our own free will, didn't all this already happent !? Maybe we are already a new demension of someone's time travel !! (like from the 'first' human being "adam").

Mostlikely, time isn't what we think it is. And how strong someone believe's in his idea's, there's always a new question to the solution. 2000 years ago, they'd probably discussed about 'whether the world is flat or round' as we speak of 'time' now !!

Still i like this last idea, imagen : the world became to an end and someone travelt back in time ,like 14000 years ago ((tataa! piramide's, inca's, maya's)) and tried to prefent 'somekind of desctruction', by creating a new world ! His world would still be desctucted, but human kind would survive in their new dimension !?

Paul Stewart
Re:Re: Why haven\'t we met any time travellers yet?

Of course, you could always argue that any time-traveller stupid enough to come back in time to the present day and say "Hi, I'm a time traveller from the future!" would immediately be locked up in the nearest asylum and the key would be thrown away.

You only have to look at films such as the Terminator series, Twelve monkeys, etc. to see this kind of thing.