"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Last Time Traveler

This item is in the series Part I: Our Timeless Savior



Silent is the void.
Subtle is the frontier between timelines.
Slowly, it all fades away.
Everything becomes blurred and hazy.

The Universe slows down.
It slows down until it becomes still.
Still to an absolute halt.
Until nothing moves ever again.

Then, time and space become one.
A transcendental mist of fluid matter.
The immaculate, homogeneous blend of particles and energy.
A fluxing limbo, across infinity.

No more time.
No more time jumps.
No more time travelers.
No more life.

Was Titor the last one?
Previous item in the series 'Part I: Our Timeless Savior': The Only Way

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