Wut about the future?

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Wut about the future. I strongly believe that the future is not already planned. But wut if everything is bound to happen? When you think about it humans are very predictable. Wheather you like it or not you will turn out like your parents at least a little bit. According to your personality your behavior is not totally unpredictable. There are only a few options (and in a few i mean less then an infinte amount) a person can make at a certain person. I believe in a God.(Please don't argue with me over wheather he exists or not . i'm not talking about that) Being perfect he would know the future. Not because the future is planned but because humans are predictable and being perfect he would be able to perfectly tell according to people's behavior what they would do. Everything else that is not living is much much more predictable. The universe it self is in perfect order. It is not chaotic which in turn proves the univese to be predictable. Therefore the future exists. NOT because it is planned. But because every thing is predictable and is bound to happen.
The Universe is chaotic, at least partially. Chaos may not be as orderly as planets moving around the Sun, but it is better than totally random behavior.

If God exists and he is infinite, then he would be able to keep track of every particle/wave involved in a chaotic situation and be able to correctly predict what the outcome will be millions or billions of years in the future. We are unable to know exactly where or when tornadoes will develop and where they will move to. God would theoretically be able to tell you exactly where a specific methane molecule in Jupiter's atmosphere will be millions of years from now even if it is engulfed and ejected by the Great Red Spot thousands of times over that period.

However, there may be something that God does not know. That would be how we as humans react. God may have created us in such a way that we have radical free will, i.e. the ability to freely choose to do whatever is physically possible for us. There is speculation that God created the Universe using Quantum Mechanics in order to add true randomness to the system such that even he couldn't figure out what would happen.

God knowing exactly what we will be doing 20 years from now is similar to the problem of there being a known future set in stone that we can travel to by using some machine. Can we truly have free will if there is a future that God knows? If not, then why do we continue to anguish over our "decisions"? Should I go to college or trade school? Should I go into the armed forces? Should I get married or stay single? Should I order the light beer or the stout?

Of course it could be that God somehow created us with free will, but still knows what will happen to us, but this seems somehow contradictory. It could also be that God is very powerful, but not infinite in his capabilities and can sorta guess whether we will end up in one situation or another, but we may occasionally surprise Him.

Just some thoughts.